Blue and white dishes, Bloom series, Hakusan Toki

Beautiful blue and white dishes, Bloom series

Beautiful blue and white dishes, Bloom series

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[Hakusan toki]Bloom

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What is “Bloom series” of Hakusan Toki?

At the first sight, these blue and white dishes look the brand of Scandinavian country.
These are, however, “Bloom series” of Hasami porcelain from Japan.
“Bloom series” is, as the name explains, a cute plate series with “full bloom flowers” design. Gorgeous and cute Japanese tableware.

The craftsmen of Hasami porcelain draw blue flowers on white plates one by one. Deep and bright blue colors give gorgeous atmosphere to your tea time.

Various plates of Bloom series on the table

The encounter of Japan Design Store with Bloom series

Japan Design Store has introduced modern flat rice bowls of Hasami porcelain. Once we collect simple and great rice bowls, we would like to get Japanese tableware for serving dishes next. So, we were looking for useful tableware for daily dinner, and “not-too-Japanese” tableware.

However, it was difficult to find “not-too-Japanese” Japanese tableware. Simple white plates can make the dishes stand out. But for some simple dishes, white plates lack gorgeousness. But still, decorative plates are too gorgeous. For example, decorative Arita porcelain is great, but it fits Japanese cuisine only.

We would like to find a Japanese tableware which fits Japanese and Western cuisine, and give appropriate gorgeous atmosphere to the dishes.

Then, Mr. Oda from DESIGN MORI CONNEXION suggested “how about Bloom series or Kasane-jima series?” Mr. Oda is a man who introduced us the flat rice bowls of Hakusan Toki.

I used the Bloom series, and realized that this was the one!
Bloom series and Kasane-jima series are produced for household use. So, these series do not have exclusive box. However, beautiful blue and white dishes are suitable items for wedding gifts as well. Thus, we decided to introduce Bloom series in our store.

Strawberries, nuts, and breads on the bloom and white dishes of Bloom series

3 reasons of buyers’ recommendation

  1. Cute design produces gorgeous atmosphere on the table

    The most attractive point of Bloom series is the beautiful blue color and gorgeous design. Just serve usual dishes on some blue and white dishes on the table. Usual dishes turn to gorgeous table. The first impression of the design is Scandinavian. But deep Lapis Lazuli blue has Japanese atmosphere, too. Not too gorgeous, but calm and cool design.

    Simple and natural motif with daring patterns. These patterns remind us Scandinavian design such as Mon Amie of Rorstrand or TUOKIO of Arabia. However, please compare the details of blue and white plates! You will know the difference. We would like to introduce the details next.

    Have a teatime with tableware of Bloom series
  2. The more you look at, the more you admire! Elaborate design

    If we introduce Bloom series in a word, that would be “Flower pattern Hasami ware.” In fact, the more you look at the blue and white dishes, the more you will admire the elaborate design. We cannot stop saying “this is not just a blue flower plate!” So, we would like to introduce the details of design here.

    First, Blue and white plates of Bloom series have 2 flower patterns; Wreath and Bouquet.
    “Wreath” has a flower wreath at the edge of plate. You can enjoy gorgeous pattern while you putting the dishes on the plates.
    “Bouquet” has a flower bouquet at the center of the plate. When you put the dishes, cute small patterns can be seen at the edge of the plate.

    Wreath pattern and Bouquet pattern of Bloom series
    Left: Wreath / Right: Bouquet

    The secret to enjoying Bloom series at 100% is collaborating 2 patterns! Make use of the features of both patterns, and coordinate 2 patterns in different sizes.

    For example, when you choose “Wreath” for Plate LL (Dinner plate), select “Bouquet” for Plate L and pile them. Then, you can see flowers at both edge and the center of the plates.
    If we use too many “Wreath” plates together, the table setting becomes too sweet and a little messy. But, if you coordinate 2 patterns, you can make balanced table setting.

    Table setting with piled different sizes of blue and white dishes of Bloom series

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    Second, please look at the backside of the plates.
    There are cute blue flowers at the edge of backside of plates! Moreover, the patterns are different from “Wreath” and “Bouquet.”
    Not so many people realize these details, I think.

