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Natural and modern cuckoo clock from more Trees design

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[more trees]Cuckoo clock

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Simple and natural. Cute and modern.
This is a modern cuckoo clock from “more Trees design.”
Naoto Fukazawa, a famous Japanese designer designed this cuckoo clock.
Mr. Fukazawa designed some consumer electronics of MUJI. He won more than 50 awards in and out of Japan.
Let us introduce this modern design cuckoo clock.

Japanese modern cuckoo clock invites you to a forest

A cuckoo tells the time.
The singing of a cuckoo, and gentle texture of wood. this heartwarming presence may be the reason that cuckoo clock has been loved by a people worldwide.

This modern cuckoo clock from more Trees design removed decorations and pursued the simple form like a bird-house.
Simple and modern cuckoo clock fit a living room in your home, stylish café, or cute patisserie.
Natural texture of wood and gentle cuckoo sounds invites you to a forest.

Japanese cuckoo clock fit natural interior

The secret of gentle cuckoo sound; “the flow of air”

When the time comes, a wooden cuckoo comes from a small window of Japanese modern cuckoo clock.
The cuckoo comes and sings the number of hours on the hour, and once on the half hour.

The sound of cuckoo comes from bellows, using the flow of the air.
Therefore, a gentle sound comes when the time comes. It is different from an electronic sound.
You will look for the time comes to see the cute cuckoo.

The sound of cuckoo can be shutoff

You can switch ON /OFF the sound. Therefore, you can turn off the sound during the night. You can enjoy coming of cute wooden cuckoo every 30 minutes even if you switch off the sound of Japanese cuckoo clock.

wooden cuckoo comes from a small window

Modern cuckoo clocks, hung on the wall, or place on the shelf

When you hang this modern cuckoo clock, the cuckoo clock seems to be a real bird-house. You can enjoy the coming of a bird every 30 minutes.
The bottom of the cuckoo clock is flat. So, you can place the modern cuckoo clock on the self.
Where do you place this modern cuckoo clock?

Spend every moment carefully with modern cuckoo clock

You can feel the passing time if you are with the cuckoo clock.
“Let’s do this within 30 minutes.” “Oh, it is already 12 o’clock!”
Your way of spending time may change with this cuckoo clock.
With this modern cuckoo clock, you can make the best of your limited time.

With a battery so that you can use the cuckoo clock immediately

We will ship this modern cuckoo clock with a size D battery. So, you can use the clock as soon as the arrival of the cuckoo clock.
If you send the Japanese cuckoo clock as a present, your important person can use the clock on the arrival day.
We would like you to be relaxed with this modern cuckoo clock.
Simple and modern design cuckoo clock will be a suitable gift for wedding, moving, or new shop opening.

modern cuckoo clock hung on the wall

Wrapping for a large size product

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We will cover the four sides of the product with a wrapping paper.
We appreciate your understanding.
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[Large size products]
* Rice stocker of Azmaya, Rice stocker of Masuda Kiribako Store, Cuckoo clock of more Trees design, etc.
example of wrapping of large size product
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Paper bag for large-size products.
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[Large size products]
5kg rice stocker of Azmaya, Rice stocker of Masuda Kiribako Store, Cuckoo clock of more Trees design, Wine cooler of Azmaya, etc.

Cuckoo clock made of Japanese thinned wood

This cuckoo clock is an original product of “more Trees.” The more Trees is a forest conservative organization. More Trees develops new products using Japanese thinned wood.
This cuckoo clock is designed by a product designer Naoto Fukazawa. He is one of the supporters of the activities of more Trees.
The modern cuckoo clock is made of walnut and fir. All lumber is thinned for forest maintenance. Therefore, each clock has its own grain of wood.
You can enjoy the only one cuckoo clock in the world.

modern cuckoo clock fit Northern European interior

What is the “more Trees”?

Under the call of “more trees,” more Trees was established in 2007. The forest conservative organization got the supporters of more than 100 people. Worldwide famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto is the representative of the organization.
67% of Japanese land is covered by forest. Among them, 40 % is the planted forest like Japanese cedar or cypress.
To maintain the beautiful Japanese forest, people need to thin the planted forest.
The more trees evaluate the lumber from forest thinning as a “blessing of wood.” With the concept of “wonder forest,” more Trees design has produced original products for making lifestyle happy.

A part of your purchase of this modern cuckoo clock will be donated for the more Trees and help their action to save the forest of Japan.
Your purchase can save the forest.

Naoto Fukazawa, a designer of this modern cuckoo clock

Naoto Fukazawa was born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan in 1956.
He was majored in product design at Tama Art University.
He has designed simple and stylish products such as consumer electronics of MUJI, or cell phones of au by KDDI.

In addition, Mr. Fukazawa works as a professor of Tama Art University and Musashino Art University. Furthermore, he was a chairperson of Good Design Awards 2010 and 2011. Now, he is one of the top designers of Japan.
His design won more than 50 awards; the Gold in IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) in the United States of America, the Gold in iF Design Awards in Germany, Mainichi Design Awards and Good Design Awards in Japan.
This Japanese modern cuckoo clock has simplicity and function often seen as Naoto Fukazawa design.

the side view of the cuckoo clock
Smart design cuckoo clock. At the side of the clock, you can see the logo of more Trees.
craft box of cuckoo clock
Modern cuckoo clock will arrive at your house within a simple box. Easy packing to save the environment.
the walnut cuckoo clock
Walnut clock has beautiful grain of wood and simple texture.
Fir cuckoo clock
Fir cuckoo clock has white and smooth surface.
wood grain of walnut
Walnut wood has various grain from straight to carve. Enjoy various perspectives of grain of walnut.
wood grain of fir
fir has white and straight grain. Enjoy beautiful and gentle texture of fir.

Caring tips

  • * A quartz clock, Use one size D battery, Without a second hand.
  • * Cuckoos once on the half of the hour.
  • * You can switch ON/OFF the sound of cuckoo. When you mind the sound, please turn off the sound.
  • * Since the cuckoo clock uses natural wood, the grain or color of wood may be different from the pictures. Please enjoy each perspectives of the wood.
  • * Natural wood is breathing all the time. Also, the wood takes the moisture in the air in and out. The cuckoo clock may become expand or contract, or warped dew to the moisture of the air. Please keep the cuckoo clock away from the heaters, direct rays of the sun, air conditioning, or extremely humid place.
  • * If you want to wrap this product up with wrapping paper, we cannot wrap the whole product.
    We will cover the four sides of the product with a wrapping paper.
    Also, please note that we cannot prepare the "Paper wrapping bag" for this product.
  • * We CANNOT accept any cannel, return, or exchange for Cuckoo Clock from more Trees design.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.


  • size D battery ×1, a screw for hanging the clock on the wall.


  • 1 year

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