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Wooden cheese board and cheese knife of Azmaya

Make a café style with wooden cheese board

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Natural and stylish wooden cheese board

Usual dinner changes into a happier one by using unique tableware.
Then, let’s use wooden cheese board! You can make an easy and stylish table setting with a cheese cutting board.

For your lunch, or happy home parties, wooden cheese board work well!
Let us introduce the fascination of wooden cheese board from azmaya.

Cheese and bread on the wooden cheese board

Wooden cheese board as well as a useful cutting board

Here, we would like to introduce the wooden cheese board from azmaya. Azmaya is famous for its beautiful and carefully made daily necessities.
Originally, it is made for a plate for cheese or cutting board for cheese. However, you can use the wooden cheese board as cutting board when you cut some fruits or bread.

A woman is cutting orange with cheese knife on the cheese cutting board

Sometimes, when you cut fruit or cakes, it is troublesome to move the foods from a cutting board to other plates, isn’t it?
Then, let’s use this wooden cheese board! You can save your work and make a stylish food presentation.

2 pieces of quiche and tomatoes on the wooden cheese board

Wooden cheese board made of wild cherry tree

The wooden cheese board of azmaya is made of high-class wood. It is made of wild cherry tree.
The solid natural lumber of wild cherry tree is often used for the woodwind, piano, or high-class furniture.

Usually, wooden cheese board is made of olive tree. Olive tree is also hard and tough. Unlike olive tree, wild cherry tree has less burls and uniform wood grain.

Next, we would like to introduce some recommended points of the wooden cutting board of Azmaya.

Cheese cutting board and cheese knife of Azmaya
  1. Beautiful and useful material wild cherry tree

    The wooden cheese board of Azmaya is a natural wooden board. From solid natural wood of wild cherry tree, craftsmen shave a detailed design.

    Wild cherry tree is the most useful lumber among various cherry trees in Japan. It is less warped and water proof. That is why wild cherry tree is used for wooden furniture or the woodwind.

    The edge of the cheese cutting board is carefully shaved. We can feel elegance from the delicate design. You can see the careful work of Japanese craftsmen from the edge.

    In addition, walnut oil is applied as finishing. The oil saved the warping of wood.
    Small wooden cheese board is filled with Japanese craftsmanship.
    The wood grain of a wooden cheese board is only one in the world. Please enjoy rich and elegant time with the cheese cutting board.

    Beautiful wood grain of wooden cheese board
  2. Useful handle of cutting board

    The wooden cheese board has a cute shaped handle. So, we can easily move the board from kitchen to the dinner table. Also, we can pass the wooden board from person to person.

    A small wooden cheese board does not need much space. So, you can use the wooden board as a plate for cheese or bread. In addition, you can use it as a small cutting board on the dinner table.

    Easy use, smart storage. A wooden cheese board makes your cooking and dinner time happier.

    Detailed design of the handle of wooden cheese board
  3. Every food looks stylish on the wooden cheese board

    Surprisingly, usual table setting become a stylish one with a wooden cheese board. It turns to be more natural and modern.

    Usually, bread, cheese or butter suit well with natural tableware. Simple and delicate design of the wooden cheese board gives more stylish atmosphere.

    In addition to cheese or bread, you can put rice balls, croquet, or anything!
    Please enjoy useful wooden cheese board in your favorite way.

    Home party with ham, nuts, and bread on the wooden cheese board
  4. Useful 2 sizes of wooden cheese board

    Azmaya offers 2 sizes of wooden cheese board. If you would like to use it as a cheese cutting board, S size is enough.
    However, we recommend L size for more various use. You can put salad, cake, or anything.

    S size wooden cheese board with cheese, and L size cheese board with bread

With wooden cheese board, high-class cheese knife

This is brass and stainless cheese knife from Azmaya. It is very simple, but brass handle has nostalgic mood.

This cheese knife is carefully shaved stainless steel, and sand it with a brass handle.
To make and keep the knife sharp, craftsmen harden the high-quality stainless steel, and sharpen it many times. With a lot of procedures, the cheese knife becomes smooth and sharp.

Unlike usual cutlery knife or butter knife, this cheese knife is made in the same way for a knife. Therefore, you can use the knife for fruits, ham or salami.

As a cheese knife, the cheese knife of azmaya is made for semi-hard cheese such as Gouda cheese. In addition, you can cut harder cheese such as Cheddar, Edam, or Emmental. Also, the cheese knife can adopt to softer cheese such as Camembert or Gorgonzola.

