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Sushi party at strange dishes to bend SUZUGAMI Traditional crafts

Sushi coordination

Dress up sushi with Suzugami of syouryu

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Sushi party set


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Table coordination that shows the colorful food nicely.

Tableware of this table coordination, is characterized by being unified in achromatic color.
The achromatic color, out of the saturation / hue / lightness, is that with only lightness of "black, gray and white."
Achromatic color tableware has a good compatibility with colorful food.

Furthermore, although is achromatic color, each tableware is unique. "Made of tin Suzugami" and "nice milky pattern, Taisho Roman glass".
It is a secret that it is to produce a "casual fashion sense."

Table coordinated to match the sushi

High-quality adult party

By combining the cup and the soy sauce dispenser of Hirota glass and dish of syouryu, sushi looks very elegant.
"Casual and fashionable" is nice.
"I want to spend along with the good things that fit into my lifestyle."
I am glad if I can help such your wish with beautiful traditional Japanese crafts.

Table coordination to match the sushi

Enjoy our shop style party at home!

"I want to recreate the world of photos at home."
In response to such a request, we made a set of tableware that are on the photograph.
If we arrange the dishes of syoryu and the cup and soy sauce dispenser of Hirota Glass, sushi is now so elegant.

tableware set that matches the sushi

Our Special Offer for the customers who purchase the set!

In addition to this set, convenient wooden stick when returning to flatten the Suzugami "Koro (large) x 1" will be added.


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  1. Sushi Party Set / Samidare

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  2. Sushi Party Set / Kazahana

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Good points of syouryu Suzugami

Suzugami table coordination
  1. Arrange freely

    As tableware, of course, or as an accessory tray by folding the square, you can also use as a vase of dried flowers by folding into a tube shape.
    Suzugami can be formed into favorite form when needed.

    Suzugami arrangement
  2. Use repeatedly

    After bending the Suzugami, it is possible to be flattened by using the "Koro".
    Suzugami can be bended, and can be flatten. You can use it again and again.

    can be used repeatedly, Suzugami

    Our Special Offer for the customers who purchase the set!!

    In addition to this set, convenient wooden stick when returning to flatten the Suzugami "Koro (large) x 1" will be added.
    Form the Suzugami into your favorite shape. Stretch it using Koro. And store it. Such cycles make our every day life more pleasant.

  3. Modern arrangements of traditional Japanese products

    Suzugami type

About syouryu

Continued from the Meiji era, the historic workshop

Meiji period of 42 years founding, is a workshop that manufactures specialized in Rin (Bell) for the temple.

Created by skilled craftsmen

The difference between normal tin plate and "Suzugami".
Suzugami, it is made by "hit" by the hammering craftsman, is less deterioration due to bending and stretching.
So, you can use it even after repeated bending and stretching.

About syoryu

Good points of Hirota Glass "Taisho Roman glass"

Hirota Glass
  1. Beautiful opal color is not a paint

    Put the special ingredients in the glass, by providing a rapid temperature differential, and using techniques to color only the portion in contact with the mold milky.
    Therefore, unlike what is colored with the paint, the surface is finished smooth.

    Taisho Roman glass cup
  2. Form of flower bud motif

    "Karai" of Hirota Glass is a graceful series of the image of a flower bud.
    Its soft and round modern form goes well with both Japanese-Western, you will like as you use it.

    Hirota Glass Taisho Roman
  3. Soy sauce dispenser without dripping

    "Does not it cause liquid dripping easily?" There may be some people with such a question.
    Our staff tried using this soy sauce dispenser. Dripping does not occur, it is easy to use product.

    Soy Sauce Dispenser

About Hirota Glass

Glass workshop of the world's attention

Hirota Glass continues from the 1899 founding, is a long-established glass workshop of Tokyo Kinshicho. Its quality has been praised all over the world.

Handmade Taisho Roman glass, milky glass of Aburidashi technique

Opal glass is blown into the mold with a pattern.
Gradually pattern appears to once again be heated at high temperatures in a kiln. By blowing the softened glass into a mold with no irregularities, the surface will be smooth.
This time at a temperature difference that is cooled rapidly, pattern will emerge. This is the the best product using the craftsmanship tradition.

About Hirota Glass