Japanese tea kettles, Nanbu tekki, Enamel kettles

Cast iron kettles and enamel tea kettles

Japanese tea kettles worth for cherishing

We can use kettles for dozens of years. It can last a lifetime.
Since it is a regular kitchenware, please choose your favorite kettle.
Kettles are always on kitchen counter.
That is why you should choose a kettle that cheer up you every day.
Here, we select beautiful Japanese tea kettles for your tea time.

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Every day is happy with Japanese kettles

Where do you store kettles?
We use kettles for coffee in the morning, tea time in the afternoon, and cooking for every meal. So, many people place their kettles on a place where they can use it soon. On kitchen counter, on cupboard, near gas stove, or on trivet. (I put my kettle by the toaster.)

Kettles are always in kitchen. We use and see it every day. Therefore, we should choose the best kettles for us.

Tea set and Nanbu tetsubin of Roji on the table and a woman enjoys tea

Japanese tea kettles are high quality, stylish and useful. Japan Design Store select stylish kettles based on the standard of “Made in Japan / High quality / Great design / Rarity.”
Let us introduce stylish Japanese kettles that make your life happier.

Kettles are standard kitchenware. Useful and stylish kettles have been popular wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

Pottle on Nabeshiki house and Bloom teacups of Hakusan Toki

How to choose best kettle?

“Which kettle should I choose?”
We would like you to introduce points for choosing kettles through online shop.

  1. Choose Japanese kettles by materials

    Japan Design Store introduces Japanese kettles made of enamel, copper, and cast iron (Nanbu tekki). Each material has each individuality. Please enjoy the feature of different materials.

  2. Choose Japanese kettles by volume

    Generally, the stated volume of kettles is the volume at its full. When we use a kettle, the volume should be 70~80% of its full volume to avoid boil over. So, we also state recommended volume for use here.
    If you would like to make a lot of tea, we recommend you a big kettle. If you would like to enjoy slow tea time, we recommend you a compact kettle.

    Make coffee with Anbi from Noda Horo
  3. Choose Japanese kettles by function

    Each kettle has different shape of spout. If you look for coffee kettle for pour over coffee, we recommend a Japanese kettle with delicate spout. Also, we introduce kettles that can be used over induction cooktop.

    Tip of spout of L’ambre pot from Noda Horo
  4. Choose Japanese kettles by design

    Kettle is a tool for boiling water. That function is general for every kettle. Then, design is an important point to choose. Stylish Japanese tea kettles have been popular, and they tend to be out of stock. If you fall in love with a kettle at the first sight, you should get it as soon as possible.

    White Pottle and Amukettle from Noda Horo

Recommended Japanese tea kettles by Japan Design Store

Here, we would like to introduce stylish Japanese tea kettles by 3 different materials. We believe that you can find your best kettle.

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  1. Cute gloss, get warm early. A kettle strong against stain
    Japanese enamel tea kettle

    Japanese enamel tea kettles have cute retro design and beautiful gloss.
    Enamelware is a material that metal (iron or aluminum) is enameled with glassy glaze in high-temperature. Enamel tea kettles have both merits of iron and glass. Iron is strong. Glass has beautiful gloss and resistance to corrosion.

    4 enamel kettles Anbi on the table

    Japanese enamel tea kettles have great thermal conductivity. It becomes warm earlier than stainless kettle. Also, enamel kettle can keep warmth well. Glassy surface is strong against transferred smell and stain. So, we can clean kettle clearly after we make a smelly tea such as rooibos tea.
    Since enamel tea kettle is hygienic, we can use a kettle for a long time at ease.

    1. [Noda Horo] Pottle

      Yellow and orange Pottle from Noda Horo
      [Product info] 1.5L (about 50.7 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.0L (about 33.8 us fl oz)] / Open fire & Induction cooktop safe (100V / 200V)

      If you would like to enjoy tea time with Japanese tea kettles, we recommend “Pottle” from Noda Horo. Pottle is a name from Pot + Kettle. Cute Japanese kettle Pottle suits well with Scandinavian style interior. Pottle is good size for making tea or coffee for 2~3 people.

      The knob of Pottle is natural wood. Combination of wood and enamelware brings retro atmosphere. In addition, wood knob is hard to become hot when we boil hot water. It is a kind point for us.

      Orange Pottle on induction cooktop

      Japanese tea kettle Pottle is a compact kettle but has big lid. We can easily wash inside the kettle. Big handle enables us to hold it with kitchen mitts.

      Look down the inside of Pottle

      Enamel kettle Pottle can be used over induction cooktop (100V / 200V) in addition to gas top.

