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Stylish interior decoration with flower bowls

Stylish interior decoration with flower bowls

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Flower bowls & vases

Flowers make your interior decoration more stylish!
You do not need the knowledge or sense of flower arrangement. You just need stylish flower bowls or vases! With great flower bowls and favorite flowers, usual room changes into a wonderful space. Please find your best flower bowls or vases for your room. Enjoy richer life with flowers and stylish flower bowls.

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Interior decoration with flowers

Flowers make our daily life colorful and cheerful.
If you add flowers into your interior decorating, how do you arrange them?
Flowers could be an accent in an interior decoration.
So, we would like to arrange flowers in more beautiful way.

You do not need much knowledge of flower decorations. You just need stylish flower bowls or vases! With stylish vases or bowls, you can make a stylish flower decoration easily.
In this page, we would like to introduce beautiful and stylish flower bowls and vases.

Enjoy fresh life with flowers or plants in your interior decoration.

Dry flowers in KAGO from Nousaku and kasumi from fresco

If you like home decor, you should look our stylish flower bowls and vases. Also, if you are a flower lover, or looking for flower vases, please look here.
Spend a little gorgeous time with stylish home décor and flowers.

2 glasses Bello on Oshiki and a woman has a flower

Search by space! These are stylish flower bowls and vases

  1. Recommended flower bowls and vases for narrow spaces

    If you would like to make a stylish interior decoration, you should choose suitable flower vases for the size of space.
    Here, we would like to introduce stylish flower vases for narrow spaces; such as entry hall, gallery space, tabletop of kitchen, end table in your bed room, TV-Board, or wind sill.

    1. [Nousaku] Sorori

      Flower vase Sorori on the table

      If you would like to make an artistic interior decoration, we recommend “Sorori” from Nousaku. Refined streamline form has dignified atmosphere. Simple but sophisticated design vase suits any kind of interior design.
      Sorori is a stylish traditional craft in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture. It satisfies those who look for unique vases or art objects.

      Beautiful and dynamic presence of Sorori is the reason of its popularity from men. Its smart form can be placed at narrow spaces. So, Sorori would be great gifts for opening business.

      4 flower vases Sorori on the table

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    2. [Nousaku] Flower vase “suzu”

      For the easy interior decoration of flowers, we recommend flower vase “suzu” from Nousaku. This is a cute tin flower vase of fruits motif.
      With a tin flower vase, you do not need life-prolonging agents for plants anymore. Because the ionization effect of tin restrains bacteria from propagation, and keeps the end of stems from damage. What a useful and stylish vase!

      Suzu series are palm-size vases, but have enough weight as tin. The enough weight provides stability of flower vases. So, you can use tin flower vases at window sill, kitchen countertop, or entry halls.
      Please enjoy interior decoration with unique vases.

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    For slim vases, Oshiki suits well!

    If you would like to add more gorgeous atmosphere, how about placing Oshiki?
    Oshiki is Japanese traditional place mat. Japan Design Store original Oshiki makes flower look more elegant.
    A piece of Oshiki and a vase provides elegant and Japanese atmosphere.

    A bud vase of suzugami on Oshiki

    When you have auspicious party, or special guests, please entertain them with elegant Oshiki. Sheen like lacquerware provides high-class atmosphere to your home.

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  2. Recommended flower bowls and vases for wide spaces

    If you add flowers in wide spaces, how about these flower bowls or vases?
    For example, for living room, dinner table, lounge in office…
    Stylish flower arrangement in gathering space brighten the room.

    1. [fresco] kasumi glass bowl

      A woman has dried hydrangea and glass bowl of kasumi from fresco

      For the natural interior decoration, we recommend “kasumi” from fresco. Kasumi is handblown glassware by craftsmen. They have superb shades of colors. “kasumi” means haze. Like haze, kasumi glassware has delicate color.
      The glass bowl has beautiful presence. You can use kasumi as tableware, and a flower bowl.

      Even you do not have flower frogs, do not worry. Please try putting dry flowers on the flower bowl. Now, you can make a beautiful flower bowl.

      Example of use kasumi from fresco as flower bowl

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    2. [Nousaku] KAGO

      A bud vase made with KAGO from Nousaku

      If you would like to make a chic interior decoration, we recommend KAGO from Nousaku.
      KAGO S size is useful for the bud vase. Without bending, you can use KAGO as doily or coaster under the vase.
      (Doily is a small ornamental mat made of lace or paper.)

      KAGO M size is good size for place mat under the flower vase.

      Flowers and fruits are decorated on KAGO from Nousaku
      Left: Dahlia M size / Right: Dahlia L size

      You can make a stylish home decor with KAGO L size. Arrange flowers in a large glass vase, put the vase on the KAGO, and stand KAGO dynamically.
      Then, you can make a beautiful flower vase.
      It is hard to find a flexible flower vase depend on the flowers’ kinds or height.

      KAGO provides us joy to interior decoration. It suits the stylish space for adults.

      Using KAGO from Nousaku as flower vase

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    3. [Japan Design Store] Original Jubako box

      Jubako box filled with flowers on Oshiki

      For elegant interior decoration lovers, our recommendation is Japan Design Store original Jubako boxes.
      Jubako box is a tableware for Osechi Ryori in the New Year’s Day. However, we recommend using Jubako as flower bowl!

      It is very easy to make a flower arrangement with Jubako box. Using oasis flower foam, and fill the box with flowers. Even the beginners can enjoy flower arranging. Artificial flowers or dry flowers are also good.
      Please select most suitable color of Jubako for your interior decorations.

      2 Jubako boxes filled with flowers on a serving tray

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    4. [ceramic japan] still green

      3 types of still green with flowers

      If you like cute interior decoration like café, how about this “still green” from “ceramic japan”? Stylish and unique design vase got great popularities in the design world of New York.
      At the first sight, you cannot help touching it to check the details of them.

      If you have such a unique bud vase, your friends will praise you “what a wonderful vase!”
      For a relaxing interior decoration, still green suits well.

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Look for stylish bud vase? Look here!

With a bud vase, you can arrange flowers every time you want to.
You can take in seasonal colors and flavors with bud vases. Bud vases can be used for entertaining guests or daily life.
We select our recommended bud vases.
Stylish bud vases would be great wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

Flower bowls and vases as presents for precious people

For the stylish interior decorations, add beautiful flowers with wonderful flower bowls or vases. For a person, a couple, a family. Flowers provide richer life for everyone.

The flower vases and flower bowls we introduced here are also recommended for gifts. For home décor lovers or flower lovers, let’s send cheerful life with flower bowls or vases.

Glass bowls and plates of kasumi with dry flowers

Flower vase or bowls would be great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts. For the Mother’s Day, let’s send carnations with stylish flower vases or bowls.
Sorori has been popular from men. So, it is also recommended as the Father’s Day gifts.

Just sending flower bouquet? How about with flower vases or bowls?

Metal flower vase Sorori from Nousaku and its exclusive box

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

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* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
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