How to brew coffee at home, Making delicious coffee

How to brew coffee at home with stylish coffee accessories

How to brew delicious coffee at home!

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How to brew delicious coffee at home

Let’s start making delicious coffee at home! Are you satisfied with your pour over coffee? In fact, a few tips change the taste of coffee dramatically! Here, we will introduce how to brew delicious coffee with our recommended coffee accessories.

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Do you know how to brew delicious coffee at home?

We can see many good cafés where pursue the quality or producing area of coffee beans and brewing method. Each coffee shop serves different coffee. Have you ever thought that “I wish I could brew delicious coffee at home”?

Pouring coffee into white mug of 1616/arita japan

When the time comes to brew coffee at home, we have a lot of things to decide and choose. And once we prepare all necessary equipment, we do not know how to brew great coffee at home. The more you know about coffee, the more you become confused. A world of coffee is wide and deep!

But do not worry too much! You only need to prepare necessary coffee accessories and get some tips of how to brew delicious coffee.
In this page, we would like to introduce how to brew coffee at home.
Please prepare your best cups and coffee accessories and enjoy your best cup of coffee!

Caffe hat on the mug of Moderato series and Coffee grinder from MokuNeji

3 methods! How to brew coffee at home

There are all sorts of brewing coffee methods. Here, we would like to introduce 3 easy methods of brewing coffee at home.

  1. Pour over coffee

    When people imagine how to brew coffee, we believe that most people imagine pour over coffee at first.
    Set pour over cone over the pot or mug, set filter, put ground coffee beans, and pour hot water. It is easy method for coffee beginners.

    To make pour over coffee, you just need dripper and filter.
    There are all sorts of filters and drippers such as paper filter, metal filter, or cloth filter. If you would like to pursue pour over coffee, you can try various filters.

    Later, we would like to introduce how to brew pour over coffee. Please check it!

    Brewing coffee with Caffe hat
  2. Siphon

    Siphon is a magical brewing method like a science experiment.
    Hot water rises, coffee beans are mixed with hot water, and draw downward…
    One of my favorite café serves siphon coffee. I have never get bored while my coffee is brewed.

    To make siphon coffee, you need a lot of coffee equipment. Bulb, hopper, filter, bamboo paddle, heater, and so on. They look really a science experiment!
    Once you prepare all the equipment, how to brew siphon coffee is not so difficult.

  3. French press

    Some may not familiar with this brewing method. In fact, it is very easy way! You just put ground coffee beans and hot water into a pot, and press filter.
    French press coffee has various taste of coffee beans including oily components.

    To make French press coffee, you only need a French press coffee maker. So, it is also an easy method of how to brew coffee at home.

Next, find your favorite coffee beans

To make a perfect cup of coffee, please find your best coffee beans in a coffee shop. You can get just roasted coffee beans at the shop.

The taste and aroma of coffee beans differ depend on the home of the coffee plant or stages of roasting. So, ask a staff of coffee shop of their recommended coffee beans. If you tell your favorite taste, the staff will tell you the best coffee beans for you.

When you ask the recommended coffee beans for a staff, please do not forget to ask how to brew, how to roast, or what to eat with the coffee.
While you are trying various coffee beans, you will find your favorite home of coffee plant or stage of roasting.

Make a heart mark with coffee beans

How to brew delicious coffee at home

Now, all the necessities are ready. Try brewing delicious coffee at home!
Here is the introduction of how to brew delicious coffee at home.

  1. The first try! Grind coffee by manual coffee grinder

    Delicious pour over coffee starts with grinding coffee beans.
    Roasted coffee beans get oxidized as time passes. If we grind coffee beans, the area to touch air becomes wider. So, ground coffee beans get oxidized earlier.

    So, best way to how to brew delicious coffee is grinding coffee beans every time. Manual coffee grinder can restrain frictional heat than automatic burr coffee grinder. So, you can enjoy coffee aroma more.

    A woman put coffee beans into manual coffee grinder of MokuNeji

    Let’s grind coffee by manual coffee grinder.
    A tip for better grinding is whirling handles in uniform speed. In this way, the ground coffee beans become uniformed size.
    In fact, coffee beans give off aroma most when they are ground. Just roasted coffee beans give off pleasant aroma.

    A woman opens the manual coffee grinder of MokuNeji
    1. This is the recommended coffee grinder of Japan Design Store
      [MokuNeji] Coffee grinder

      This time, we use manual coffee grinder from MokuNeji.
      It was born with a collaboration of Japanese traditional skill of Yamanaka lacquerware with worldwide-famous coffee maker Kalita.
      This coffee grinder has beautiful design as well as great usability.

      Manual coffee grinder from MokuNeji

      Staff’s comment

      • With the electric coffee grinder, coffee beans can be ground in an instant. However, for the favorite coffee beans, I would like to grind them with my hand. Don’t you think that manual coffee grinder expresses our affection to coffee beans more?
        In fact, I prefer the aroma of coffee when it is ground rather than that of when I drink coffee. In addition, we can feel the achievement when we finish grinding. Our male staff said, “it was not so hard to grind for me.”
        If you have your husband or boyfriend, ask him to grind coffee beans. The time for preparing coffee would be happier.

