“dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura Glass

Simple tableware in “dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

Comfortable Life with “dishes” from yumiko iihoshi × Kimura Glass

[KIMURA GLASS]dishes of yumiko iihoshi porcelain

A long-established glassware store loved by professionals and a double-named vessel by the popular vessel writer Yumiko Iihoshi porcelain are now on sale! Fashionable tableware with white edges that you will want to use every day.

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Rich life with yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

Collaboration item with yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass!
An old-established glassware shop “Kimura glass” produces porcelain!
Popular artist yumiko iihoshi designed these.

White rim of “dishes” is accent.
They are very simple but have cute attractiveness.
You get excited every time you use these collaboration “dishes” by yumiko iihoshi × Kimura glass. The tableware makes your life more comfortable.
Let us introduce new world of tableware by iihoshi yumiko and Kimura glass.

Useful and stylish “dishes” would be great reward for you, and wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts.

Look down dishes by yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Popular with tableware lovers! Yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Longing item for those who are particular about their life style.
It is yumiko iihoshi porcelain.
We can see many people posted pictures of their dishes on yumiko iihoshi porcelain at Instagram or Pinterest. That is because tableware of iihoshi yumiko have power to make dishes look delicious.

This collaborated item by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass has been loved by cooking lovers to express more beautiful table setting.

A woman has a bowl of dishes by iihoshi yumiko

Who is yumiko iihoshi?

Yumiko iihoshi is a ceramic artist who designed “dishes” from Kimura glass.
She produces tableware for life under this concept; “on the border between handmade and manufactured products.”

“Handmade goods should not retain many traces of their creators.
Manufactured products should not be too dreary.”

From yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Tableware of iihoshi yumiko does not have traces of creators as much as they can. Restrain insistence of creators and make the most use of expression by users. Items in yumiko iihoshi porcelain suit any types of room but has fine presence.
Tableware by iihoshi yumiko is characterized by comfortable distance between creators and users.
In manufactured products, she aims to make tableware with warmth nevertheless of mass production. Craftsmen produce tableware one by one.

Different textures of dishes by yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Profile of Yumiko Iihoshi

  • After graduation from Kyoto Saga University of Arts department of ceramics, she started to work under the name “yumiko iihoshi porcelain.” She deploys her handmade tableware and manufactured product in shops around Japan. Also, she holds own exhibitions or group exhibitions. She announces her works in Japan and the world.
  • 2007 Joined Daito-ku designer’s village. Started manufactured product series in November.
    2012 Opened yumiko iihoshi porcelain shop in Osaka.
    2014 Opened Tokyo showroom & shop
    Now, has office and atelier in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

Beautiful form derived from glasses

“dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass are designed from simple glass “Compact” from Kimura glass.

“(dishes are) series I made with consideration for change in atmosphere of dishes by a little difference of degrees of rim or sizes.
They are so simple design without stands. But combination with some colors or forms provide totally different atmosphere to dinner table.”

From yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Dishes by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass are series that pursue in degrees of rim or size to make dishes stand out. Form is so simple that consist of only straight line. Uniform thickness provides smart and polished atmosphere.
Put dishes on natural tableware of “dishes” with enough blank of plates. It looks like a picture. Dishes can make any types of dishes look stylish and delicious. When you make food presentation, you will be excited.

Beautiful degree of rim of plates in dishes by yumiko iihoshi

Enjoy various use of 6 types of “dishes”

We offer 4 sizes of plates and 2 sizes of bowls in “dishes” series from yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass. As you know, “dishes” have 2 meanings, “tableware” and “cooked food.” Iihoshi yumiko designed tableware to make cooked food stand out. Please enjoy various use for various dishes.

  1. Plates from“dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

    Plates in dishes series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

    Plates in “dishes” series have 4 sizes, 230, 220, 200, and 180mm. Each size of plates looks same, but different in depth or degree of rim. So, each size has different atmosphere and use.

    230 plate (about 9.05 inches) is the largest plate in “dishes” from yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass. It is good for main dish. Since it has deep rim, the plate can work for juicy dishes as well.

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    220 plate (about 8.7 inches) is just 1 cm smaller than 230 plate. However, it has disparate atmosphere. Rim for this plate is a little bit shallow than that of 230 plate. This plate is recommended for pasta or curry for 1 person. Also, good for one-plate lunch, too.