A woman is cutting cheese with cheese knife on the cheese cutting board

Useful cheese knife works hard on the table

As a cheese knife, this knife slices and puts cheese. In addition to its original work, the knife can cut some pickles, or cake. When you need some knife on the table, this small cheese knife is very useful.

Also, this cheese knife has wide blade. So, you can cut seasonings or herbs on the table as a finishing of the meal.
The cheese knife of azmaya has simple and stylish design. It can be an accent on the table setting.

Cheese and bread dinner on wooden cheese board

Useful and beautiful table knife

Cheese knife of Azmaya is very sharp. Therefore, the cheese knife does not spoil the form or flavor of food. This simple knife has quality and function of knife. Nevertheless, it has sophisticated design. please use it in your kitchen, dinner table, or on a picnic.

As you use the cheese knife, brass handle will change its color into deep amber. If the cheese knife become blunt, just sharpen knife. You can use the knife for a long time.

Please enjoy the change of cheese knife over the years.

Beautiful and simple design of cheese knife

Stylish wooden cheese board as presents

A great gift item can color the recipient’s life a little. If one has it, he or she can spend richer days.

From this point, wooden cheese board is one of the greatest gift items. For birthday gift, wedding gift or housewarming gift, cheese cutting board would be great. How about sending the wooden board for your wife? Her housework becomes happier and easier.

If you have a friend who loves kitchen utensils, he or she will satisfy with high-quality wooden cheese board.

Pound cake on the wooden cheese board
A woman is cutting baguette on the cheese cutting board
When you cut baguette on dinner table, it looks stylish.
A woman carries baguette on the wooden cheese board
Since the cheese cutting board has handle, you can cut and carry baguette easily.
Natural table setting with wooden tableware of Azmaya
In addition to cheese, you can put bagels or jam.
Beautiful form of wooden cheese board of Azmaya
Delicate design of the edge of the wooden cheese board

What is Azmaya?

Azmaya is a brand produces Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily necessaries. It was established in 1997. The representative of Azmaya Mr. Kumada recognized the fascination of Japanese crafts and culture from his long life in the United States. That was the motive to establish Azmaya.

They state their concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise with the skill and material.” Under these concepts, Azmaya develops and improves the products with craftsmanship in Japan.

As we can see in this wooden cheese board, the products of Azmaya are characterized by their modern but nostalgic design with Japanese traditional culture or inherited skills.
The wooden cheese cutting board will make you realize the origin of Japanese manufacturing and aesthetic sense based on Japanese traditional culture.

Table setting with wooden cheese board and other items

Who is the designer Osamu Saruyama?

Osamu Saruyama designed this wooden cheese board.
Mr. Saruyama established “guilemets layout studio” in 1991. The studio deals with graphic, products, or space design.

He designed various tableware or daily necessities of Azmaya. Also, he runs a tableware shop “Saruyama”.

He collaborates with various craftsmen when he designs products. The craftsmen vary from Japanese handicraftsmen to an artist. With unique craftsmen, Mr. Saruyama produces beautiful, simple, and useful products.

Recently, he also writes music. Osamu Saruyama is a talented designer with rich aesthetic sense.

Caring tips of wooden cheese board

  • * Natural wood is breathing all the time. Also, the wood takes the moisture in the air in and out. The wooden cheese board repeats expanding and contracting. Therefore, please keep the wooden board away from the too much heating, dry, or moisturizing. Those may cause the warps or cracks of wood.
    Please do not soak the wooden board in water for a long time. Also, please do not dry the cheese cutting board with direct rays of the sun or dish drier.
  • * Some kinds of cheese may be stuck to the wooden board when it becomes dry. Please rub the cheese off with scouring brush or sponge gently. After washing, wipe the water and dry the wooden cheese board well in airy shade.
  • * Please do not put the wooden cheese board near fire such as gas stove or oven. Too much heating may cause the warps or cracks of wooden board. Also, it may cause unexpected incidents such as fire.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

How to care wooden cheese board

  • * When the wooden surface of the cheese board becomes dry, please apply vegetable oil you use usually. In addition to walnut oil, other less flavor oils are appropriate such as soy oil, rice oil, grape seeds oil, or olive oil.
  • * For your long use, Azmaya repair the wooden cheese board. If you need repair, please contact us.

Caring tips of cheese knife

  • * Please do not soak the knife in water for a long time to avoid rusting of brass handle.
  • * Too much force on the blade of knife may cause the chip or change of form.
  • * This cheese knife is very sharp. Please store and use the knife away from children.
  • * After washing, wipe water with soft cloth and dry it in airy shade well.

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