JAPAN KUTANI, Beautiful and Cute Kutani Ware Plates

Brilliant Kutani ware plates

Kutani Ware Plates with Glossy and Brilliant Paintings

How about traditional but cute Kutani ware plates?
Kutani porcelain is one of the representative porcelains in Japan.
Brilliant paintings called “Gosai” color dinner tables.
Japan Design Store select modern Kutani yaki plates for every day.
Stylish Kutani ware set would be great gifts as well.

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Now “JAPAN KUTANI” colors dinner table every day

Brilliant color plates catch our eyes.
Do you know a traditional craft of Ishikawa prefecture “Kutani ware”?
Kutani porcelain, known as “JAPAN KUTANI” in the world is one of the representative Japanese porcelain like Arita ware. It is very popular now.

A woman has Kutani ware plate of Mymble

Some may have strong impression that “Kutani ware is a high-class Japanese tableware.”
Yes, it is true. Kutani yaki is an elegant ceramic. But it does not mean all.
Kutani ware has long history. With inheriting skill, many cute plates or useful plates for daily dinner are produced now.

Japan Design Store collects special Kutani porcelain plates that never stop its progress. Stylish Kutani ware plates that color daily life would be great gifts, too.

Mamezara from Seikou porcelain
Mamezara from Seikou porcelain

Our 5 recommended Kutani ware plates

Here, let us introduce our recommended Kutani yaki plates! Beautiful Kutani ware work for daily meal to entertaining guests. Please find your favorite one.

  1. Kutani ware ×Moomin! Unusual but so cute collaboration
    [amabro] Moomin JAPAN Kutani -GOSAI-

    Plates of Moomin JAPAN Kutani -GOSAI- on the table

    “Moomin characters on Kutani ware plates!?”
    This unique collaboration attracts everyone. These Kutani yaki plates are “Moomin JAPAN Kutani -GOSAI-” series from amabro. Characters of Moomin series, Moomintroll, Snufkin, Little My, Snorkmaiden and Mymble are painted on plates.

    Amabro focuses on attractive Kutani “Gosai (5 colors)”, red, green, yellow, navy, and purple. With each color, amabro expresses the world of Moomin. As we see on Ko-Kutani (Old Kutani) plates, these Moomin plates have daring design with blank space. You can feel the spread of space like Japanese style paintings.

    Moomin characters live in Scandinavia with rich nature. They naturally fit to Japanese plants “pine tree”, “bamboo”, “plum tree”, “cherry blossom”, and “peony”. They look happy or relaxing in Japanese nature.

    Soba choko with tea and Kutani yaki plate of Little My

    These Moomin plates are small Kutani ware plates in φ130mm diameter. 5 plates set is within peak-roofed house box like Moomin house. In addition to Kutani lovers, Moomin lovers cannot miss this Kutani yaki.

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    What is amabro?

    Amabro is a product brand produced by MURAKAMI ART Co., Ltd. They propose a life with Japanese traditional and beautiful things under the concept of “Art of life”. Amabro collaborates with ceramics producing areas all around Japan such as Arita ware, Hasami ware or Mashiko pottery in addition to Kutani ware. They create new expression with traditional technique and unique view point of them.

  2. Fall in love with cute paintings! Hand painted Kutani ware plates
    [Soukyu porcelain] Tenohira Engi

    10 plates of Kutani porcelain of Tenohira Engi series

    If you look for cute Kutani ware plates, how about “Tenohira Engi” series from Soukyu porcelain? These are handmade mamezara of auspicious motifs.
    Cute but impressive design mamezara such as “Ume”, “Fujisan”, or “Ahiru-san” is hand painted by craftsmen one by one. We can feel warmth of handmade products from shades of colors or thick and glossy paintings.

