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Make a cup of perfect coffee with Japanese coffee accessories

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Japanese coffee accessories

If you would like to brew a cup of delicious coffee at home, please pursue the coffee accessories as well as coffee beans. High-quality coffee accessories made in Japan would be great gifts for coffee lovers, too.

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Make a perfect cup of coffee at home!

How about making a perfect cup of pour over coffee at home?
Brewing coffee at home is a happy slow time.
A cup of coffee brewed with your favorite coffee accessories will relax you at the end of the day.

As Japanese coffee accessories, you may know some Japanese coffee makers such as Kalita or Hario. They offer simple, usable, and sophisticated coffee equipment.
However, if you select new coffee accessories for you, please choose stylish, high-quality, and useful equipment.

If you are pour over coffee beginner, you may worry that special knowledge or skill is needed to use coffee accessories. Do not worry!
Japan Design Store recommends Japanese coffee accessories with good design and great quality.

In this page, we would like to introduce Japanese coffee accessories to help your complex but happy coffee life.
Please find your best coffee accessories and enjoy your coffee life!

Caffe hat on cup of Moderato series and manual coffee grinder of MokuNeji

Japan Design Store recommends! Stylish coffee accessories

  1. Preservation container for coffee beans

    At first, you need preservation container for coffee beans. It is easy to be forgotten, but a necessary coffee accessory.

    To make a cup of delicious coffee, prepare fresh and just-roasted coffee beans first. Once coffee beans are roasted, they become to be oxidized and lose good taste and aroma as the time passes. So, the best way is using the roasted coffee beans as early as possible.

    Make a heart mark with coffee beans

    But when we get coffee beans, most people buy certain amount of beans at once. Therefore, airtight container is needed for roasted coffee beans.
    Roasted coffee beans should be preserved in an airtight container and in refrigerator. At the longest, coffee beans can be preserved for 20 days to 1 month.
    To make a delicious coffee, preservation container is one of the important coffee accessories.

    Coffee beans in tea canister TAWARA of Karmi series from Gato Mikio

    Also, when we grind the coffee beans, coffee powder gains more area to touch air, so it will be oxidized earlier. The best way is grinding coffee beans in necessary amount every time.

    1. Useful enamelware containers!
      [Noda Horo] White series Square

      Enamel preservation container Square from Noda Horo

      As the preservation container for coffee beans, we recommend enamelware from Noda Horo.

      This enamelware has sealing lid. Enamelware is hard to change the quality of the contents inside. So, enamelware would be great item to preserve coffee beans.

      A woman put seal on enamelware Rectangle
      Rectangle Deep S

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    2. For stylish-design lovers, wooden tea canister
      [Gato Mikio Store] KARMI

      Tea canister Karmi KAMA Plain from Gato Mikio Store

      If you pursue the design more, we recommend this beautiful wooden canister as a coffee accessory.
      You may think “is it really a coffee equipment?” In fact, this Karmi from Gato Mikio Store is a tea canister. Craftsmen of Yamanaka lacquerware can produce high airtight tea canister. Therefore, it is suitable for preservation of coffee beans in addition to tea leaves.

      Lid, inside lid, and body of Karmi TAWARA from Gato Mikio Store

      When you preserve coffee beans, we recommend putting silica gel or oxygen absorber. You can see them in commercial cookies or snacks. Silica gel or oxygen absorber will remove the moisture and oxygen.
      Some people like the coffee beans after some time passed after roasting. How about enjoying the taste change?

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  2. Manual coffee grinder

    Next, we need coffee accessories to grind coffee beans. Grinding coffee beans is the only experience when we make a cup of coffee at home.

    Many people love the taste and the aroma of coffee.
    Few people know this, but the best way to enjoy the aroma of coffee is grinding coffee beans by ourselves!
    While we grind coffee beans, coffee beans give off the aroma at the most!

    Grinding coffee beans with manual coffee grinder of MokuNeji

    Electrical coffee grinder is useful. However, to enjoy the aroma of coffee more, we recommend coffee grinding by hand. So, manual coffee grinder is the next necessary coffee accessories.
    Please note that it needs certain power to grind coffee beans by manual coffee grinder.

