Oshogatsu, or Japanese New Year's Day is a special day for Japanese people.

We eat special food and drink a lot.

I would like to introduce Japanese table setting for Oshogatsu.

This Oshogatsu table setting series is composed of 3 posts.

First, let me start with Plate.

We eat Osechi for Oshogatsu.

Traditionally, Osechi is served in Jubako box, 2-3 tiered boxes.

However, 1 plate Osechi is getting popular recently.

Instead of Jubako, people serve Osechi on a plate.


Especially for a small family (2-3 members) we recommend this 1 plate Osechi.


With a stylish plate, let's enjoy table setting for Oshogatsu in easier and stylish way.


These are recommended plate as Osechi plate.

1.Oshiki (Square tray)

[Set of 4] Oshiki / 1 shaku 1 sun / Jet black & Gold / Japan Design Store

First, we recommend "Oshiki" for Oshogatsu table setting.

Oshiki is square tray or serving tray.

Japan Design Store original Oshiki can be used as a plate, too.

Add mamezara, leaves, or flowers to make more gorgeous plate.


2.More gorgeous! Oshiki×Plate!

For a celebration dinner of New Year's Day, put a plate on Oshiki!

You can make more gorgeous table setting.

These are recommended plate for Oshiki.


① [Set][Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 18cm x3 / syouryu


Suzugami from syouryu is a high-class tableware made on 100% pure tin.

For a special dinner, suzugami provides beautiful shine.


Suzugami of 11cm and 13cm can be used as napkin ring, too.

(In the picture, 13cm suzugami)


② [Set] [Exclusive box] Palace Plate x 4 / φ220 (x2) + φ160 (x2) / 1616 arita japan

This is the indisputable most popular item in Japan Design Store!

Palace Plate from 1616/arita japan has shape of bloom of flower.

Chic white flower makes Oshogatsu table setting more gorgeous.


③ SUZURI / Slate cheese board / Square Plate / Studio GALA

Japanese people love sushi and sashimi, especially for a celebration dinner like Oshogatsu.

When you put sushi or sashimi on black slate plate SUZURI from Studio GALA, a stylish table setting is complete!



These are recommended plates for Oshogatsu table setting.

As you can see, Japanese people want "Gorgeous" and "Special" atmosphere to oshogatsu.

How do you spend the New Year's Day?

How about enjoying Japanese Oshogatsu?

These tableware help you to make a stylish table setting.