    Backside of the plates of Bloom series
    Left: Wreath / Right: Bouquet

    Furthermore, please look at the root of stand of the plate. There is a blue line at inside and outside of the stand.
    Originally, it seems unnecessary to decorate stand of plates. However, this line gives smart appearance to the backside design. What a detailed work!

    A line at the root of stand of the plate of Bloom series

    Nowadays, it is not easy to introduce daily use tableware with “handmade” and “elaborate details” at “reasonable price.” If we look at the blue and white dishes, we cannot help admiring the detailed work of craftsmen.

  3. Useful variety in size and kind

    Bloom series have more than 20 items such as plates, bowls, and cup & saucers.
    You may not collect all sizes. But when you look for “a tableware for this use,” you can find best sizes and forms from various tableware.

    These cute blue and white dishes are produced by Hakusan Toki. Hakusan Toki has produced tableware for daily life. Therefore, Hakusan Toki produces useful sizes and forms products.
    Customers who got this item said “blue and white dishes of Bloom series fit various cuisine. It’s very useful!”

    How about getting a favorite item first, and add more items depend on your need later?

    Blue and white dishes of Bloom series fit Japanese meal as well

How many kinds in the Bloom series?

There are 3 kinds in the Bloom series. These are Plate series, Bowl series, and Cup series.
We introduce each series in each page. Please check the followings.

  1. Plate series

    Plates of Bloom series fits various cuisine. Plates have 6 sizes; Plate LL (Dinner plate), Plate L. Plate M, Plate S, Plate SS, and Free dish.
    Please choose the best size for your use. Your life will be happier with these blue and white dishes.


  2. Bowl series

    You can collect various sizes of bowls from dessert cup to big bowl. In Bloom series, cute plates or cup & saucer are famous. In fact, Bowl series gets the most repeaters in Bloom series. Bowl series is famous for its usability.

    A woman is drinking tea with dessert cup of Bloom series

  3. Cup series

    Cup series of Bloom series have mugs (Wreath & Bouquet), coffee cup & saucer (Wreath), and teacup & saucer (Wreath.)
    Cup & saucers of Bloom series are natural and cute. Good item for everyone regardless of sex and age.

    Mugs of Wreath and Bouquet of Bloom series

Reputations of Bloom series from customers

Next, we would like to introduce the customers’ voice of Bloom series. The customers seem to enjoy beautiful blue and white dishes. They make the most use of cute and useful plates, and color their lives.
If you wonder how you use cute blue and white dishes, please check the use way of our customers.

Bloom series of Hakusan Toki is rich in variety
  • It’ s cute and cute!

    Usually, I use simple white tableware of 1616/arita japan. This time, I purchased Plate M Wreath for stewed vegetables or fish. For Japanese meal, blue and white dishes fit very well.

    As a consequent. I was right. These blue and white dishes have beautiful contrast of white and blue. The contrast makes all various Japanese meal look delicious and stylish. Also, Scandinavian-like design plates fit Western-style meals such as French toast or hamburger steak. The blue flower patterns are very cute. So, I can use the blue and white dishes for serving cakes for guests, and in many other ways. It’s very useful. I have been longed for Bloom series. So, I would love to use it for a long time.

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  • Tea time set makes me happy!

    I saw the Bloom series at the first time at my friend’s house. I fell in love with the cute blue flower patterns at first sight. Since then, I had wanted it. Every time I saw the posts on her Instagram, I became wanted them, but could not decide my mind.

    One day, I broke the tableware I had used before. So, I finally determined to get the blue and white tea set! Since I had longed them for a long time, I was very happy to get them in my hand.

    The real things are great! I am satisfied with cute design and usability. I would like to collect other Bloom series, but I think I should hold back now:)
    Basically, I use the tea set when I serve tea for guests. Of course, however, I enjoy using it for me. Both Wreath and Bouquet designs are cute! The tea time set makes me happy! Thanks a lot!!

