Mamezara, japanese cute tiny plates

Mamezara, Cute and stylish Japanese tiny plates

Collect all Mamezara! Cute and stylish Japanese tiny plates

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Stylish mamezara sets

Cute tiny plates, or mamezara attract us. We tend to collect them. Japan Design Store offers various mamezara sets such as Japanese modern plates, or flexible tin plates.

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Happy every day, a life with cute tiny plates, mamezara

Stylish, or cute tiny plates.
Japanese mamezara is rich in variety. Now, many pictures in SNS such as Instagram or Twitter use tiny plates for stylish food presentation.

There are colorful ARITA JEWEL plates on the table


Why tiny plates get such popularity?
Because they are cute and stylish.

Teatime with soba choko cups as teacups, kozara as saucers, and mamezara as dessert plate

Azmaya Inban-mamezara / Inban-kozara

In addition, tiny plates can enrich your life. Every day, you are happy with cute design tiny plates. Mamezara does not need much room for stocking.
This page introduces our tiny plates sets collection. We hope you can find your favorite one.

Some snacks on KOMON plates of KIHARA


Recommended for gifts! Stylish tiny plates set

  1. Sparkling cute! Glittering jewels become cute tiny plates
    [Floyd] ARITA JEWEL

    There are various ARITA JEWEL plates on the table

    If you like cute things, we recommend ARITA JEWEL of Floyd. Many people fall in love with these colorful tiny plates at their first sight.

    ARITA JEWEL has 2 forms. “Octagon” is like a jewel of emerald cut and “Round” is like a brilliant cut jewels. Each types has 5 colors, so there are 5 × 2 = 10 tiny plates. If you put all 10 plates on the table, your table turns to a jewelry box.

    ARITA JEWEL plates can be accessory trays

    ARITA JEWEL is a masterpiece for adults with playful mind. The brand of ARITA JEWEL “Floyd” is famous for unique and humorous item. ARITA JEWEL is the item only Floyd can produce.
    You can use these cute tiny plates in microwave oven and dishwasher.

    Table setting with ARITA JEWEL and butterfly chopstick holders

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  2. Japanese modern! Japanese modern × graphic! Modernized Japanese traditional patterns
    [KIHARA] KOMON series

    Snacks on KOMON plates of KIHARA and a woman has one of them

    If you like Japanese design, we recommend mamezara of KOMON series from KIHARA. These graphic tiny plates are designed from Japanese traditional patterns. Modernized Japanese traditional patterns have approachability as well as stylish design.

    Mamezara of KOMON series have 2 types; Kisetsu-mon and Kissho-mon. 2 types have 5 different patterns. All patterns have auspicious meanings. How about sending these tiny plates as gifts?

    10 types of KOMON plates on the table

    Mamezara of KIHARA is bigger than other mamezara. KOMON series was born to be a more familiar Arita porcelain to people. Blue and white plates can make unity on the table. Moreover, you can use these tiny plates in microwave oven and dishwasher.

    There are various Torizara and mamezara of KOMON series from KIHARA

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  3. Unique motifs! Useful tableware with beauty of handmade product
    [Azmaya] Mamezara and kozara

    Inban-mamezara and Dobai-mamezara of Azmaya on a tray

    If you like polished handmade products, we recommend mamezara and kozara of Azmaya. Blur of Inban printing or color of Dobai glaze give nostalgic but modern atmosphere. These tiny plates are Hasami porcelain. Simple plates fit various cuisine.

    Mamezara of Azmaya have 7 various forms such as gourd, peach or fan.

    Some seasonings on mamezara of Azmaya

    Also, there are 2 types; Inban printing and Dobai.

    Dobai-mamezara and Inban-mamezara of Azmaya
    Left: Dobai-mamezara / Right: Inban-mamezara

    Craftsmen of Hasami porcelain print Inban mamezara one by one. Blur of blue printing is unique taste of handmade products.
    Dobai mamezara is naturally glazed. Natural color tableware fit various table settings.

    Soba, tempura, and seasonings on the table

    You can use tiny plates of mamezara in microwave oven and dishwasher.

    There are various mamezara and kozara of Azmaya on a tray

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    Also, Azmaya has kozara. Kozara are rounded plates and bigger than mamezara. Best size for individual plates.

    Inban-kozara and chopstick rest Moon of Nousaku

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  4. Beautiful glitter of tin! Unique texture of material is the character of this tiny plates
    [Nousaku] Suzumaru and suzukozara

    Some chocolates and nuts on suzumaru of Nousaku

    Most people imagine pottery or porcelain mamezara.
    If you look for original and stylish tiny plates, we recommend suzumaru and suzukozara of Nousaku.

