Japanese wind chimes, Summer in Japan, Traditional crafts

Japanese wind chimes UFO and Slim from Nousaku

Survive summer with cool sound of Japanese wind chimes

Stylish Japanese wind chimes are the great feature of summer in Japan.
Japan Design Store selects wind chimes which have elegant sound of traditional crafts and modern design.
We introduce stylish windchimes that make your life more elegant.
You can enjoy Japanese wind chimes as art objects or interior goods.

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Japanese wind chimes to enjoy summer

Japanese wind chimes (Furin) have been loved as the great feature of summer for a long time.
Gentle and clear sound provides cool atmosphere.
Japan Design Store selects stylish wind chimes so that we can enjoy both sound and design.

2 tabletop wind bells from WDH and a pair of Gold leaf tea glass from Hakuichi

When you have a rest with barley tea,
When you eat thin noodles or watermelons,
Or when you hear a chorus of cicadas,
Soothing sound of Japanese wind chimes makes relaxing time.
Let us introduce high-class Japanese wind chimes to color your life in summer.

Disco ball wind chime from Nousaku above the table

Japanese wind chimes would be great housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or birthday gifts. Our wind chimes are traditional crafts. It would be great seasonal gifts, too.

Japan Design Store selected! Stylish Japanese wind chimes

  1. Japanese wind chimes from Nousaku

    Brass wind chimes make the name of Nousaku famous as a top brand of Takaoka copperware. The Japanese wind chimes are one of the representative products of Nousaku. Beautiful wind chimes make clear sound. That wind chimes are called “Takaoka brass wind chimes.”
    Now, the buyers all around the world pay attention to the wind bells.

    Wind chime Horn silver from Nousaku
    1. Like an artwork! Beautiful sound and form
      “Slim” from Nousaku

      Japanese wind chime “Slim” from Nousaku has simple, but unique design. The brass wind chime has cool design and clear sound. Craftsmen polish the wind chimes one by one to make the most beauty of the material. The hair-line finishing has stunning beauty. It seems like the stylish design tells us its beautiful sound.

      3 colors of wind chime Slim from Nousaku

      There are other designs in the same series of Nousaku “Slim”. “Horn” has bell shape. “Onion” has cute rounded form. All the wind chimes are simple, but modern Japanese wind chimes.

      Slim, Horn, and Onion wind chimes from Nousaku
      Left: Slim, Pink gold / Center: Horn, Silver / Right: Onion, Gold

      These 3 Japanese wind chimes have 3 colors each; elegant Gold, fresh Silver, and shining Pink Gold. There are 3 × 3 = 9 wind chimes! What is your favorite wind bell?

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    2. Make everyone smile! Unique wind chimes
      “UFO” from Nousaku

      Among various Japanese wind chimes of Nousaku, this is one of the most unique bells. It is wind chime “UFO” from Nousaku. If you hang the wind chime by the window, it looks like a UFO is flying! At the slip, a man is about to abducted by UFO! From children to adults, the unique wind chime makes everyone smile.

      UFO wind bell from Nousaku at the eaves

      The Japanese wind chime “UFO” is also a brass wind chime. Craftsmen pursue not only design, but also the beautiful sound. It makes gentle lingering tone. The Japanese wind chime sends us the happiness in summer.

      UFO wind chime of Nousaku from its top

      As the unique wind chimes, Nousaku offers “Disco ball” in addition to “UFO.” When the wind blows, the Disco ball turns round and round. A man strikes a trademark pose under the spotlight.
      Please enjoy the combination of unique wind chimes and unique slips.

      Disco ball wind chime from Nousaku in breeze

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  2. Japanese wind chimes from WDH

    WDH proposes high-quality lifestyle produced by the greatest manufacturing among Japanese traditional skills. They produce original designs that people can enjoy the change over the years, and love it for dozens of years.
    As for Japanese wind chimes, WDH pursues the beautiful sound. They compound metal materials in their original way. From the pursuit in detail, a stylish wind chime was born.

