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Yamagata casting

What do you imagine as Japanese teapot? Most people recall the Japanese cast iron teapot. Here, let us introduce the products of famous casting atelier Chushin Kobo.

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Chushin kobo is a casting atelier in Yamagata prefecture in Japan.
Inherited skill of traditional Yamagata casting meets usable and modern design by a designer Hisanori Masuda.
Yamagata cast iron teapots have gain great popularity all over the world.
We would like to introduce the charm of Japanese cast iron teapots with pictures.

Japanese cast iron teapot (Kyusu) from Chushin Kobo

Yamagata cast iron teapot have been popular in Paris!

You may know that Japanese traditional crafts have been paid attention.
Now in Tokyo, new shopping mall sell modern tableware of miscellaneous goods with traditional skill.
But, do you know that the popularity has broadened to countries of Asia or Europe?

In France, especially in Paris, high-class hotels and tea salons uses Japanese cast iron teapot from Yamagata casting.
In fact, tea culture takes root in France. At tea time of French people, macarons, a piece of tart, and Japanese traditional cast iron teapot are on the table. Now, Japanese cast iron teapot have gained good reputation form cultured people or creators.
The reason of its popularities is the special texture of cast iron and polished design reminds Zen. Both features are not in the teapots made in Europe. In addition to the outlook, Japanese cast iron teapot has high thermal conductivity. Mesdames love tea and chatting. High thermal conductivity is an essential function for pleasant teatime.
Japanese aesthetic sense and technology have won the praise.

There are a cast iron teapot, a teacup with Japanese green tea, and a macaroon on a aplate.

Richer life with Yamagata casting

That is why we would like to introduce the Yamagata casting. We prepare Japanese cast iron teapot, cups and saucers from Chushin kobo.
In addition, we recommend other tableware like chopstick rests.
Please learn the inherited traditional skill and modern design.

These are a cast iron teapot, a teacup with japanese green tea, and a Japanese traditional confectionery.

4 charm points of Chushin kobo

  1. Japanese cast iron teapot make tea delicious

    The Japanese cast iron teapot (Kyusu) is the representative work of Chushin Kobo. Tea lovers should have one cast iron teapot someday. Beautiful cast surface and solid presence.
    The Japanese cast iron teapots have secrets to make tea delicious.

    A woman pour tea with cast iron teapot.
  2. A fusion of design and function

    Yamagata casting are daily use items. Even the design is good, hard to use items have no meaning. However, you always see daily use items. Stylish and modern design is important for the items you use every day.
    The products of Japanese Chushin Kobo have both good design and usability. The traditional craftsmen make sure of the essence of material and products to produce cast iron.
    The reason of this is that the designer and creator Hisanori Masuda state the concept as follows: “Design is a fusion of good quality and function.”
    For example, Japanese cast iron teapots of Chushin Kobo have high thermal conductivity, hard to drip tea from the spout, and polished form. This is the fusion of design and function.

    These are two pairs of chopsticks and chopstick rests.
  3. The texture of casting “Usuniku-birei”

    You can feel the feature of Yamagata casting “Usuniku-birei” through the products of Chushin kobo. This cast iron teapot has the thinness of the casting and the beauty of the cast surface.
    In addition, the solid presence of casting is the feature of Yamagata casting.
    This unique texture of casting has fascinated people around the world.

    Various forms such as flower and circle chopstick rests are in order.
  4. Great variety of lineup of Japanese cast iron teapot

    Chushin Kobo offers various products for meeting customers’ needs.
    For example, Japanese cast iron teapot have three designs. Each design has two sizes.
    Select your favorite cast iron teapots!

    There are a cast iron teapot beside a wooden tea canister Karmi.

Have a slow tea time with Japanese cast iron teapot from Yamagata casting

Keep the warm of tea by cast iron teapot

You would like to enjoy warm tea for a long time.
Japanese cast iron teapots have toughness and high thermal conductivity.
The cast iron teapots from Chushin Kobo keep the warm of tea, and extract the taste and aroma of tea leaves. You can enjoy chatting with your friends without caring about time.