    1. Stylish wooden manual coffee grinder
      [MokuNeji] Coffee Grinder

      Manual coffee grinder from MokuNeji

      As the manual coffee grinder, we recommend Japanese coffee grinder from MokuNeji.
      The body is shaved by skilled craftsmen of Yamanaka lacquerware in Ishikawa prefecture. The coffee grinder is made by “Kalita” a Japanese famous and old-established coffee maker.

      Have you ever seen such a beautiful and stylish manual coffee grinder?

      Set coffee beans into coffee grinder from MokuNeji

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  3. Coffee dripper and filter

    When you finish grinding coffee beans, the next necessary coffee accessories are coffee dripper and filter.

    As for the coffee dripper what do you imagine? I believe that the most common coffee dripper is plastic or ceramic dripper with paper coffee filter.
    Now, there are more kinds of coffee drippers! Some drippers do not need paper filters.

    Put ground coffee beans into Caffe Hat
    1. Semi-permanent use! Ceramic coffee filter
      [224porcelain] Caffe hat

      Ceramic pour over cone Caffe hat from 224 porcelain

      Japan Design Store would like to introduce ceramic pour over cone “Caffe hat.”
      Caffe hat from 224 porcelain is made of porous ceramics. Therefore, we can make delicious coffee without paper filters. It is eco-friendly!

      Caffe hat of 224 porcelain on a mug

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      Japan Design Store makes our original sets with Caffe hat and stylish mugs. As birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or retirement gifts for coffee lovers, how about these sets?

      Set of Café hat and mug with a wooden cheese board

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  4. Coffee pot

    This is easy to be forgotten, but coffee pot is necessary coffee accessory.
    For the first cup of coffee, many people pour coffee at kitchen. But for another cup of coffee, coffee pot is needed.

    Common design is made of glass with plastic lid or handle.
    However, Japan Design Store introduces not common coffee pot.

    1. Simple and modern design coffee pot
      [ceramic japan] moderato Series Teapot

      Teapot of Moderato series from ceramic japan

      As a stylish coffee pot, we recommend teapot of Moderato series from ceramic japan. Surprisingly, this teapot can contain 500ml (about 16 fl oz).

      Coffee pot from Moderato series of ceramic japan

      This pot is not a pottery, nor porcelain, but a stoneware! Stoneware is between pottery and porcelain. It has great thermal effect.
      This natural atmosphere suits relaxing coffee time well.

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  5. Coffee kettle

    To make a delicious pour over coffee, coffee kettle is one of the important coffee accessories.
    When we brew coffee at home, important point is pouring hot water slowly into ground coffee beans.
    Kettle is difficult to control the amount of hot water. So, the pot with narrow spout is better. Coffee kettle has long spout from the bottom of the pot.

    We do not have special coffee kettle now. However, we would like to recommend this cute kettle.

    1. Cute in anywhere! Pot + Kettle
      [Noda Horo] Pottle

      Pottle Orange on induction cooktop

      Pottle is an enamel pot. The name comes from the fusion of pot + kettle. So, it has superb size. Also, its cute color and simple design are the secrets of its popularity.

      White Pottle from Noda Horo and teacups of Broom series from Hakusan Toki

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    2. New arrival! A kettle made for coffee
      [Noda Horo] L’ambre pot

      L’ambre pot from Noda Horo

      From the same brand as Pottle, a coffee kettle “L’ambre pot” arrived!
      Noda Horo produced this pour over kettle to meet the request from a famous coffee shop “Café de l’ambre” in Ginza. We can pour hot water like we drip drops of water. Special spout and cute retro design have attracted coffee lovers.

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Prepare favorite coffee cups

As for the coffee accessories, many people imagine coffee equipment such as coffee grinder or pour over cone to brew coffee.
However, don’t you think that any coffee cups are okay to drink a delicious coffee?

In fact, coffee changes its taste by coffee cups or mugs! It is just same as there are various wine glasses depend on the kinds of wine.
Each cup has individualities in the material of cups, size, thickness, or design. Barista regard the cups as important when they serve coffee. Baristas use the best cup depends on the types of coffee.