    Tabletop wind bell from WDH and Dai-furyo fan on the table
    1. Put everywhere! Beautiful tabletop wind bell
      Tabletop wind bell from WDH

      If you look for tabletop wind chime, we recommend “Tabletop wind bell” from WDH. The Japanese wind chime and the stand for the wind chime are both traditional crafts.

      Japanese wind chime is produced by the skill of Odawara casting in Kanagawa prefecture.
      The stand of Japanese wind chime is “Suruga Take Sensuji-zaiku,” or “Suruga bamboo ware.” In the hoops, there are 41 thin bamboo sticks. Furin stand has Japanese beautiful atmosphere.

      Beautiful bamboo stand of tabletop wind bell from WDH

      You can remove Japanese wind bell from the stand. Therefore, you can enjoy the sound of Japanese wind chime the whole year. Hang the wind chime under the eaves in summer, and set the wind bell on the stand in other seasons. Please enjoy clear sound in your favorite places.

      Tabletop wind bell from WDH on the end table

      Tabletop wind bell from WDH makes your room more stylish. Tabletop wind bells do not require eaves. So, it would be great gifts for who live in apartments.

      WDH offers 2 colors of tabletop wind bell; Gold and Black. If we look at these 2 carefully, the forms are also different slightly. Sounds are different as well, but both make clear sound. Gold wind chime makes higher tone.

      2 tabletop wind bells from WDH and a pair of Gold leaf tea glass from Hakuichi

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Japanese wind chimes as stylish interior goods through the year

We introduced some Japanese wind chimes so far. Don’t you think that “it’s Mottainai to enjoy such a beautiful wind chimes only in summer”? Yes, we agree with you.
The Japanese wind chimes selected by Japan Design Store are simple and modern. They suit every kind of rooms. You can enjoy the wind bells in living room as an art object.

Please enjoy the Japanese wind chimes as interior goods. If you would like to enjoy the sound anytime, we recommend you using the wind chime as doorbell.

UFO wind chime from Nousaku as a door chime

Sound of Japanese wind chime has relaxing effect

It is a comfortable time to hear the beautiful sound of Japanese wind chimes. Do you know a word “1/f fluctuation”?

1/f fluctuation is fluctuations which people feel comfortable. Twinkling of the stars, murmur sound of river, the flame of candle, or breeze. There are various rhythms that has 1/f fluctuation in the nature. Regular rhythms and irregular rhythms are harmonized. It is the 1/f fluctuation.

It is said that this 1/f fluctuation has an effect to relax people. The sound of Japanese wind chimes is produced by the sound of 1/f fluctuation of breeze. So, the sound of Japanese wind chimes has the effect of healing people.

Japanese wind chimes are indispensable items for the relaxing time in summer.

Slim, Horn and Onion of wind chime from Nousaku in breeze

Japanese wind chimes as auspicious gifts

In Japan, wind chimes are auspicious items. It is a good present for your dearest person.
In Japan, wind bell has been called “Narimono (鳴り物)”, or musical instrument.
Japanese people love word play. “Narimono (鳴り物)” reminds us “Narimono (成りもの).” The latter word means to succeed or get promoted. So, Japanese people have loved the wind chimes as auspicious items or talismans.

Japanese wind chimes would be great presents for wishing everlasting happiness. How about sending wind bells as wedding gifts or housewarming gifts? Also, wind chimes would be great gifts for celebrating new business.
Japanese wind chimes make the life of your dearest people richer.

Tabletop wind bell from WDH and artificial flower at the entrance hall

Japan Design Store original gift wrapping for Japanese wind chimes

Japanese wind chimes are good items as a reward for yourself, or as presents. If you send wind chimes as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various gift wrappings.

We offer Japanese formal gift wrapping “Noshi.” We recommend using Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki together with Noshi. It becomes more gorgeous.
Let’s send stylish Japanese wind chimes with a special gift wrapping!

Examples of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Boxes differ from item to item