    A woman has Fujisan Kutani plate

    Each Kutani plate of “Tenohira Engi” has some depth. How about putting some jam, honey, or dipping sauce for breakfast? Cute Kutani ware makes a day.
    We have 10 kinds of mamezara, Fujisan (Mt. Fuji)”, “Sai-un (Glowing clouds)”, “Usagi-san (Rabbit)”, “Ume (Plum blossom)”, “Uchide-no Kozuchi (Mallet of good luck)”, “Momo (Peach)”, “Ahiru-san (Duck)”, “Takara-no-Fukuro (Bag for Treasures)”, “Hyoutan (Gourd)”, “Medetai Matsu (Auspicious pine tree)”.

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    What is Soukyu porcelain?

    Soukyu porcelain is a pottery of Kutani ware in Nomi city of Ishikawa prefecture. A ceramic artist Chie Sakurai and her husband produce these cute works in the studio. She inherited traditional Kutani Gosai (5 colors), Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Deep Blue and makes cute and unique design for modern lifestyle. Expressive Kutani porcelain with playful mind have been popular from all generations.

  3. Humorous faces on Kutani porcelain plates relax us
    [Soukyu porcelain] KOTOHOGI

    11 plates of Kutani yaki of KOTOHOGI series

    Kutani yaki plates in KOTOHOGI series from Soukyu porcelain have humorous and attractive faces. Traditional auspicious motifs such as “Hyottoko”, “Okame”, “Tai” or “Fujisan” become very fashionable design.

    Craftsmen print patterns by printing seat, and color them by overglaze paint one by one. Glossy overglaze design is also an attractive point of this Kutani ware.

    Thick overglaze paint on peach Kutani plate

    Kutani yaki plates in KOTOHOGI series are square plates. Simple square plates suit elegant table setting for celebrating dinner as well. In addition to daily use as sauce plate, please use it as plates for special day.
    We have 11 kinds of mamezara, “Okame-san (Mask of woman believed to invite happiness)”, “Hyottoko (Mask of men believed to save fire)”, “Fujisan”, “Mede-Tai (Auspicious sea bream)”, “Daruma-san (Good luck doll)”, “Maneki Neko (Fortune cat)”, “Tsuru-san (Crane)”, “Kame-san (Turtle)”, “Momo”, “Tora-san (Tiger)”, “Takara Bune (Treasure ship)”.

    Mamezara of KOTOHOGI series and Jubako

    In fact, I met with this KOTOHOGI plates at the Kanazawa station on my trip. When I waited for a train, I fell in love with these cute Kutani ware. So, it is one of the memorable items for me.

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  4. Gorgeous like Kaga Yuzen! Modern Kutani ware plates
    [Seikou porcelain] Kissho series

    Kutani ware mamezara and ochoko of Kissho series

    Beautiful Kutani ware of Kissho series from Seikou porcelain has delicate coloring. In this series, we have cute mamezara and ochoko (small sake cup). “Ume Giku (Plum and chrysanthemum)”, “Sakura (cherry blossom)” and “Yoshidaya-Fu Aoi” have attractive brilliant overglaze paintings. “Youraku-Mon” and “Takara-Zukushi” are beautiful in the contrast of Red paintings and white porcelain.
    This is a Kutani ware series that express traditional motifs in modern design.

    Cups and saucers set of Kissho series on a tray

    Youraku-mon comes from accessory of Indian nobles. It is a noble pattern that is also used for decoration of the Buddhist statue.

    Cute Kutani yaki ochoko of Kissho series is good size for Japanese sake. Moreover, you can enjoy straight whiskey, aperitif, or espresso coffee with this beautiful cup. Mamezara can be a saucer of cup in addition to use as plate.

    A woman has Kutani cup of Kissho series from Seikou porcelain

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    What is Seikou porcelain?

    Seikou porcelain opened its kiln in Nomi city of Ishikawa prefecture. With inheriting spirit of the First Seikou, Seikou porcelain researched Japanese overglaze paint for Kutani. Finally, they realized the product with high quality like hand paint by printing paper. Transparency of glassy glaze and thick overglaze paint are as same quality as hand paint work.

