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Do not you think "how can they make such a great food presentation?" Here, we would like to tell you easy and best ideas of food presentation. We hope that you can get some ideas from this page.

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Now, we can see a lot of beautiful food presentation on SNS.
Don’t you think “how can they make such a great food presentation?”
Or, when you cook a special dinner with much labor and time, don’t you think that “I want to make them look more delicious with food plating.”
However, there are infinite possibilities on food presentation.
“What plates should we choose for salad?”
“How to plate baked meat?”

As Japan Design Store sells a lot of tableware, we have some ideas of food presentation. In fact, our owner make most of the food presentation of the pictures on our website.

Ideas of food presentation at different situations


  1. Stylish dinner time with adults.

    A happy dinner with family or friends

    Sashimi with slate plate like Japanese high-class restaurants

    What should we choose for sashimi (sliced raw fish) plate?
    The answer is black slate plate. Jet black color tray can make the color of sashimi stand out. The red color of tuna and transparent white of squid looks more brilliant on the black slate board.

    This slate cheese board from GALA made of Genshou-seki. Genshou-seki is a kind of slate. It is often used as roof. In fact, Tokyo station in Japan uses this slate as its roof.
    Japanese Genshou-seki is said to have the strength and beauty of the highest quality in the world. Therefore, this slate board is hard to be broken. By the way, the black color of the plate does not transfer into foods.

    Genshou-seki is from Ogatsu in Miyagi prefecture. The craftsmen shaved the stone, and handmade all products.

    Of course, you can use slate board for any other foods. Cheese, bread, fruits, or vegetables. Colors are essential components of food presentation. If you would like to put colorful meal or foods, this black slate board helps you a lot!

    Black stale board SUZURI from Studio GALA

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    Elegant food presentation with plates from 1616/arita japan

    Japanese meal or WAHOKU fits white plate as well.
    This is an idea of food presentation called “Chirashi-mori.” Chirashi-mori is one of the ideas of Japanese food presentation. In this food plating, we put various kinds of food on one plate. Each food should be not gathered.
    The important thing of this food presentation is “blank space.” The blank space of plates make the food stand out.
    It is just like a Japanese garden.

    One tip for Chirashi-mori is placing food in asymmetrical way. Asymmetrical food placing make a flow in a plate. In this way, you can make a cool food presentation.

    White plate can make the colors of food stand out

    Arita porcelain is only for Japanese meal? More use!

    “Let’s make pasta with tomato sauce for dinner!”
    What do you select for plates then?
    We recommend simple white plates from 1616/arita japan.
    You may have image of “authentic Japanese tableware” against Arita porcelain. However, this simple Arita porcelain fits Italian meal like this!

    Italian meal fit with Arita porcelain plate from 1616/arita japan

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  2. Have a party with your friends

    Food presentation for party meal

    Party plates? Leave it to modern Arita porcelain plates!

    When you have a home party with your friends, what kind of plates do you use?
    Large size white plates work very well for that situation. The stylish form and white color of plates make the meal stand out. You can put a large amount of meal on the large size plates.
    There is one tip for party menu. Do not plate the meal to the very limit of the edge. Little blank space can make the plates stylish. As same as the Chirashi-mori, “blank space” is essential.

    Share party meal with everyone

    For big dish like roasted chicken, plate big meal on one side, and plate side dishes on another side.
    Simple plates from 1616/arita japan can make any kinds of meal.
    One Square plate or Round plate from 1616/arita japan will open many possibilities.

    Big dish can be a cool plate with Square plate from 1616/arita japan

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  3. Easy and cute food presentation for light meal

    Pieces of cake on a Square plate from 1616/arita japan

    Make colors stand out for pieces of cake

    Happy tea time with your family or friends.
    “I went a new shop and got some pieces of cake! Let’s have a tea time!”
    You can see colorful cute pieces of cake on the table.
    The plate for these pieces of cake should be simple but polished.
    In this case, white plates are the best.
    In fact, white color have an effect to bring out the lightness or sweetness.
    Also, porcelain has an effect to diffuse light. Therefore, white porcelain can lighten up the cake.

    The Square plate 235 from 1616/arita japan is the best size for plating 4 to 5 pieces of cake.
    Simple and modern arita porcelain plate make your tea time more pleasant.

    Tea time with pieces of cake on Square plates

    Easy and stylish café breakfast

    Every morning, we cannot have time to care about food presentation.
    For busy morning, we recommend our “easy café breakfast coordinate.”

    Wooden coffee tray is the secret of stylish breakfast

    Let’s put breakfast, bread, salad, and soup on wooden coffee tray SENRO from Sunao lab.
    This tray is made of natural cherry tree. Therefore, the wood will gain its own character more as you use it repeatedly.
    You can feel the unique feeling of handmade products.
    Just a plate can change the impression of meal.
    Café-like breakfast help you to start a happy day.

    Stylish breakfast with wooden coffee tray

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    Choose the best tableware for the meal

    Boiled potatoes or colorful vegetables on simple plates.
    When you cook special dish with much labor and time, food presentation has big roll. You can taste your meal with not only with your tongue, but also with your eyes.
    “Which plate can make the meal stand out today?”
    It is happy time to select best plates or bowls from your tableware collection.
    Let’s try food presentation with your favorite tableware. You can enjoy your meal more!

    Select best plates for better food presentation