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    2. [Noda Horo] Amukettle

      Amukettle from Noda Horo
      [Product info] 2.0L (about 67.6 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.4L (about 47.3 us fl oz)] / Open fire & Induction cooktop safe (100V / 200V)

      If you would like to boil a lot of water with stylish kettle, we recommend “Amukettle” from Noda Horo. This Japanese kettle is a big kettle among kettles of Noda Horo. Retro design attracts every generation. We cannot stop cherishing cute glossy kettle.

      White Amukettle on Nabeshiki house

      Amukettle has big lid. It is easy to remove tea bag and wash inside. Resin handle of Amukettle is hard to become hot. We can hold handle without kitchen mitts or dish cloth. Thick handle is stable. In addition, we can turn the handle to one side. The kettle become smart when we store it.

      Look down inside of Amukettle

      Enamel kettle Amukettle can be used over induction cooktop (100V / 200V) in addition to gas top.

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    3. [Noda Horo] L’ambre pot

      White and red L’ambre pot from Noda Horo
      [Product info] 1.7L (about 57.5 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.2L (about 40.6 us fl oz)] / Open fire Safe, Not for Induction cooktop use

      If you would like to pour delicious coffee with Japanese kettles, we recommend “L’ambre pot” from Noda Horo. This kettle is made to meet a request from a master of café, “make us a pot with special spout that we can pour hot water like dripping 1 drop of water.” The café is an old-established café in Ginza “Café de l’ambre.” The café only serves coffee. It is a mecca for coffee lovers.

      Pour over kettle L’ambre pot without lid

      L’ambre pot has cute retro form. But we should take a look at the sharp tip of spout which is suitable for pour over coffee. Many users have loved this kettle and said, “when I pour coffee, L’ambre pot is the best!” Big handle enables us to hold it with kitchen mitts or dish cloth.

      White L’ambre pot from Noda Horo

      Enamel kettle L’ambre pot is a stylish Japanese kettle for coffee lovers.

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    4. [Noda Horo] Anbi (1.2L)

      4 enamel tea kettles Anbi on the table
      [Product info] 1.2L (about 40.6 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 0.85L (about 28.7 us fl oz)] / Open fire Safe, Not for Induction cooktop use

      If you would like to enjoy a stylish life with Japanese kettles, we recommend “Anbi” from Noda Horo.
      It is a Brooklyn style kettle produced under the concept of “a beautiful kettle in every angle.” A product designer Koumin Yamada who is famous for his work Global Knife designed this kettle.

      Gray Anbi and coffee mug of Bloom series

      When we look down the enamel tea kettle, it looks square. Side design has unique triangles. Anbi has retro atmosphere as well as modern design. It suits well with vintage home decor or chic kitchen. You can enjoy stylish café style.
      Knob of lid is made of natural oak. Smooth wooden knob does not become hot when we boil hot water.

      Look down Anbi from Noda Horo

      Enamel tea kettle Anbi has sharp tip of spout. It is great gifts for coffee lovers or camping lovers.

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  2. Treasure a kettle and enjoy its change over the years
    Japanese copper kettle

    When you imagine a stylish kettle, some may like copper kettles popular in the home of black tea U.K. As the time pass, copper kettles change their atmosphere. Antique copper kettles have unique taste.
    In fact, there is a stylish copper kettle produced by Japanese craftsmen. How about bringing up your own vintage kettle?

    A woman has handle of copper kettle from azmaya

    Japanese copper kettles have great thermal conductivity. You can boil hot water quickly. In addition, copper has antibacterial effect and the effect to disassemble chlorine. Also, copper hardly cause metal allergy.
    Copper has got used to the life of people. So, coper will blend into modern lifestyle.

    1. [Azmaya] Copper kettle

      Copper kettle from Azmaya on the table
      [Product info] 2.18L (about 73.7 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.6L (about 54.1 us fl oz)] / Open fire Safe, Not for Induction cooktop use

      If you would like to spend time with stylish tea kettles, we recommend “Copper kettle” from Azmaya. Its rounded form and cute knob attract us. Copper kettle suits Japanese interior or western-style interior.

      Azmaya produces Japanese traditional crafts, daily necessities, and tableware to suit modern lifestyle. “Copper kettle” is produced by a studio in Tsubame city of Niigata prefecture where is famous for a traditional metal processing. Simple and stylish Japanese copper kettle is a high-quality kettle that can be used for long time.

      Copper kettle from Azmaya and tea set of sou sou on the table

      As time passes, its color changes into pink gold to calm amber color. Someday, Japanese copper kettle will become an old hand of your kitchen.
      Stylish copper kettle is cute on stove. If you use copper kettle on stove, please be careful of boiling dry and falling down.

  3. Make water delicious and mellow. Nanbu tetsubin kettle
    Japanese cast iron kettle

    Many Japanese people long to get Nanbu tetsubin of Nanbu tekki someday.
    Nanbu tetsubin is a Japanese cast iron kettle that is a representative Japanese traditional craft in Iwate.

