wooden table clocks from more trees design

wooden table clocks from more trees design

Wooden table clocks calmly tick like an annual ring of a tree

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[more trees]Tree ring clock

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Natural design table clocks produced by forest

Hands on lumber?
You can see the annual ring of a tree clearly. This is not a hand-painted pattern, but the natural annual ring of a tree!
These are wooden table clocks from more Trees design.
The natural pattern of tree fits multiple interiors.

wooden table clocks fit various types of interior

Wooden table clocks with natural texture of cedar

Youta Kakuda is the designer of simple wooden table clocks. Mr. Kakuda has designed products of MUJI.
The natural and simple design table clocks make your room more stylish.

These natural table clocks have beautiful annual ring dial, white hour and minute hands, and red second hand. The simple combination develops the modern impression of these wooden table clocks.
You can feel fresh scent of cedar and gentle texture of wood.

natural pattern of annual rings

Spend time with the time a tree ticked

Annual ring of a tree is the history of tree.
A tree recorded his own annual rings through enduring hot summer and cold winter.

Each tree records each different annual ring.
The wooden table clocks tick the time just like the annual ring the wood recorded.
You can feel the beauty of nature and gentle texture of wood through these wooden table clocks.

“Record great time with great table clocks.” For your good time spending, natural interior, wedding gift, or birthday presents.

Record great time with great table clocks

Feel the scent and texture of cedar from wooden table clock

The wooden table clocks of more Trees design are original products of forest conservative organization “more Trees.” The lumber is made of thinned wood.
Natural wood always breathe and take the moisture in the air in and out. Non-painted natural cedar table clock will relax you. The wooden table clocks lead you to the forest from busy days.
These wooden table clock of more Trees design make the best use of natural wood.
We will ship your only annual ring to you.

the only pattern of wooden table clocks

What is the “more Trees”?

Under the call of “more trees,” more Trees was established in 2007. The forest conservative organization got the supporters of more than 100 people. Worldwide famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto is the leader of the organization.
67% of Japanese land is covered by forest. Among them, 40 % is the planted forest like Japanese cedar or cypress.
To maintain the beautiful Japanese forest, people need to thin the planted forest.
The more trees evaluate the lumber from forest thinning as a “blessing of wood.” With the concept of “wonder forest,” more Trees design has produced original products for making lifestyle happy.

A part of your purchase of these wooden table clocks will be donated for the more Trees and help their action to save the forest of Japan.
Your purchase can save the forest.

simple boxes of wooden table clocks
Wooden table clocks will arrive at your house within a simple box. Easy packing to save the environment.
wooden table clock in simple box
Simple wooden table clocks with only necessary components.
cute presence of wooden table clocks
Cute rounded form and natural pattern of annual ring make these wooden table clocks special.
the dial of wooden table clocks
The bottoms of the wooden table clocks are flat to make the clocks stable and the dials easy to see.
patterns of annual rings
Please look for the pattern of annual rings. All patterns are the only one in the world.
logo of more Trees
Wooden table clocks made of thinned wood. You can feel the air in Japanese forest, and save the forest of Japan.

Caring tips

  • * Wooden table clocks do not have alarm.
  • * Please keep small parts or batteries from small children. By any chance children swallow small parts, consult a doctor immediately.
  • * Please avoid putting the wooden table clocks from following places; places under -10℃ temperature, too humid places like bath rooms, too hard vibration areas like on board cars, using too much oil areas. The table clocks or batteries may lose accuracy or shorten their lives.
  • * Please do not insert a battery reversely in the battery chamber.
  • * You cannot use OXYRIDE batteries. Please use manganese batteries or alkaline batteries.
  • * To set a clock, turn a minute hand clockwise. Please do not set a clock with hour hand or second hand.
  • * When wooden clocks stop, change batteries immediately. Also, change batteries if you do not use clocks for a whole.
  • * These wooden clocks are precision instruments. Please avoid dropping or giving shocks.
  • * Since the table clocks use natural wood, the grain or color of wood may be different from the pictures. Please enjoy each perspectives of the wood.
  • * Natural wood is breathing all the time. Also, the wood takes the moisture in the air in and out. The product may become expand or contract, or warped dew to the moisture of the air. Please keep the product away from the heaters, direct rays of the sun, air conditioning, or extremely humid place.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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