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Gifts in Japan Design Store

Suitable high-quality crafts
For your important friends or dearest people.
Or as significant anniversary gifts and presents.

Japan Design Store Original Gift Set

Masterpieces of Japanese culture

Japanese culture has fostered
more than 1200 kinds of traditional crafts.
All crafts are handmade by skilled craftsmen.
Japanese people have loved the crafts for a long time.
Japan Design Store introduces the handmade crafts
with traditional skill or background and modern design.

Select Japanese masterwork at your request

Daily use utensils or items for your hobbies.
You can find new masterpiece fit your life style.
Here, let us introduce stylish traditional crafts at your request.

  • Mamezara
  • Chopsticks
  • Rice bowl / Bowl
  • Glasses
  • Sake cup
  • Chopstick rest

Stylish life with Japanese modern tableware

Traditional crafts seems to be difficult to coordinate.
In fact, it is very fun and easy!
These pages suggest the life with Japanese traditional crafts.