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Japanese Modern Interior and Gifts Online Shop


2-17-1 Ueji Okazaki Aichi 444-0823 Japan

Telephone Number

Business Hour: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM in Japan time (except weekends and holidays)

  • * We operate our store with small number of people. Therefore, we may not be able to answer your phone call.
  • * If you are not in hurry, please use the "Contact Form". We will reply your email within 3 business days.
  • * We do not accept orders from e-mail, FAX, or phone call. Please shop from our website. We appreciate your understanding.


All prices are displayed on each product page.

Required payment other than Product Price

Shipping cost (includes shipping fee, premium for insurance, handling cost of preparing customs declaration and packing cost)
* Gift wrapping fee is needed if you choose gift wrapping.
* Please see details of gift wrapping from here.
Also, some countries impose tariff, import duties, other taxes, or customs cost, etc. on customers or gift recipients. Please note that the recipients of the goods are responsible for the payment of all tariffs, duties or local taxes.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost depends on the total weight and the destination of recipients’ countries.
You can check the cost before the purchase will complete.
Please see the details of shipping cost from here.

Payment Method

You can pay by Credit card or through PayPal.

Credit cards

The following cards are available.

  • VISA
  • Master

Usually, the settlement is completed when we ship your parcel (except for Sundays).
* If you are member of our shop, you can check the status of your order.
* Sony Payment Services Inc. carry out settlement on our behalf. Japan Design Store does not have any information of credit cards.


PayPal is the global online payment service.
You can complete safe and easy payment through PayPal.
If you pay in different currency from we use, you can check the final payment amount in your currency on the PayPal payment page.

Payment Deadline

Credit card : The settlement is completed when you make order.
PayPal:The settlement is completed when you make order.

Delivery Method

Delivery Company: EMS shipping from Japan Post.

Delivery Time

EMS delivery usually takes 2-7 days (depends on the destination countries). You can check the estimated delivery days at the EMS Delivery Days Page.
Usually, backordered items will be shipped in 2-7 business days after the order. However, it may take more than 7 days depending on products.
In that case, we will send you a “Delivery Date Confirmation mail.”

Returns and Exchanges

By any chance our products arrive with “broken or stained,” “poor quality,” “different from the products you ordered,” we will soon exchange the products. We cannot accept return of the products by any reasons. Also, please do not deny receiving at the custom of your country.
(* Please note that we cannot exchange some products.)
Please let us know from “Contact Uswithin 8 days after the arrival date from the same mail address you used when you ordered.
We cannot accept any exchanges after the expiration of the exchange deadline.
We will tell you the way of exchanging after we receive your mail.
(* Please complete the proceed to shipment of the products within 8 days by customers.)

Purchase for you
Please let us know “Order number” “Products’ name” “Condition of the products” when you contact us.
Receive as a gift
Please let us know “Name and address of sender” “Date you receive the gift” “Condition of the products.”

* By any chance the product is broken or stained, please also refer to “If the products are broken.”

The conditions we cannot exchange products

・ No contact within 8 days after the arrival date of the products.
・ Used products.
・ The customers stain or break the products.
・ When you stain, break, or lose the boxes, tags, descriptions, or any other attachments of the products.
Specified products* products-on-sale, specially ordered products, back ordered products, purchase numbers of same products, or products that mentioned “No-return” in each product page.
・ Purchased in other shops.
・ We judge that we cannot accept the exchange.

* Specified products
・Products which Stock status is shown as “Out of stock”
・Catalog gift
・Wajima Kirimoto “Japanese lacquer box”
・Hirota Glass “Futa Choko”
・Kimura glass “Edo Kiriko MITATE”
・more Trees design “Cuckoo clock”
・1616/arita japan “Vase in S&B series”
・Gato Mikio Store “TSUMUGI”
・Set items that include products mentioned above
・SALE items
・Products with putting name service
・Food or set items including food


Temporary stop of the service

For some unexpected reasons, temporary stop of the service may happen due to the down of the system. In that case, it may take a while to recover the system.
We will announce the temporary closure of our shop through our website.