Best 10 ways to use suzugami, get new idea

Best 10 ways to use suzugami

Best 10 ways to use suzugami!

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What is suzugami?

Suzugami is a magical flexible tin plate. In fact, this new type craft was born from the skill of a Japanese traditional craft Takaoka copperware.

The stylish design and unique use have got attention. Since its release in 2013, it has needed 2 months to get the stocks of suzugami. (However, Japan Design Store has rich stocks of suzugami! We can send it soon.)
Suzugami has been popular for wedding gifts or souvenirs from Japan to the world.

The best 10 ways to use 13cm and 18cm suzugami

Suzugami has 4 sizes, 11cm. 13cm, 18cm, and 24cm.
This time, we would like to introduce the use of popular size; 13cm and 18cm.

13cm Samidare and 18cm Arare of Suzugami

Originally, suzugami is created for tableware. So, most people use it as small plate.
In fact, the use of suzugami is…infinite!

But how to make full use of suzugami? So, we would like to introduce the best 10 ways to use suzugami from standard way to new one.

If you already have suzugami, or plan to get it, please check the following idea.

Staff recommends! Best 10 ways to use suzugami

  1. Fruit basket

    The first, and easiest way is fruit basket. You can make a chic fruit basket by bending the corners of suzugami a little.
    Today, I put 2 pears. My friend gave me them the day before. Since the pears are big, it seems a little bit tight on 18cm suzugami, though.

    The fruit basket of suzugami with pears looks like a still life.

    2 pears on a fruit basket of suzugami
  2. Kaiseki plate

    Kaiseki Ryori is a kind of high-class Japanese cuisine. One dish needs one plate. So, Kaiseki Ryouri has many plates on one tray.
    You can make a stylish Kaiseki-like plate with suzugami. This time, I put some cheese, chocolate, and olive on one plate. Best snacks for wine.

    Of course, you can serve sandwiches or dessert on one tray.

    Make a Kaiseki plate with black tray and suzugami
  3. Accessory tray

    You can make an accessory tray of your favorite form and size. For me, I put small articles I use every morning in a suzugami tray.

    Glasses, hand cream, lip stick, hair clip…
    If an accessory tray keeps these stuffs, you do not have to take time to look for them.

    Suzugami as an accessory tray for small stuffs
  4. Oshibori hand towel tray

    In Japan, we clean our hands with Oshibori hand towel before eating. Most Japanese restaurants serve Oshibori to customers.

    We seldom use Oshibori home. However, when we have guests, Oshibori hand towel works! For sudden guests, suzugami becomes a tray for Oshibori.
    Just bend suzugami a little. That’s it!
    In fact, tin has antibacterial effect. So, it is clean and stylish.

    Suzugami as an Oshibori hand towel tray
  5. Kokedama holder

    Kokedama means moss ball. It is a ball of soil covered with moss.
    This fact is not well known, but the water in tin ware is hard to become foul. So, the flower can live long.

    I made cute Kokedama this time. Of course, you can pour some water and arrange flowers in suzugami.

    Suzugami as a Kokedama holder on a gold platter
  6. Accessory wall

    This is new way of use! Usually, suzugami is used as tray. However, it can be an accessory wall. Just bend suzugami and stand it.
    Hang necklaces on, put rings on the corner.
    If you put the accessory wall under the light, suzugami and accessory shine beautifully.

    Suzugami keeps necklaces and a ring as an accessory wall
  7. Napkin rings

    Just wrap a napkin with suzugami. Unique and simple napkin ring is complete!
    I used 13cm suzugami this time. 11cm suzugami would be smarter ring.

    I made a very simple napkin ring this time. Please try and find your own design!

    Wrap purple napkin with suzugami
  8. Flower vase

    Wrap cylinder glasses with suzugami, and arrange some flowers.
    18cm suzugami can keep 3-4 flowers. 13cm suzugami has good balance with a flower.

    If you arrange tall flowers, it is easy to fall. Please make a balanced flower arrangement.

    18cm suzugami and 13cm suzugami as flower vases

    We make our original “flower vase set”!

    “Flower vases made of suzugami look great. But I do not have an appropriate glass…”
    If you do not have adequate size glasses, we recommend these “Suzugami flower vase set”! These are our original sets with suzugami of syouryu and shot glass of Kimura glass.

    You can make suzugami flower vase as soon as its arrival!
    Of course, you can use the set separately; suzugami as a tableware and shot glass as a glass.

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  9. Soap dish

    Tin has antibacterial effect, hard to get rust or rot. Therefore, it is great material for a wet area.
    For example, you can make an easy soap dish.
    Also, you can make cotton pads holder or toothbrush stand.

    Suzugami as a soap dish
  10. Cool napkin settings

    Shiny suzugami gives cool atmosphere to the napkin settings.
    This time, we put suzugami on a cute Palace plate, and make a flower with napkin.
    Cute design turns to be a chic napkin setting.

    For parties, you can make card holders with suzugami.
    Your party will be more stylish and surprising one with suzugami!

    make a beautiful napkin setting with a Palace plate and suzugami

What is a trick to bend suzugami well?

The biggest feature of suzugami is its flexibility. You can change its form in your favorite way.
Suzugami is very soft. So, everyone can enjoy bending it freely.

In fact, there is no special trick to bend suzugami well. However, if you would like to make a bowl with suzugami like a Kokedama holder in the idea 5, there is a small trick.

The trick is “bend the corners of suzugami toward inside at first.”
If you try to bend suzugami from the corner little by little, the place would be stretched by the other places you already bend.

Therefore, if you would like to make a bowl with suzugami, stand all the corners toward inside first. Then, make your favorite form from the center to corners. You can make a beautiful wavy line. Let’s try it!

A woman is bending suzugami

Enjoy suzugami with your creativity

How was our best 10 ways to use suzugami? Are there your favorite ways?
Suzugami is a useful item. You can change and make the best forms for the use. Also, its shiny silver color can be an accent to the table settings.

Please make full use of suzugami and enjoy your creative life.

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