  5. Revival of noble and bight Ko Kutani plates!
    [Seikou porcelain] Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani

    Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani plates from Seikou porcelain

    If you look for retro but modern Kutani ware plates, we recommend “Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani” from seikou porcelain. In this series, we have 5 gou plate (150mm, about 5.9 inches) and mamezara (105mm, about 4.1 inches).

    “Ko Kutani” means Kutani ware produced in Kutani village in Kaga (now, Kaga city of Ishikawa prefecture) or Imari ware (of Ko Kutani style) produced in Arita in Hizen area (now Arita city in Saga prefecture) in mid-17th century. Ko Kutani is characterized by its daring design comes from flowers, birds, winds, moon, mountain, water, or people. Those design expressed with strong brushwork and thick overglaze painting on white porcelain.

    A woman takes a Kutani ware plate of Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani

    In this “Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani”, representative patterns of Ko Kutani that ceramic lovers love revived by skill of Seikou porcelain. A gorgeous Ko Kutani design plate makes an elegant dinner table setting.
    5 gou plate is useful size as individual plate. However, many people embellish these beautiful Kutani plates.

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DIY Kutani porcelain plates? How about this?

“Would like to make Kutani ware plates by myself, too!”
For that creative people, we recommend “Kutani SEAL KIT”. This is a kit that you can make original Kutani yaki plates, bowls, or mugs in your house easily. Kamide Choemon Porcelain which is a pottery of Kutani ware offers this unique kit. Designers of Choemon designs decal. You can cut your favorite printing seals and put them on plates or bowls in your favorite way.
Send the plate to pottery for baking. Craftsmen beautifully finish your works.

Plate of Kutani SEAL KIT
* KUTANI SEAL KIT cannot baked in microwave or oven. Make sure to send the plates to Kamide Choemon Porcelain.
* This product is only available in Japan. You cannot use this system from other countries.
* Please see attaching descriptions and this movie well.

* It is with Japanese subtitles. But you can see how from pictures.

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What is Kamide Choemon Porcelain?

Kamide Choemon Porcelain is a pottery of Kutani ware in Nomi city of Ishikawa prefecture. Since its establishment in 1879, they have handmade Kutani porcelain. Their work proposes classic but fresh Kutani ware.

What is Kutani yaki?

Kutani yaki (Kutani porcelain, Kutani ware) is ceramics produced in Southern Ishikawa prefecture (Kanazawa city, Nomi city, Komatsu city and Kaga city.)

Kutani ware begins its history in early Edo era. Motivated by the discovery of pottery stone in Kutani village, people introduced technique of Arita which was famous for Imari ware. In 1655, porcelain was started to produce. However, production of Kutani porcelain stopped after 50 years. The rare Kutani ware which was produced in this short period is called “Ko Kutani."

At late Edo era, Kutani yaki revived. In Meiji era (from 1868~), a lot of Kutani ware was exported to overseas countries. At the International Exposition in Vienna in 1873, Kutani ware was introduced as “Japan Kutani.”

The greatest feature of Kutani ware is brilliant overglaze paint. Draw outline with black brown paint called “Gosu,” and color with 5 colors of overglaze paint Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Deep blue with some thick.
Now, Kutani ware has handed over colorful tradition and continue to evolve for modern life.

Japanese confectionery on Kutani porcelain plate of Snorkmaiden

Send Kutani ware as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send Kutani ware as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store! We prepare our original Kutani yaki set. Stylish tableware set would be great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts. We will send your thought “Thank you” or “Congratulations” with our items.

Mamezara and ochoko cups of Kutani ware from Seikou porcelain

Japan Design Store offers various stylish gift wrapping for any gift purposes. You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping as well. Easy wrapping and Japanese Ume Mizuhiki option have been popular wrapping.

Examples of gift wrapping from Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

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