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  2. Boil hot water, and set ground coffee in the coffee filter

    The first important point of how to brew delicious coffee is the temperature of hot water.
    It depends on the kinds of coffee beans or stages of roasting, but the adequate temperature for coffee is 85~90℃ (about 185~194℉)
    Wait a minute after the water is boiled. Then the hot water becomes the adequate temperature.

    If we brew fast coffee with just boiled water, the coffee becomes “strongly bitter and fresh taste.”
    If we brew slow coffee with the hot water of 85℃, the coffee becomes “strongly sweet, full bodied and mellow taste.”

    Next, set the ground coffee into the filter.

    Put ground coffee beans into Caffe hat
    1. This is recommended coffee filter of Japan Design Store
      [224porcelain] Caffe hat

      This time, we use ceramic coffee pour over cone “Caffe hat.” This ceramic coffee pour over cone does not need paper filter. So, it is eco-friendly item. In fact, various media have introduced this ceramic coffee dripper.

      In addition to eco-friendly effect, Caffe hat can make water more delicious. We can brew more delicious coffee with this pour over cone. By appropriate care, we can use the pour over cone semi-permanently.

      Caffe hat Navy and Mug of Eternal series

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  3. Pour hot water into coffee powder, and let it steam for 20 seconds

    The next point of how to brew delicious coffee is letting coffee beans steam well.
    After pouring a little amount of water, wait for 20 seconds to make the coffee beans extract delicious component more.
    Coffee powder includes oil and fat, and they repel the water. By steaming with a little hot water, coffee powder becomes easy to absorb the hot water. So, we can extract the delicious components of coffee easily.

    Let the coffee beans steam for 20 seconds

    Secret of clover form of coaster

    • When we use ceramic pour over cone Caffe hat, we put the cone on the clover coaster. At first sight, I cannot understand why this coaster has such a unique design. Once I use it, however, I understand the reason. From the opening spaces between Caffe hat and coaster, we can check the amount of brewed coffee. So, we do not have to worry about brewing too much coffee.
      We can see the amount of coffee from the opening space of clover coaster and mug
  4. Fluffy foam comes when we pour hot water!

    The most important point of how to brew delicious coffee is how to pour hot water. After letting coffee beans steam for 20 seconds, pour hot water gently at the center of ground coffee beans.

    Just roasted coffee beans include carbon dioxide. So, when we pour hot water, fluffy foam comes. It is the proof of freshness of coffee beans. You can enjoy a cup of coffee with great aroma.

    When a foam comes, please be careful not to break it. Pour hot water from the center. When the whole coffee powder becomes swell, start to whirl the hot water. Gradually spread the radius, and finally, whirl the hot water in about 3cm in diameter.

    Fluffy foam comes from coffee beans

    Staff’s comment

    • If the coffee beans do not swell, it does not necessarily mean that the coffee beans are bad. However, the swelling coffee beans are fresh beans.
      I was a little bit tense while pouring hot water since I cannot break the foam.
      To make a delicious coffee, pour hot water slowly and carefully, with expectation to the swelling coffee beans.
    1. This is recommended coffee kettle of Japan Design Store
      [Noda Horo] L’ambre pot

      To pour hot water gently, pour over kettle or drip kettle is good. Pour over kettle is characterized by its skinny spout so that we can control the amount of water. L’ambre pot from Noda Horo is made to meet the request of a famous café “Café de l’ambre” in Ginza. Their request is “make a spout that can pour hot water like dripping drops of water.” Noda Horo finally reached to this unique form of spout by repeating trial and errors.
      The usability and cute retro design have attracted coffee lovers.

      L’ambre pot of Noda Horo and ceramic coffee filter Caffe hat on a mug of bloom series

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  5. Stop pouring water if a cup of coffee is complete

    Lastly, please do not forget this point of how to brew delicious coffee.
    Remove dripper before all the hot water drops.

    The first drop of brewed coffee is most delicious, and the last drop includes bitter components or impurities.
    To enjoy fresh aftertaste, remove dripper before all the hot water drop.

  6. A perfect cup of coffee is complete!

    Self-ground coffee is especially delicious! Let’s taste the special coffee with a favorite coffee cup.
    First, enjoy the taste and aroma with black coffee. Next, enjoy the coffee with milk, sugar, or maple syrup. You can enjoy a little bit luxurious time.

    A perfect cup of coffee in mug of Moderato series from ceramic japan
  7. After making coffee.. Easy care of manual coffee grinder and ceramic pour over cone

    When the coffee grinder gets dirt, wipe it with tissue or soft cloth. That’s it!
    Easy care is happy.
    If you care the remaining coffee powder, sweep them with brush.
    Please do not wash the coffee grinder with water to avoid getting rot.

    A woman is caring Coffee grinder

    As for the care of ceramic coffee filter Caffe hat, just remove ground coffee beans and wash it with water or lukewarm water. That’s it!
    Please do not use detergent to wash Caffe hat. The porous ceramic cone absorbs the components of detergent.

