Flat rice bowl is not only for rice, but also fro vegetable!

It is summer! In Japan, summer is the best season for colorful vegetables.

Tomatoes, egg plants, cucumbers, and okras...

We can see various colorful vegetables at vegetable stores.


The vegetables in in seasons are so delicious without any cooking. Also, vegetables make dinner colorful with their colors.


Today, we would like to introduce the suitable tableware for such colorful vegetables!

The table ware is Flat rice bowl from Hakusan Toki.


"Rice bowl for vegetables?" You may not imagine this combination.

In fact, the flat rice bowls from Hakusan Toki fit salad or any other dishes, too.


Look so delicious with fresh vegetables!

On the first picture, we put tomatoes on flat rice bowl.

Tomatoes have both sweetness and sourness. It is a beset vegetables for this hot season.

For red tomatoes, simple white flat rice bowl can be the best partner.

This white rice bowl has light blue stripes on its surface.

Cool color make the red color stand out.



Next, we put boiled broad beans into a navy flat rice bowl. Fresh green colors sharpen our  appetite.

These broad beans are boiled in salty water. For a snack, we recommend sprinkling a little olive oil, salt, and black pepper.


Hmm, it is summer!

For this bright green beans, navy flat rice bowl is suitable.



Flat rice bowls fit fresh fruits, too.

Cherries are best in summer. Red cherries fit white flat rice bowl with blue patterns.


Blue patterns like branches fit red cherries.

It is like a meal of North European dinner!


If you are interested in flat rice bowls, please make best use of them!