☆It it summer☆

The season of wind chimes comes!

Tomorrow is Tanabata, a Star festival. A lot of summer events are waiting us.


Japan has a lot of seasonal events or feature.

For summer, fireworks, yukata, shaved ice, and wind chimes.

Wind chime was born form an idea of the people of old times.

The sound of wind chime is said to be same frequency of relaxing sound of nature. Murmuring of river or song of birds make you relax.

Wind chimes have same effect as them.



There are all sorts of wind chimes. Glass, or cast iron wind chime are popular.

Japan Design Store offers brass wind chime from Nousaku.

We receive a lot of orders in this season.


"Slim / Silver" is popular among men. It has slim and polished design.

Nousaku Wind Chime Pink Gold

"Onion / Pink Gold" is popular among women. It has cute rounded form.


We would like you to hear this clear sound.


▽See more details of wind chimes of Nousaku  from here.

Brass wind chime, the sound of Japanese breeze