These are a cast iron teapot and some petit cakes on a Palace plate.

The spout of Japanese cast iron teapot is hard to drip and easy to pour tea

You can use the casting after detailed finishing done on cast iron. Craftsmen polish the spout of Japanese cast iron teapots countless times.
Detailed finished spout is hard to drip tea.
In addition, the inside of the pot is enameled. Therefore, the cast iron teapots are hard to be rusted and easy to care.

This is a picture of a image of pouring tea with cast iron teapot.

Dignified and solid presence of Japanese cast iron teapot

Handmade and sold design of Japanese cast iron teapots gives the dignified atmosphere by its presence. You can enjoy the time for preparing tea.

These are cast iron teapots and teacups of Chushin Kobo.

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Make modern table with chopstick rest of Chushin Kobo

The unique texture of cast iron

Chopstick rests are daily use, and long use items.
Chopstick rests are not only for Japanese chopsticks, but also other cutleries.
You may have seen the chopstick rests made of glass or ceramics. How about cast iron chopstick rests? Glass or ceramics chopstick rests can be chipped. For long use, cast iron chopstick rests from Chushin Kobo are perfect.

Thies is a table coordinate of a set meal with cast iron chopstick rest on a wooden tray.

Easy to care the cast iron chopstick rests

Japanese cast iron chopstick rests of Chushin Kobo are coated by “Hon-Urushi-Yakitsuke-Tosou.” The process is baking and lacquer iron repeatedly to lacquer the iron products. The coating make Japanese cast iron chopstick rests glossy and strong against being rusted.
You can wash the Japanese cast iron chopstick rests with soft sponge and ph.-balanced detergent.

This is a line with cast iron chopstick rests Maru (circle) and Kaku (square) one by one.

Simple design chopstick rests fit various table coordinate

You cannot decide the best chopstick rests for you. For daily use, simple design chopstick rests are the best.
Simple design fits various kinds of table.
If you do not have any chopstick rests, start with this Japanese cast iron chopstick rests.

This is a table coordinate with sashimi(raw fish) on a Palace plate on SUZURI, and chopsticks on cast iron chopstick rest.

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Awards and media coverage of Chushin Kobo

Record of Awards

  • 1977 Director-General Award at 18th Japan Small and Medium Business Export Fair
  • 1985 Keith Grant Prize at International Design Fair
  • 1990 Encouragement Prize at raft Competition in Takaoka
  • 1994 TANSUIOU Award at 11th Satoh Art craft Research and Scholarship Foundation
  • 1997 1st Venture Business Award at Yamagata Shiawase Bank Industry Promotion Fund
  • 1998 Excellent Design Award at 1st Yamagata Excellent Design Selection
  • 2000 Excellent Design Award at Products section of Yamagata Excellent Design Selection
  • 2000 27th Kunii Kitaro Industry Crafts Award
  • 2001 Excellent Design Award and Excellent Design Encouragement Award at Yamagata Excellent Design Selection in 2001
  • 2003 Excellent Design Award at Yamagata Excellent Design Selection in 2003
  • 2006 Excellent Design Award at Yamagata Excellent Design Selection in 2006
  • 2009 Excellent Design Award at Yamagata Excellent Design Selection in 2009
  • 2011 Excellent Design Award at Yamagata Excellent Design Selection in 2011
  • 2012 Good Design Award for "Casting kettle M, Casting kettle L"
  • 2013 Good Design Award "Teapot Marutama M, Teapot Maruzutsu”


  • 2001 Award for Meritorious men in Traditional Crafts Industry (Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • 2001 Prize for Skill Contributor in Traditional Craft Industry (Yamagata city)


  • 1978 National Museum of Australia
  • 1995 Victoria and Albert Museum in London
  • 1995 Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • 1996 Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angels

Media Coverage

  • Magazine "mono Special Shokunin mono
  • Magazine "Honmono Kurashi"
  • Magazine "WEDGE" "Ippin he no Izanai"

Tie-up with TV program

  • Used as tea set for Heroine at Japanese TV drama “Kirawareru Yuuki”

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