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    200 plate (about 7.9 inches) is good for cake, sandwiches, fruits, or pan cake.

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    180 plate (about 7.1 inches) is useful plate for sub dish, individual plate, bread or sunny side up.

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  2. Bowls from“dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

    Bowls in dishes series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

    Bowls in “dishes” series have 2 sizes, L and S.

    Bowl L from yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass is best for salad with a lot of vegetables. In addition, L bowl is suitable for stewed food, steamed food, or donburi (some dishes on rice). Furthermore, this natural bowl is good for noodles. Pasta, ramen, udon, and more!

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    Bowl S from “dishes” series works for side dishes. Also, it is good size for individual bowls, dessert cup, cereal bowl, or soup cup. When you have home party, these small bowls work well!

    Bowl S in dishes series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

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Collect all! Stylish colors of “dishes”

In “dishes” series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass, we offer 4 colors of plates and bowls.
Deep color “ink blue”, fresh “pistachio green”, chic “moss gray matte” and natural “sand beige matte.” Former 2 colors have glossy glaze whereas latter 2 colors are covered with mat glaze.

All 4 colors of plates and bowls in dishes series by iihoshi yumiko

You can enjoy natural colors and contrast of glossy and mat texture in “dishes”. All of them suits every kind of room or dinner table. Enjoy combination of colors of plates and plates with dishes in different dinner scenes. Simple tableware suits for any types of dishes.

When you have guests for your home, how about upgrade this tableware with the combination of bowl with plate?
Cool color of “ink blue” suits well with Japanese tableware such as sometsuke (tableware with blue painting on white ceramics).

Put bowl S of dishes on 180 plate of dishes series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Tableware of “dishes” is easy to care and usable

yumiko iihoshi porcelain and Kimura glass designs tableware with consideration for life of users. Therefore, in addition to stylish design, they are very useful.
Plates and bowls in “dishes” series are microwave and dishwasher SAFE. It is happy point for busy people. Please note that “dishes” are NOT oven safe.

White rim of plates and bowls are not glazed but has smooth texture. Since craftsmen polish there thoroughly, unglazed rim is hard to get dirt. If you care about stains of plates or bowls, you can bleach tableware.

White rim of plates in dishes series by iihoshi yumiko

Beautiful when they are stacked

Plates and bowls from yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass have flat bottom, without stand. When we pile them up, we can store them neatly. So, we can store plates and bowls smartly in cupboard. Wherever they are, simple and comfortable tableware of iihoshi yumiko make us happy.

Pile up some plates and bowl by yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Cute logo of yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass

Tableware of “dishes” have logo of “KIMURA GLASS” and “yumiko iihoshi porcelain” at the bottom. In fact, brand name of “Kimura glass” is seldom printed in alphabet.

Logo at bottom of tableware in dishes series

Best combination with “dishes”! “Compact” glass

“Compact” series is origin of “dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass.
Glassware in “compact” series was born 25 years ago from a small thin beer glass. First-class restaurants, hotels, and Japanese restaurants have loved this simple glass for a long time.

Glassware in “compact” series is very simple, but its superb form and degrees from side are filled with concern of Kimura glass. Let’s use simple glasses with natural tableware by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass. You can make more stylish table setting.

Compact and carta glass series from Kimura glass with dishes by yumiko iihoshi porcelain

Long-usable tableware as gifts

The more you use, the more you love “dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass. Useful and long-usable plates and bowls would be great gifts for your important people. How about select them for wedding gifts, birthday gifts or housewarming gifts?

If your mother or father like cooking, we recommend Japanese tableware for the gifts on the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day. Natural tableware in “dishes” series would be satisfied by those who like tableware of Iittala or DANSK.

Look down plates and bowls by iihoshi yumiko

Send “dishes” as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you send plates and bowl of “dishes” by yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various stylish gift wrapping for elegant gift or cute gift. Easy wrapping with see-through Japanese paper has been popular.
Our gift staff carefully wraps your gifts.

Examples of gift wrapping in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

  • All tableware in “dishes” from yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass is handmade by craftsmen one by one. Color irregularities, blur, or difference of gradation may appear depends on conditions of glaze or situation in kiln. Please enjoy unique individualities of handmade crafts.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Image of personalized gifts
Image of personalized gifts

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