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About Japan Design Store

Store name Japan Design Store
Address 2-17-1 Ueji Okazaki Aichi 444-0823 Japan
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Business hour : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm JST (UTC+9) (Except Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese holidays)

Owner’s story of Japan Design Store

I am Yu Hayase, the owner of Japan Design Store.
Let me talk about my story of opening this shop.
I have been interested in Japanese traditional crafts and handmade products for ten years.
When I was a child, I did not understand the good points of lacquered bowl my mother used at the New Year’s Day.
I only knew that this jet-black lacquered bowl with golden decoration was a special tableware.
While my teens, I was fascinated by tableware and kitchen utensils of overseas. Shining Baccarat glasses, elegant teacups of Meissen, or colorful macaroon on the cute paper napkin.
“I wanted to collect tableware like a princess someday.” My youth days passed with this dream.

Arita ware

The time passed, and I became a working member of society. That was when I started to collect my tableware. I looked around various shops and departs, however, I could not find my favorite tableware. What I wanted was simple and modern design with Japanese traditional skill.
Then I decided to look for good tableware when I traveled around Japan.

rice bowl

My journey made me realize that there were a lot of good crafts and handmade products around Japan, but we could not find them in our daily life.
Recently, some local traditional crafts are collaborated with designers. However, we cannot see the items without introducing by media.

iron teapots
This realization developed the idea of Japan Design Store in my mind.
My ideas are…
・I wanted people all around Japan and world to see Japanese masterpieces. ・Through the internet, my idea may be realized. ・People can experience my journey through my homepage. ・Share our episodes of the products just like customers’ friend. ・If I tell the good and bad points of the products, people can purchase safely.

From those ideas, Japan Design Store opened in 2015.
We repeated trial and error every day. However, we make all effort to introduce Japanese masterpieces through clear pictures and detailed descriptions about the products.


“Japanese masterpieces” are not reasonable prices especially handmade by craftsmen.
Nowadays, you can get almost everything you need whenever you want, wherever you are.
Daily use utensils are enough with reasonable price goods.
However, please imagine the life with masterpieces. When you use the good products, your time will be special.
When you see the items, your heart gets warm. A product makes your room elegant. How wonderful the life is with masterpieces!


Japanese masterpieces make your time richer. Please spend long time with your favorite products.
Good products for daily life.
You do not need something luxurious. The life with favorite utensils or tableware is beautiful.
I hope that our store will be a start for your beautiful life.

TYPalace plates

January 5th,2015  Japan Design Store