Shopping Guide

"Japan Design Store" is a select shop of crafts Made in Japan. We propose a high-quality lifestyle.
You can share the rich time and atmosphere together with your important people. Please enjoy meeting with the items that color your life.
We have the right to renew our Shopping Guide properly if necessary. We apply new Shopping Guide at the timing of its renewal.

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shipping cost

The shipping cost in our store includes these three cost; Shipping fee, Premium for insurance, Handling cost (preparing customs declaration and packing cost).

Shipping fee
The shipping cost depends on the weight or material of your parcel. Also, the cost depends on the countries or regions.
The shipping cost covers the area as mentioned below.

Picture of shipping fee coverage
※1:Customs or the post office in recipients’ countries

Sharing of responsibility on delivery

We take the responsibility for the delivery of overseas parcel from the departure of our store to the point when the parcel is on board ship or air plane.

Picture of sharing of responsibility on delivery

See details of overseas shipping from "Delivery."