Japanese traditional crafts as gifts and presents

Japanese traditional crafts as gifts and presents

Send “Thank you” and “Congratulations!” with presents

Thank you for choosing our traditional crafts or handicrafts as the gifts for your important friends, family, or boss.
Japan Design Store selects authentic high-quality masterpiece. We have confident that the recipients are satisfied with our items and say, “you have good taste!”
All the traditional crafts and handicrafts in our store can be ordered as gifts or presents.

Also, we can meet your special demand as wedding favors or memento. Please feel free to contact us.
Our staff prepare your important gifts from the order to shipping.

Gifts and presents of Japan Design Store

Japan Design Store sends not only the “gifts of high-quality traditional crafts.”
We believe that a wonderful gift is complete when it is set with “thoughts” of senders.
Therefore, we promise you and the recipients that we will support and care you whenever you need us: about the order, ask the shipping situation, gift wrapping, message card, free shipping to Japan, or return or exchange when the item is broken.

Our owner found the traditional crafts or handicrafts in Japan Design Store from her trip all around Japan. Among various items, our items are the one that our owner felt empathy with the history of manufacturing or stories of the craftsmen.
In addition, she selected the items with design and usability suitable for modern lifestyle.

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