7 Ideas of Using Metal Fruit Bowl KAGO from Nousaku

Metal fruit bowl KAGO from Nousaku

Not Just a Metal Fruit Bowl! 7 Use of KAGO from Nousaku

KAGO from Nousaku is unique metal fruit bowl filled with possibilities.
Flexible tin tableware allows you to bend it to your favorite form.
If you need ideas of using KAGO, we introduce 7 unique use.
From beginner to master, you can make spend richer time with KAGO.
Unique and useful KAGO is popular gift item, too.

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Interesting flexible tin ware! What is KAGO from Nousaku?

KAGO from Nousaku is one of the long-selling items of Japan Design Store since our opening.
KAGO is a metal fruit bowl made of 100% tin. You can bend it into your favorite forms many times. It is a product filled with possibilities.

Originally, tin used to be mixed with other metals to strengthen it since it is a very soft metal. Flexibility of tin was considered to be a weak point of tin.
However, the head of Nousaku, Mr. Katsuji Nousaku repeated try and error to make tin tableware.
One day, he talked about it with a designer. Then, a counterintuitive idea was born.

“It is a flexible metal. Then, just make a product that is to bend.”
From this novel idea, one of the representative products of Nousaku “KAGO” was born with a designer Rina Ono.

Vegetables in metal basket KAGO

3 features of metal fruit bowl KAGO from Nousaku

  1. Can change forms

    The greatest feature of KAGO from Nousaku is its flexibility.
    It is a metal ware which has unique gloss of metal, but we can bend it easily with our hands.
    Without intense power like twisting, this metal fruit bowl does not break.

    When you bend or stretch metal fruit bowl KAGO, you may hear some dull sound. This sound is called “Tin cry.” Tin molecule makes this sound when they chafe each other, not breaking sound. Please be at ease.
    Enjoy changing the form of KAGO freely.

    A woman changes form of KAGO
  2. Tin purifies water

    It is true to all tin products of Nousaku, not only KAGO, but tin can purify water with its high ionization effect.
    You may think that it has no relation with metal fruit bowl KAGO.
    In fact, we only introduce this effect of tin when we introduce tin sake set or flower vase.
    However, this effect proves its merits when we use KAGO in a specific use.
    We will introduce this way of use with effect of tin later.

    A woman pours water into flower bowl with KAGO
  3. Sense of security by antibacterial effect

    KAGO can be home decor or tableware.
    When we use it as tableware, we cannot ignore hygienic effect of KAGO.
    But we do not have to worry about it.

    Tin has high antibacterial effect and it is a metal that hardly cause metal allergy. People have used tin for more than 3000 years.
    Also, tin has less metal unique smell.
    So, you can directly put bread in metal basket KAGO.

How do you use KAGO of Nousaku?

Unique and stylish KAGO has been popular gift item.
You may receive it as gift from someone.
However, when the time comes to use KAGO, we have only a few ideas to use.
Since it has infinite possibilities, how do we use…?

Here, let us introduce 7 stylish use of KAGO to let you know more attractive points of this metal fruit bowl.

Freer ways! 7 ideas of use KAGO from Nousaku

  1. For KAGO Beginner

    First, we introduce the use of basket as the name explains. “Kago” means basket in Japanese.

    1. Metal fruit bowl

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as metal fruit bowl

      Simplest and easiest use of KAGO is fruit bowl.
      We can see many people use KAGO as metal fruit bowls in pictures of SNS.
      KAGO is simple but has beautiful meatal gloss. So, it can make colorful fruits look more delicious.

      Here, we make a metal fruit basket with KAGO Dahlia L. Holding its center and stand up corners. Then, you can make a gorgeous metal fruit bowl!

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      4 lemons in metal fruit bowl KAGO from Nousaku

      Even in same KAGO series, different design changes atmosphere.
      In this picture above, we make a metal fruit basket with Square L.
      Square fruit bowl looks smart and modern.
      This time, we make it into rectangle. Square KAGO can become diamond shape as well. It has another atmosphere.

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    2. Metal bread basket

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as metal bread basket

      Next, we would like to introduce use of KAGO as metal bread basket.
      Just put some bread on KAGO. It becomes a stylish metal bread basket.
      In fact, in a café by Nousaku “IMONO KITCHEN”, KAGO is used as bread basket.

    3. Basket for wine or champagne

      Wine bottles in KAGO from Nousaku

      For alcohol lovers, metal fruit bowl become a basket for wine or champagne bottles.
      As for wine basket, you may imagine panier that is to serve wine within basket. Here, we introduce metal basket as home decor.