    Japan Design Store original set

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  • The superb size and form

    Bloom series seemed to have good reputation. My stylish friend collects the blue and white dishes. But when I saw the real things, I just thought “yeah, it’s a normal tableware with cute patterns.”

    I got 5 sets of Plate S. My family has 3 members, but I thought the plate was the basic of tableware. So, I bought more plates than family members. My idea was right. At first time, I planned to use the blue and white dishes just for a break. But now, I use them for almost all meals every day. 5 plates are seldom in the cupboard. I never imagine that I use them so often.

    As the breakfast plate for my 7 years old child, as a plate for my cake, as individual plates, or serve fried vegetables… They work very well! I can use them at ease since they are enough thick. Also, the blue and white plates can be used in dishwasher. Now, the Bloom series are indispensable plates for our table! I am satisfied with my shopping.

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  • Beautiful flower patterns

    The tableware with such daring design may be not preferable for all people. For me, however, I always smile at the cute blue and white dishes in my cupboard. I got a pair of Free dish at first. I liked them for the cute design and deep blue colors.

    The plates can be piled neatly, so they do not take much room in the cupboard. The blue and white dishes fit both Japanese and Western-style meals. Next time, I will get Plate S for our individual plates.

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Recommended sets for gifts or presents

Japan Design Store provides original sets. Some customers asked us that they would like to send the Bloom series for their friends or families. So, we decided to make our original sets.
Each set will be delivered within white kraft box. Please use these items for wedding gifts or birthday gifts.

2 pairs of cup & saucer of Bloom series and white kraft boxes

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Within Japan Design Store original gift box

Some gift sets are within our original gift boxes.
Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

Image of Japan Design store original gift box

What is Hakusan Toki, the brand of Bloom series?

Recently, we often hear the name “Hasami porcelain” in Japan. Hakusan Toki is a ceramic brand in Hasami town, the production area of Hasami porcelain. Hasami town has 400 years’ history of porcelain production.

Hakusan Toki was established in1951. They do integrated production from design to ceramic production. They use good material “Amakusa pottery stone” in Kumamoto prefecture. With the good material and inherited skill, Hakusan Toki creates stylish tableware.

Hakusan Toki continues to produce many long-sellers as a stylish Japanese tableware brand.

Comment from buyer

If you shop with us frequently, you may know this fact. The buyer of Japan Design Store loves “chic and modern design.”
I usually buy monotone color or basic color items (white, black, gray, beige, etc.)
Therefore, my collection from all over Japan naturally becomes monotone color items. At the very most, we have some items with Japanese traditional color such as red of lacquer, gold or silver.

To meet the demands of customers and our staff, I have tried to add some more “cute crafts.” I decided to sell items with pale colors or animal motifs little by little. But honestly, it took long time for me to decide whether I sell “Bloom series” or not.

I remember that I was hesitating for 3 weeks since the blue and white dishes arrived at our store. I used the plates and cups by myself and check their usability.
Actually, tableware with patterns are dangerous item for me as a buyer. “Customers may become fed up with gorgeous pattern.” “I wonder if the item can be used for a long time by my customers.”

Even the item looks good, I cannot recommend an item that I become fed up with it someday.” This is my policy.

Have a tea time with blue and white dishes of Bloom series

However, I realized the usability of blue and white dishes when I started to use them. For example, when I finished cooking, there was a best size plate for the dish in the Bloom series.

Above all, the blue and white dished got great reputations from my female friends. A friend who does not have so much interest in tableware said, “what a cute tableware!”

So, finally, I decided that “I would like to introduce Bloom series in my store!”

Even for me, a stylish and simple lover, Bloom series is cute. It seems that the blue and white dishes of Bloom series are filled with lovely essence.
If you hesitate to use plates with patterns (just like me,) I recommend starting with dessert cup or Plate SS. I have confident that simple lovers will become captivated by Bloom series of Hakusan Toki.

Plate S of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki

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Bloom series of Hakusan

Caring tips

  • * You can use it in microwave oven or dish washer.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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