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size φ80-D52mm
weight (g) 119.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Set up the clock on the level place. Avoid set up on the place where the product may fall. Keep the product away from the direct rays of the sun, heat, or the strong wind of the air conditioning. When the product gets wet, please wipe it immediately. Keep the product dry and clean. Since the table clock is made of natural wood, the grain or color of wood may be different from the pictures. Please enjoy each individuality of the wood._x000d_  1 year * NO batteries attached
Short Description 【Wooden table clock】Natural lumber has hands! Just like a painted pattern, natural beautiful annual ring on the dial. Each clock has each own pattern. Natural clocks fit various types of interior. Record your precious time with the history of wood. Good presents for wedding celebration or new life.


more Trees design

Under the call of “more trees,” from the musician Ryuichi Sakamoto down, a forest conservative organization “more Trees” was established. They collaborate with designers and ateliers around Japan and produce original products.