Cake and coffee on tableware of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki

So, coffee cups can be called as coffee accessories. Shape of the edge, thickness, the color of inside cups…Please find your favorite coffee cups or the best cup for your favorite coffee.
Here, we introduce some points to find best coffee cup from various cups.

Points to finding favorite coffee cups

  1. Enjoy taste of coffee firmly? Choose cups with thin rims

    When we drink coffee, our mouths touch the rim of cup many times.
    Some do not like the rough texture of pottery cups. Or we can feel the heat of coffee through the heat of cups. We receive some information from the rims of cups in a moment of touching the rims.

    Some people like to enjoy the material or smooth surface of cups with thick rims of coffee cups.
    If you would like to enjoy the taste of coffee firmly, our recommended coffee accessory is the cups with thin rim.

    Coffee cup of Moderato series from ceramic japan

    The coffee cup of Moderato series from ceramic japan has thin rim. In addition, the natural color makes the color of coffee look stand out. You can enjoy the taste of coffee well with this coffee cup.

    Coffee cup of Moderato series from ceramic japan

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  2. Enjoy sour and bitter taste of coffee? Choose cups with wide rims

    It is said that human’s tongue feels sweetness at its tip, sourness at its side, and bitterness at its depth.
    Therefore, we tend to feel sourness of coffee with the cups with wide rims since the coffee spread into our mouth with the wide rims.
    On the contrary, we tend to feel bitterness of coffee with the cups with straight rims since the coffee straightly flow into our throat.

    The form of rims changes our feeling of the taste. It is interesting! That depth is the unique point of coffee cups as coffee accessories.
    Please find your best form of rims up to your favorite taste.

    Mug with handle of TY series from 1616/arita japan

    This white Coffee cup from 1616/arita japan has wide rims. If you would like to taste the sourness of coffee, you should try this cup.
    Beautiful white porcelain of Arita ware makes the color of coffee stand out.

    Pour coffee into a white mug of 1616/arita japan

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  3. Look at the color of inside cups

    One of the pleasant points of coffee time is enjoy its color.
    If a coffee cup has unique color inside, it becomes hard to distinguish the delicate color of coffee. To enjoy more of the beautiful amber color of coffee, white color is the best.

    As a coffee accessory, it is important for coffee cups to make coffee stand out.

    Coffee in cup of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki

    Mugs of Bloom series has beautiful white color of Hasami porcelain. Inside the cups, blue patterns give an accent.
    The contrast of blue and white makes the coffee stand out.

    Mugs of Wreath and Bouquet from Bloom series of Hakusan Toki

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One more! Sugar and creamer set

As the coffee accessories, we would like to recommend one more item.
That is sugar and creamer set.

When we drink coffee, some likes it black, or with milk, or with sugar and milk.
When your friends visit your home, how you serve sugar and milk for coffee?

Then, cute sugar and creamer set works!

This cute coffee accessory was born with a collaboration of Dutch designers and Japanese traditional craft Arita porcelain. It is made of traditional crafts, but has cute pale color!

Sugar and creamer set of 1616/arita japan

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Stylish coffee accessories can be cool home decor!

If we have stylish coffee accessories, they can be cool home decors when we do not use them. The stylish coffee grinder provides natural and stylish atmosphere to your room.

During busy business day, we seldom use the manual coffee grinder. However, stylish coffee accessories can be put on kitchen counter or cupboard as home decor. So, we recommend choosing a good design one.
Every time we see coffee equipment during business day, the coffee accessories give us energy to survive busy days for a cup of perfect coffee at the weekend.

Stylish manual coffee grinder from MokuNeji on a bookshelf

How to brew coffee at home? Check here!

After you prepare all the necessary coffee accessories, it is time to brew coffee!
The following page introduces how to make delicious pour over coffee.
Also, we propose some richer life with coffee. Please check here!

Pouring coffee with Caffe hat

Stylish coffee accessories would be great gifts as well!

Stylish and useful coffee accessories would be great gits, too.
For coffee lovers, stylish coffee equipment is suitable as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, birthday gits, or retirement gifts.

Image of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store

Coffee accessories are the items to brew delicious coffee. It needs some time and work.
Therefore, we believe that sending coffee equipment is sending a slow time.
“Please take a time for you and relax.”
How about sending coffee accessories for busy people?

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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