Regarding to offering our service

We consider offering “Fair service for all customers” as one of the important corporate ethics regardless of service fee. When we judge it lacks fairness and responsibility against other customers, we cannot meet your demands.

Also, please note that we will stop all the service and any future business with a customer if he or she takes aggressive attitude such as slander, use violent language, or threat our staff, or makes unreasonable and excess demand.

When you cannot receive our mail

For some reasons, our mail may not be sent to you.
We are sorry to trouble you, but please set up your mail system to enable to receive our mail before you make order. (ex. Register our domain “” “” at your receiving list.)

Possible reasons

Sorted into “SPAM Mail Folder”
Our mail may be sorted into SPAM mail folder by your security system or SPAM mail filtering.
Please check your SPAM mail folder. If our mail is in the folder, please remove the mail from SPAM mail.
You write wrong mail address
You may write wrong mail address when you enter.

[Our members]
You can check your registered mail address from "My Page".
If the address is wrong, you can rewrite it from “Edit” of Account Information.
Please check your mail address again, and let us know from “Inquiry form.”

If you change the mail system AFTER you make order, or you cannot find clear reasons, please let us know from “Inquiry form” or call us.

Business hour: 10:00 ~ 18:00 Japan time (not including weekends and holidays)