      Wine bottles or champagne bottles of stylish design can be good home decor.
      Put wine bottles and some fruits or flowers within KAGO from Nousaku. It becomes a wonderful home decor!
      In addition to wine or champagne, please put your favorite bottles.

  2. For KAGO Master

    Then, let us introduce use of modern fruit bowl KAGO to be a KAGO master! Let’s master more use of KAGO and enjoy a life with it!

    1. Flower vase

      KAGO from Nousaku is a metal ware that has big meshes. So, it cannot be used as flower vase without something.
      However, KAGO can make usual vases or bowls so stylish!
      That combination is various. Please try a variety of combinations!

      KAGO as vase coaster

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as vase coaster

      First, simplest way of using KAGO for flower vase is as coaster. Place flat KAGO under flower vase. Also, you can stand corners of KAGO a little.
      For vase coaster, we recommend gorgeous design Dahlia or Bellflower.

      Cover vase with KAGO

      Cover glass vase with KAGO from Nousaku

      Next, let us introduce modern use of KAGO. Put simple bin or bottle on center of KAGO and cover the bin with KAGO. Simple vase becomes modern vase in a moment.

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      Arrange flowers firmly with KAGO

      Keep flowers with KAGO on glass vase

      When we would like to arrange flowers, some flowers do not stand in vase. Especially for a vase with broad rim, it is difficult to arrange a few flowers. Then, it is a time to work for KAGO!

      Cover glass or vase with small KAGO and arrange flowers in the meshes of it. Flowers can firmly stand by themselves.
      “He gave me flowers, but I do not have vase!” Then, use metal fruit bowl as flower vase!

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      Sink KAGO into water for vase or flower bowl

      Sink KAGO into water in glass bowl kasumi

      This is the best use that make most use of tin ware. Bravely sink KAGO into water of vase or flower bowls.
      Then, antibacterial effect and ionization effect of tin keeps water clean, and the cut surface of flowers is hard to rot. In addition, we can keep stems in the meshes of KAGO.

      Stylish design, purify water, and support flowers. Metal fruit bowl KAGO goes very well with flowers.

    2. Place for stationeries or daily necessities

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as place for stationeries

      Simple and smart way of use KAGO is as place for stationeries or daily necessities.
      The basis of keeping things in order is deciding place for the items. Key case, key of car, handkerchief, watches… Keep everything you bring when you go out in KAGO. You do not have to take time to find them before you leave home.

      Even at the entrance hall, KAGO can keep them stylishly.

    3. Magazine rack or book stand

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as magazine rack

      If you would like to use KAGO smartly, we recommend use it as magazine rack or book stand.
      KAGO of L size or bigger size can store a few magazines.
      M size of KAGO is good size for book stand or CD stand.
      For magazine rack or book stand, we recommend KAGO Square since they can change forms dynamically.

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    4. Lamp shades

      Use KAGO from Nousaku as lamp shade

      At last, we would like to introduce the highest-grade use of KAGO, as lamp shades!
      Cover lamp with KAGO dynamically. It becomes modern, but somehow rustic atmosphere. The shade casted by KAGO is beautiful.

      * Please note that KAGO can become hot with lamp which become hot. We recommend LED lamp for the lamp shade of KAGO.

What should we do if KAGO loses its gloss?

How do you like the 7 ideas of use of metal fruit bowl KAGO?
KAGO can change its form into anything. Please find your own use by bending it.

Tin is hardly weakened by metal fatigue. However, beautiful gloss gets dull as you use.
If you feel KAGO loses its original gloss, we recommend restoration with baking soda.

Our staff tried restoration. If you would like to know details, please see this page, “Easy! Clean tarnished "Suzugami" and "KAGO" with baking soda!”

Clean KAGO from Nousaku with baking soda

Useful metal fruit bowl KAGO is best gift!

KAGO from Nousaku can become anything depends on users. So, it is popular gift item. If you cannot decide what to send as gifts, how about sending “an item that can become anything”?

Decorative metal bowl KAGO is smart and hard to be broken. Therefore, it is popular present for people in overseas countries.
As souvenirs, or gifts for business partners, how about sending Japanese unique metal bowl?
We ship everywhere we can and do troublesome procedure for exporting items from Japan.

Exclusive box and description paper of KAGO from Nousaku

Japanese modern gift wrapping for cool Japanese item

Japan Design Store offers various gift wrappings which are suitable for traditional and modern items in our store.
KAGO is within stylish exclusive box of Nousaku. On gray box, our Easy wrapping with Tosa Japanese paper and Red and white Mizuhiki look stand out.

Examples of gift wrapping in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item