Japanese modern metal vase Sorori

Sorori Japanese metal flower vase

Sorori, a stylish Japanese metal flower vase

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Beautiful standing form, Japanese metal flower vase from Nousaku

A single flower in a vase shows the changing seasons and polished sense of life.
The fashionistas know the modern and stylish flower vase.
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We introduce this Japanese metal flower vase, Sorori. Sorori is made of brass. Nousaku, an atelier in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture in Japan produced this beautiful and simple vase.
Simple but detailed design make a stately stand.
At the bottom, it has stable swell, and gradually become narrow to the mouth. This modern and simple form gives dignified atmosphere to the room.
The simple form fits every type of rooms. If you look for the stylish and modern flower vase, this metal vase is the one.

beautiful presence of metal vase with a single flower

Japanese skilled craftsmanship of Nousaku

Detailed and smooth hairline finish. Streamline form.
The craftsmen in Nousaku finished Sorori with pottery wheel to express the beauty of brass

Elegant gloss of uniform surface is made by the casting skill and finishing skill of craftsmen. Nousaku has polished its skill through producing the Buddhist alter fittings and utensils for tea ceremony.
You can feel the inherited skill of traditional craftsmen by touching this modern metal flower vase.

Extremely simple, but overwhelming presence.
This Japanese metal vase is the masterpiece filled with craftsmanship.

detailed finishing by traditional craftsman

Enjoy the texture, the material of Japanese metal vase

Sorori is made of brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. People have used brass since B.C.1000.

We offer two colors of metal vase, silver and gold.
The silver color of metal flower vase Sorori is coated with silver on the brass.
The gold color of Japanese metal vase Sorori gets transparent coating.
Brass has corrosion resistance. So, you can enjoy the beautiful gloss if the time passes by so long.
Put a single flower in a metal vase, or put the modern vase under the lightning place as an art object. You can enjoy your own use of this Japanese metal flower vase.

beautiful texture of brass

The colors and sizes of Sorori, Japanese metal vase

Nousaku offers two colors, gold and silver, and two sizes small and large.

Large size metal vase has great presence, so it can fit for modern living room. The small size metal vase is the best size for putting on a display shelf.
If you place two different colors or sizes of Japanese metal vase, you can make modern atmosphere like a gallery or luxury hotel.

Sorori, a stylish Japanese metal vase is for elegant grown-up people.
How about sending this modern Japanese metal vase as a gift with a single flower?

colors and sizes of Sorori

Like a magic pot in an old tale, beautiful metal vase

Sorori, an elegant flower vase. Our buyer fell in love with this modern Japanese metal vase at first sight.
How do you like this beautiful flower vase? You may be surprised to see the smooth surface of this metal vase.
Our buyer said that her first impression was “this metal flower vase is like a magic pot in an old tale!”
We believe that this metal flower vase has a mysterious power to make a living room modern and marvelous.
Whether you put a flower or not, or whatever the flowers you put, this metal flower vase has dignified presence.
We hope that your life become richer with this Japanese metal flower vase.

Caring tips

  • * Wipe the metal vase with a soft cloth after use.
  • * To keep the smooth and beautiful gloss, please avoid using hard scrubbing brush or metal polish.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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