Privacy Policy

Japan Design Marketing
Super visor: In charge of the personal information protection

Japan Design Marketing Inc. decide the privacy policy as provided for below. We create a system to protect personal information. Also, we promulgate the protecting system and importance to protect personal information to all our employees.
We stimulate the protection of personal information.

1.The management of the personal information

We take proper measures to manage the personal information safely. We make an effort to protect the personal information we get from our customers.
Also, we educate our employees to treat the personal information properly. Japan Design Marketing make absolutely sure to protect the information.

2.Acquisition of personal information and the purpose of use

When we need customers’ personal information, we acquire the information by proper way.
The personal information we acquired are used for following purposes in necessary extent.

The purpose of use
1.To offer following services; selling, shipping, exchanging, reservation of the products, the settlement of accounts (includes the record of the purchase and corresponding).
2.To correspond to the inquiries, ask, or demands from customers (include the record of the inquiries).
3.For our selling, planning, advertisement, or any other services (ex. Issue mail magazine, sending direct mails, research, or questionnaire).
4. To announce and ship the prize for present campaigns.
5. To announce the renewal of the purpose of personal information use.

Also, we use the personal information as data with processing the information not to identify the personnel.
(ex. Statistics of purchase by age)

3.Offering the personal information to the third party

We do not offer the personal information we get except for following conditions.
・The customers agree on the offering the personal information to the third party.
・Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws permit
・Investigation agency ask us cooperation for suspicion of crime etc.
・Offering the information or consignment are necessary to achieve the purpose of personal information use.

* Specific cases are followings
・Offering to the delivery staff to ship the parcel.
・Offering to the PayPal to settle the account.
・Succession of the business by business collaboration, amalgamation, division, change of the company name, selling or acquisition of the company.

4.Offering the personal information to our company

The customers’ offering of their personal information are optional. Please note that without offering the personal information, customers cannot use our service.

5.Disposal of personal information

For the disposal of personal information, we take measures so that the information cannot be reused again. The measurement would be incineration, pulverization, or complete delete. If we consign the disposal to the other company, we carefully select trustworthy company. The company should have enough security standard to protect the customers’ personal information. We supervise the company through the contract.

6.Contact information

Customers can ask us to disclose, change the contents, or delete the personal information we have. Please ask us by email unless the customers have particular reasons. The customers can contact us from the contact information below. We will contact the customer after we receive the ask.
We need following personal information to identify the customer.
3.Phone number

Contact information
Japan Design Marketing Inc. In charge of the personal information protection
2-17-1, Ueji, Okazaki, Aichi, JAPAN
Mail:Please contact us by email from here.

7.Continuous review

We continuously review and improve the contents of this privacy policy to protect customers’ personal information.


We may revise this privacy policy to improve security or accompanying to the revision of related laws or rules.
Therefore, we recommend customers to check the privacy policy on our website regularly.
We will announce the change to customers if the change happens to the purpose of use or the contents of offering information to the third party.

Distributor:Japan Design Marketing Inc.
2-17-1, Ueji, Okazaki, Aichi, JAPAN