Japanese housewarming gifts, unique new home gifts

Unique housewarming gifts from Japan!

Unique housewarming gifts from Japan!

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Japanese housewarming gifts

When your family or friends move to new home, celebrate them with unique housewarming gifts! Japanese traditional craft have both originality and high quality. In addition, we offer great gift wrapping service for the Japanese housewarming gifts.

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When your friends or families move to new home, whether it is new house or apartment, let’s celebrate them with unique housewarming gifts!

In this page, we would like to introduce our Best 5 items for Japanese housewarming gifts. We hope that this page is helpful for your gift ideas.
Japanese people also give housewarming gifts. The items we introduce here have been popular in Japan, too.

Please check the items, and find unique Japanese housewarming gifts!

Japan Design Store original gift wrapping

There are countless Japanese online shops. However, here is one reason that you never regret for your choice of Japan Design Store.
It is our gift wrapping service!

Many customers choose our gift wrapping service.
We offer Easy wrapping for USD $1, and some more for USD $3. If you use USD $3 gift wrapping service, we can make a message card for free.

Our gift wrapping tells your celebrating thoughts, and Japanese auspicious atmosphere to the recipients of gifts. Please use our gift wrapping service.

Image of Japanese housewarming gifts wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of gift wrapping. * The boxes differ from item to item.

Best 5 unique Japanese housewarming gifts in our store

The following 5 items are the best unique Japanese housewarming gifts item in our store.
Please check them!

  1. Flower vases

    When people move to new home, they are busy to make the house into their home. For their busy time, a vase with flowers will relax them.

    At first, people prepare the necessary items for their daily life. So, flower vase tends to be let until later. However, a life with flowers is very colorful and rich.
    It is a great idea to send a vase with some flowers?

    Japan Design Store offers some vases suitable for unique Japanese housewarming gifts.

    1. [Nousaku] Metal vase Sorori

      Beautiful presence of metal vase with a single flower for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is brass vase “Sorori” from Nousaku. Sorori has simple and polished design.

      Beautiful form of the vase is shaven by traditional craftsmen.
      Simple and glossy vase fits various types of rooms.

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    2. [ceramic japan] Unique small vases still green

      Small vases still green from ceramic japan for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is unique ceramic small vase “still green” from ceramic japan.
      It is very unique, stylish, and simple vase.
      In fact, still green were sold more than 10,000 at the museum shop of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York).

      Unique small vases give stylish atmosphere to the room.

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    A flower vase can color new room. That is why vases are the best 1 unique Japanese housewarming gifts.

  2. Flexible tin tableware

    When you order housewarming gifts online, you may worry about breakage during shipping. Of course, we pack your items properly so that it arrives safely.
    However, if you choose tin tableware as the housewarming gifts, you do not have to worry about breakage. Especially for the beginners of online shop, this is a great gift idea.

    In fact, flexible tin tableware is one of the best-selling items as the unique Japanese housewarming gifts in Japan. the great point of tin tableware is its flexibility. The recipients of the gift can change its form as they like. For the creative friends, this would be the most unique Japanese housewarming gifts.

    1. [Nousaku] Unique metal basket KAGO

      KAGO of Nousaku as a metal fruit bowl for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is flexible tin tableware “KAGO” from Nousaku.
      It is a metal basket that you can change the form as you like.
      So, it can be a metal fruit bowl, coaster, or bread basket.

      In fact, KAGO is the best 1 selling item from Japanese people to their overseas friends.
      KAGO has been a popular item as unique Japanease housewarming gifts and souvenirs.

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    2. [syouryu] Flexible tin tray Suzugami

      Suzugami as an accessory tray for small stuffs for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is flexible tin tray “Suzugami” from syouryu.
      Suzugami has been popular item since we opened our shop. As it has simple square form and pattern, the way of use is infinite!

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    Flexible tin tableware would be unique Japanease housewarming gifts that stimulate one’s creativity.

  3. Cheese boards

    As unique housewarming gifts, how about cheese boards?
    As same as the flower vases, cheese boards tend to be let until later. However, if there is a cheese board, people can enjoy parties and wine time.

    Japan Design Store offers 2 types of cheese boards for unique housewarming gifts.

    1. [Azmaya] Wooden cheese board

      Cheese board S with cheese and Cheese board L with bread for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is wooden cheese board from azmaya. It can be a cutting board and cheese board.
      So, you can cut cheese on the board, and serve it directly to the table. The wooden cheese board of Azmaya is stylish and useful one.

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    2. [Studio GALA] Slate cheese board

      Snacks for alcohol on the slate cheese board for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is a slate cheese board “SUZURI” from Studio GALA.
      A black stone plate makes food stand out.
      Every plate is carefully handmade by craftsmen.

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    Especially for cheese lovers and wine lovers, cheese board can be great housewarming gifts.

  4. Glasses

    As housewarming gifts, glasses are standard items. But for unique housewarming gifts, please choose Japanese glasses!

    1. [Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer colored wine glasses

      Lacquer colored wine glasses like jewels for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is unique lacquer colored glasses from Toba Shitsugei. A glass is filled with Japanese aesthetic sense.

      The black color of the stem is lacquered with a traditional skill “Kongou-Ishime Nuri.” The inside colors are also color lacquer. For the gold and silver glasses, craftsmen gild gold leaf or white gold leaf to the glasses.

      So, you can feel Japanese beauty and skill from this lacquer colored glass.

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    2. [fresco] Cute hand blown glasses

      Each glass has each color of shade for Japanese housewarming gifts

      These are “solito” from fresco. Cute colorful glasses can color new home vividly.
      Surprisingly, each glass is made by glass blowing.
      So, every glass has each individuality.

      How about sending a cute glass only one in the world?

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    Glasses are standard housewarming gifts. However, these 2 glasses can be unique housewarming gifts!

  5. Clocks

    Clocks are necessary items for a new home. Therefore, clocks are also standard housewarming gifts.
    But all the clocks made of natural wood have different wood grain and color. Wooden items relax family.

    We recommend wooden cuckoo clocks and table clocks.

    1. [more trees] Cuckoo clock

      Modern cuckoo clock from more trees for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is natural wooden cuckoo clocks from more trees design.
      The wood is Japanese thinned wood. In addition, you can help the action for saving Japanese forest through your purchase.

      A cuckoo clock is good for housewarming gift and Japanese forest.

    2. [more trees] Wooden table clocks

      Wooden table clocks fit various types of interior for Japanese housewarming gifts

      This is a wooden table clock from more trees. As same as the cuckoo clock, the wood is Japanese thinned wood.

      The most unique point of these wooden table clock is its pattern. All the patterns are natural annual rings of wood. So, each table clock has totally different pattern.

      Annual rings are the history of a tree.
      Now, please record new history in new house with the table clocks.

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    For the great start of new life in new house, the clocks are best Japanease housewarming gifts.

Other recommended items for unique Japanese housewarming gifts

In addition to the best 5 items, we recommend some more items for unique housewarming gifts.
Wind chime of Nousaku, Japan Design Store original Japanese waist apron, White series of Noda Horo, and more!

Our online shop is filled with Japanese masterpiece. Please have a look around, and find best ideas for the housewarming gift!

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