    A woman has Caffe hat

Secret for delicious coffee

The secret for delicious coffee is preparing just roasted and ground coffee beans.
Even you follow the introductions of how to brew delicious coffee, bad coffee beans cannot make good coffee.
When you buy coffee beans, try to get the coffee beans, not ground coffee.

It is a little bit difficult to get just roasted coffee beans. However, just ground coffee is possible if you grind necessary amount of coffee beans every time.
You will see the difference soon.

Comparing to electric coffee grinder, some power is needed for using manual coffee grinder. But the aroma of coffee while grinding is especially great!

Coffee accessories of Caffe hat and Coffee grinder

Stylish coffee accessories? Look here!

Japan Design Store introduces a lot of coffee accessories or equipment in addition to manual coffee grinder of MokuNeji or Caffe hat from 224 porcelain.
The following page introduces our recommended coffee accessories.
If you look for coffee equipment, or gifts for coffee lovers, please see this page!

Coffee beans in wooden tea canister of Gato Mikio

Various happy scenes with delicious coffee in daily life

Now, you know how to brew coffee at home.
Then, let’s enjoy coffee life more!
Here, we suggest various scenes in daily life that become happier with hand drip coffee.

  1. Start a holiday morning with a cup of carefully brewed coffee

    A cup of coffee gives us a happy moment anytime. However, it is hard to make a carefully brewed coffee every day.
    In the busy morning, instant coffee is okay.
    But in the weekend, let’s take a time to make delicious coffee at home.

    With your favorite coffee accessories, following instructions of how to brew delicious coffee, and brew a cup of coffee just for yourself.
    The time to brew coffee and slow breakfast will be happier than usual.

    Breakfast with a cup of coffee and a cup of café au lait in mugs of Bloom series

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  2. Slow brunch with a cup of coffee and a toast

    After happy Saturday night, we would like to sleep a lot.

    For the late morning of Sunday, have a slow brunch with a cup of coffee and toast and a sunny-side up. If you have nothing special on Sunday, follow the methods of how to brew delicious coffee.

    Serving toast and a sunny-side up on a square plate from 1616/arita japan.
    Usual brunch becomes more stylish with square plate.

    As the coffee cup, use simple white coffee mug from 1616/arita japan.
    A toast and a cup of delicious coffee freshen up the slow morning.

    Toast and a sunny-side up egg on Square plate and a cup of coffee in mug from 1616/arita japan

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  3. Cute home party with cute tableware and delicious coffee

    If you have a home party, prepare cute tableware and carefully brewed coffee.
    Let’s make your guests surprise with delicious coffee by following the methods of how to brew better coffee.

    Cakes look more delicious on colorful and gorgeous plates.
    For sweet cheesecakes, a cup of bitter coffee is indispensable.

    Cute home party with cheesecake on Palace Plate and TORIZARA and a cup of coffee is served in SPANGLES from NIKKO

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    This beautiful cup is SPANGLES from NIKKO.
    Fine bone china of NIKKO has superb white color.
    Gorgeous but beautiful color cups make just brewed coffee look more delicious.

    Teacup and saucer from SPANGLES of NIKKO

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  4. Reading a book with a cup of coffee

    When you can back home earlier, let’s have a cup of coffee and a swiss roll for reading time.
    At the end of a day, with favorite coffee accessories, brew coffee for yourself following instructions of how to brew delicious coffee.
    Carefully brewed coffee just for yourself relax you at the end of day.

    For that slow and calm time, natural coffee cup suits well.
    This is Moderato series from ceramic japan.
    As the picture shows, you can use the saucer as plate, too.

    Reading a book with a cup of coffee and a piece of swiss roll on Moderato series tableware

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  5. Table setting idea! Chic coordinate with black serving tray

    To make more modern and chic table setting, we recommend black serving tray. Gorgeous tableware looks much cooler!
    Let’s entertain guests with carefully brewed coffee following methods of how to brew coffee.

    This black serving tray is Japan Design Store original item.
    Simple serving tray suits Japanese and Western-style tableware.

    SPANGLES tableware on a black serving tray Oshiki

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Enjoy every bit of the coffee at home!

Through this page, we introduced how to brew coffee, and ways to enjoy coffee more.
Here are 5 points of how to brew delicious pour over coffee. Please check them!

5 points of how to brew delicious pour over coffee

  • 1.Grind necessary amount of coffee beans just before brewing coffee
  • 2.Let hot water cool into 85~90℃ (about 185~194℉)
  • 3.First, pour a little amount of hot water and let coffee beans steam
  • 4.Pour hot water gently into the center of coffee beans, not break foam
  • 5.Remove dripper before all the hot water drops

“How to brew delicious coffee” is not so difficult. Just preparing delicious coffee beans, and following 5 points.
As you brew coffee more, you will get used to and know your favorite coffee beans, grinding, or how to brew.

Now, you are at the entrance of deep coffee world. Let’s start now!

Cookies on square plate and coffee in mug from 1616/arita japan

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