    When we boil water with Nanbu tetsubin, the tetsubin removes most of chlorine. Tap water becomes mellow. Not only Japan, but all around the world pay attention to Nanbu tetsubin.
    Especially in some countries where only have bad-quality water, Nanbu tetsubin kettles are popular. The people in those countries use Nanbu tetsubin better than Japanese people.

    A woman is going to put water into Nanbu tetsubin

    Japanese representative kettle Nanbu tetsubin works not only for drink, but also for cooking. If a water is delicious, we can make more delicious dishes.
    Also, we can take in iron from hot water boiled by Nanbu tetsubin. If you feel anemic, we recommend using Nanbu tetsubin.

    “It looks difficult to care Nanbu tetsubin kettle.” But do not worry. The tips are “Use every day and dry well. Do not touch inside.” That’s all!

    1. [Azmaya] Mizusawa Ubaguchi tetsubin

      L and S kettle of Mizusawa Ubaguchi tetsubin from Azmaya
      [Product info] (Full volume) L 1.5L (about 50.7 us fl oz) / S 1.0L (about 33.8 us fl oz). (Recommended volume) L 1.0L (about 33.8 us fl oz) / S 0.7L (about 23.7 us fl oz) Open fire Safe, Only L kettle is Induction cooktop safe

      If you look for simple and modern Japanese kettles, we recommend “Mizusawa Ubaguchi tetsubin” from Azmaya.
      This tetsubin is popular for its stylish design which suits well with modern lifestyle. Craftsmen season kettles one by one with oil. Glossy surface has beautiful atmosphere.

      A woman holds Nanbu tetsubin and opens its lid

      This stylish Nanbu tetsubin is produced in a studio on Mizusawa city in Iwate prefecture. “Ubaguchi” demonstrates the form of lid and the body of the kettle. In the tea ceremony, there are some goods of which the periphery of lid is rise. They call this type of goods “Ubaguchi-gama.” This cast iron kettle has also this type of lid. Therefore, it has the name of Ubaguchi tetsubin.

      Japanese kettles “Mizusawa Ubaguchi tetsubin” becomes out of stock soon after its arrival. If you find their stocks, you should get them as soon as possible.

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    2. [Roji] Nanbu tekki tetsubin

      Nanbu tetsubin of Roji on the table and a woman is preparing tea
      [Product info] (Full volume) 1.0L (about 33.8 us fl oz) (Recommended volume) 0.7L (about 23.7 us fl oz) Open fire Safe, Only Arare kettle is Induction cooktop safe

      Among stylish Japanese kettles, if you look for Nanbu tetsubin with traditional pattern, we recommend Nanbu tetsubin from Roji Associates.
      Cast iron surface of “Arare” from Roji is called “Arare.” Arare is gradation of various rounded projections. Many caldrons in tea ceremony had this Arare pattern. Therefore, Nanbu tetsubin inherited the pattern. We can see inherited skill of craftsmen from the solid pattern of this Nanbu tetsubin.

      A woman pours hot water into a cup

      This Japanese kettle has traditional pattern with smart form. Stable and useful kettle suits well with modern lifestyle. Cute knob of pinecone attracts us.

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For your long use of Japanese tea kettles

We would like to use favorite kettles for a long time. To treasure kettles, there are some tips. They are only 2 things.
“Dry well after use”
“Do not boil dry”

Enamel tea kettles, copper kettles, and tetsubin kettles. When we hear “Japanese traditional kettles,” we imagine that they are hard to care. However, basic tips are these two. Japanese tea kettles are high quality kettles produced by Japanese craftsmen. With these two tips, you can use it for dozens of years.

Kettles are auspicious item for new house! Popular items as gifts

Stylish Japanese kettles have been popular wedding gifts or housewarming gifts. In Japanese, kettles are “Yakan.” Yakan reminds us “Yakan,” which means “do not fire.” So, kettles are believed to strong against fire. How about sending Japanese tea kettles for your important person who starts new life?

Nanbu tetsubin of Roji and its exclusive box with Easy wrapping
Image of Easy wrapping on Nanbu tetsubin of Roji

A happy gift is stylish daily necessity or premium item that we cannot purchase for ourselves. Stylish Japanese kettles make your important person happy. Electric kettle of T-fal or kettle of le creuset are stylish. But Japanese handicrafts can be with you for a long time.

Stylish kettle is cute on dinner table, so it is useful when you have guests. Japanese kettles are great gifts for just married couples or home party lovers.

Stylish kettle Anbi from Noda Horo

Send Japanese kettles as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

Japanese kettles are great housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, presents for coffee lovers or tea lovers, or rewards for yourself.
When you plan to send stylish kettles as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various gift wrappings. Elegant Noshi wrapping and stylish Easy wrapping are popular. Our gift staff carefully wrap your gift to tell your thought “Thank you” or “Congratulation.”

Image of Japanese modern gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.