A life with Japanese modern tableware or home decor

A life with Japanese modern tableware or home decor

Imagine a life with Japanese masterpiece that enriches your days

Japan Design Store hopes people to use favorite traditional crafts, Japanese tableware, or home decor for a long time.
“Traditional crafts” seem to be difficult, but don’t worry.
“Traditional crafts” have been carefully made as necessities for Japanese life, and loved by people for a long time.
Therefore, traditional crafts are filled with Japanese aesthetic sense or sensitivity, wisdom that is suitable for Japanese climate, and skill of excellent craftsmen.

These pages introduce “points to choose traditional crafts” or “suggestion and introduction of using Japanese tableware.” We cannot fully explain the attractive points of the items in each product page. So, these pages complement the products’ information.

Depend on the products, such as lacquerware or tin tableware can be used for a half of the century.
With some ideas of use, points of better use, or knowing thoughts of craftsmen, your life with Japanese masterpieces become richer and more colorful.
You can imagine a life with Japanese masterpiece by reading these pages.

From these thoughts, these pages introduce recommendation of our staff or seasonal ideas of use of our products.