    Suzumaru and suzukozara is made of 100% real tin. The original glitter of tin gives great presence on your dinner table.
    Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver. Tin is hard to be oxidized and has great antibacterial effect.

    Suzumaru and suzukozara have 3 different patterns; Nunome, Hiware and Oboro. 3 patterns are very delicate work.

    3 patterns of suzukozara from Nousaku

    Suzumaru is a flat rounded plate. You can make your favorite form by bending them. In addition to the use as tiny plates, you can use them as coasters.

    A woman is bending suzumaru of Nousaku

    In addition to the use as tiny plates, you can use them as coasters.

    Suzumaru of Nousaku can be a coaster for glass

    Suzukozara is a tiny plate. You can change the forms by bending the edge of plates a little. Suzukozara is more stable than suzumaru. So, you can put liquid like soy sauce.

    Using suzukozara of Nousaku for soy sauce

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Mamezara have not only cute design! Happy use of tiny plates

The more you know, the more you would like to collect. What an addictive item!
However, tiny plates are very useful plates. Palm size plates can give great presence on the table.
Let’s use mamezara every day!

  1. Stylish tiny plates for seasoning

    Some salt, sugar, olive oil, dipping sauce or dressing. Tiny plates work for those small seasonings. Plates for seasonings tend to be discord each other. However, tiny plates can make unity. What is more, dinner table become more fun!

    4 mamezaras of Azmaya with chopped green onions
  2. Make Kaiseki with tiny plates!

    Do you know Japanese Kaiseki? Kaiseki is a kind of Japanese cuisine. You can eat Kaiseki at some Japanese restaurants or Japanese-style hotels. What makes Kaiseki characterized is the number of plates. With various tableware, you can enjoy various Japanese meals. With many tiny plates, you can make Kaiseki by yourself! Your dinner will be special Kaiseki!

    Tiny plates with Japanese food
  3. Tiny plates as cute individual plates

    KOMON mamezara of KIHARA and kozara of Azmaya are best size for individual plates. Tiny plates do not take much room. With same series mamezara, tiny plates can make beautiful unity on your dinner table. How about letting guests or family members choose their favorite plates?

    A woman is eating tamagoyaki with kozara and soba choko cup of Azmaya
  4. Relaxing tea time with tiny plates

    Cake, cookies, or Japanese confectioneries… For your tea time, tiny plates can make you relax more! Just putting some snacks on tiny plates. Cute plates and sweet confectionery ease your heart. When you have some guests, stylish mamezara entertains your guests.

    Tea time with a piece of cake on kozara of Azmaya
  5. See every time! Tiny plates as interior items

    Stylish tiny plates can be interior items. Just put your favorite mamezara at your entrance hall, living room, or bed room. All tiny plates are handmade by craftsmen. Good quality plates are great just as they are. Also, you can use mamezara as accessory tray. On your desk, tiny plates keep your small stationeries. In addition, mamezara will be stylish incense holder.

    Mamezara of KOMON series with accessories

Use stylish mamezara in various scene

Tiny plates work daily dinner, when you have guests, and home party. Palm size plates have infinite possibilities!

Soba choko of Azmaya and cut kiwi fruits on mamezara on a round plate from 1616/arita japan

Mamezara of KOMON series from KIHARA and mamezara of Azmaya have auspicious meanings. So, auspicious tiny plates are good for celebrating dinner. When you have home party with your family or friends, putting various mamezara with various sauce on the table. A happy dinner time begins!

Happy dinner with mamezara and kozara of Azmaya and Palace plate of 1616/arita japan

Japanese mamezara as gifts and souvenirs

Useful tiny plates are suitable item for gifts.

A woman has blue ARITA JEWEL

Auspicious tiny plates such as mamezara of KOMON series from KIHARA are best for celebrating your important person.

Set of KOMON plates of KIHARA with its exclusive box and description card

In our store, ARITA JEWEL of Floyd and mamezara of Azmaya have been popular for wedding gifts.

Inban-mamezara plates and easy wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of Japan Design Store Easy wrapping. *Exclusive boxes differ from item to item.

Also, when you visit or want to visit Japan, please choose cute mamezara as “omiyage.” Omiyage means souvenirs.
Mamezara is a small plate. So, it does not take much room.

You do not have to visit various places in Japan. Instead, you can get great Japanese souvenirs online!

Japanese mamezara are filled with Japanese craftsmanship

Everyone smiles with cute tiny plates.

Various mamezara of Amaya with Japanese food

Japanese crafts are filled with special skill of Japanese craftsmen.
We can feel detailed work from Japanese tiny plates.
Each brand produces each tiny plate with their pursuit. Please feel Japanese craftsmanship from tiny plates!

5 types of KOMON plates of KIHARA

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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