Stylish Sake Glass Set for Cold Japanese Sake

Sake glass set for Japanese sake

Love Japanese Sake More with Sake Glass Set

With a stylish sake glass set, you can enjoy delicious sake more.
Gold leaf, lacquer, Edo Kiriko, Usuhari…
We collect beautiful handmade sake glassware here.
We also have set for Masu sake with wooden sake cup and a glass.
Recently, stem glasses have been also popular for Japanese sake.

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Sake glass set for brightening up sake more

Japanese sake arouses our 5 senses.
Full-bodied sweetness and rich aroma. We can feel the temperature of sake through the glass.
Beautiful glug sound of sake and its transparency entrances us.
How about a sake glass set to enjoy sake to the full?

If we get delicious sake, we would like to drink it in good atmosphere even at home.
Sometimes, in the mood of Japanese restaurant, or other times, in the mood of Japanese bar, or luxuriously like a French restaurant.
Here, we collect stylish sake glassware for your more pleasant sake time at home.

Pouring sake into lacquer sake glass from Toba Shitsugei
Lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei

Masterpiece produced by Japanese craftsmen brighten up your sake time tonight.
Stylish cold sake glasses would be great for your slow sake time alone or happy sake time with your family or friend.
Stylish sake glass set are recommended as gifts for Japanese sake lovers.

Why Japanese sake glass set got attention?

There are a lot of other tableware for Japanese sake in addition to sake glassware. Pottery, porcelain, tin sake bottle or sake cups, ochoko, or guinomi.
What are the good points of sake glass set? Let us introduce the reasons why glassware is loved as Japanese sake set.

  1. Sake glass set makes transparency of sake stand out

    When sake poured into sake glassware, we can see beautiful transparency of it. There are all sorts of colors of Japanese sake. Clear sake like water, one has some amber color, or unfiltered sake (Nigori sake.)
    Also, cold sake glasses make the bubbles of sparkling sake look more beautiful.

    Clear sake color through sake glass
    Sake glass from Wired Beans
  2. Sake glassware tells the taste of sake brewery as it is

    Sake glassware does not change the taste of sake. Therefore, we can enjoy the taste as it is made for by brewery.
    For example, tin sake set removes miscellaneous taste of sake and changes it mellow.
    Tastes differ from person to person, but if you would like to taste sake in its original taste, we recommend sake glassware. It is also fun to compare the taste of sake with tin sake cups and glassware.

  3. Beautiful atmosphere of handmade cold sake glasses

    When we drink Japanese sake, atmosphere is an important point to enjoy it.
    Dim the lights and have a slow sake time with stylish cold sake glasses. What a wonderful time! With stylish cold sake glasses, usual sake becomes more delicious.
    All items in Japan Design Store are handmade by Japanese craftsmen. Please find your best cold sake glasses for your favorite sake.

    Duo sake glass set from Sghr
    Duo sake glass set from Sghr

Japan Design Store recommends! Japanese sake glass set

There are various sake glass sets in diverse design. With stylish sake glassware, conversation become livelier. Japanese handmade sake glassware is like an art work. Please fill your feeling with beautiful high-class cold sake glasses.

  1. Glittering gold leaf! Japanese modern sake glass set

    Japanese sake glassware and gold leaf are well suited for each other. Just like a sake with gold leaf, glittering gold of gilded sake glassware is very beautiful with sake. Here, we would like to introduce elegant sake glass set with shine of gold leaf and clear glass.

    1. [Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer sake cup

      Lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei

      First, we recommend lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei. This sake glassware is a Japanese modern sake cup with the combination of glass, lacquer and gold leaf. When we pour Japanese sake, the gold leaf inside glass reflects light beautifully. Rounded form provides elegant atmosphere. Smooth sake glass set touches our mouth gently.

      The method of lacquer on the sake glass is called “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri,” which is designated as the intangible cultural heritage of Shizuoka prefecture. It has rough texture and unique gloss. By 8 layers of procedures, cold sake glass gets beauty and solid mood.
      Toba Shitsugei also offers sake glass with white gold leaf.

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    2. [Hakuichi] Kannyu

      Pouring sake with sake glass set Kannyu from Hakuichi

      If you like sake glass set with gold leaf, we also recommend Kannyu series from Hakuichi. This sake glass set is a luxury set with Kanazawa gold leaf which is a traditional craft of Kanazawa city in Ishikawa prefecture. In fact, kannyu series is a long-selling product of Hakuichi, a top brand of Kanazawa gold leaf.

      Kannyu originally means the small cracks on glazed ceramics. Like the cracks on ceramics, sake glass set of Kannyu series has detailed cracks on gold leaf. All the cracks are done by handwork by craftsmen. So, each sake glass has different cracks. Glossy glass suits our hands comfortably.
      Auspicious gold leaf sake glass set has been popular gifts for wedding or longevity.

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  1. Traditional! Beautiful Edo Kiriko cold sake glasses

    As cold sake glasses, Edo Kiriko glasses have been popular. Edo Kiriko is one of the traditional crafts lasting for more than 400 years.
    Pouring cold sake on Edo Kiriko glasses, and enjoy hot pot in winter and sashimi in summer. Let us introduce beautiful Edo Kiriko sake glass set here.

    1. [Floyd] Fuji Edo Kiriko

      Fuji Edo Kiriko cold sake glass set from Floyd

      If you look for unique sake glassware, we recommend Fuji Edo Kiriko from Floyd. Craftsmen express snow on Fujiyama by Edo Kiriko cutting. When we turn over the sake glass, beautiful Mt. Fuji appears.

      Fuji Edo Kiriko sake glass has sharp cutting but has cute atmosphere somehow. Traditional craftsmen in Sumida ward of Tokyo carefully shave glass one by one. Triangle form makes you look beautiful when you drink sake with it.

      Cold sake glass of Fuji Edo Kiriko is wrapped with cotton like sea of cloud around Fujiyama in paulownia box. Elegant and solid sake glass can be beautiful home decor as well. In addition, Edo Kiriko sake glass set has been chosen as wedding gifts or longevity gifts.

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    2. [Hirota Glass] Futa Choko

      Futa Choko from Hirota Glass

      If you look for Edo Kiriko sake glass set with delicate cutting, we recommend Futa Choko from Hirota Glass. In this Futa Choko series, we offer 7 different patterns, Yaegiku, Ichimatsu, Shippo, Tsurara, Kamaboko, Niju Yarai, and Takijima. Modern and stylish patterns are shaved on red glasses.

      Take in light, and shine. It is like a “glass of light.” Hirota Glass is established in 1899. An old-established glass atelier offers beautiful sake glass set for your richer time.

      Futa Choko means Choko (sake cup) with lid. Choko can be beautiful sake glass, and lid is good for some snacks. In addition, you can put small dishes or candles in Edo Kiriko sake glass. This sake glassware is within exclusive paulownia box. You can send Japanese beautiful traditional sake glass for your dearest person.

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    3. [Kimura Glass] MITATE

      Shot glass MITATE from Kimura glass

      If you look for Edo Kiriko sake glass of beautiful crystal glass, we recommend MITATE series from Kimura glass. MITATE is a series of high-class shot glass with pure material, skill of craftsmen and smart design. Your sake time become more luxurious with this sake glassware.

      MITATE is a palm size glass but has solid weight. 5mm-thick crystal glass shines elegantly. Clear glass and delicate cutting deepen the taste of Japanese sake more. Mat shine of shaved glass has elegant mood.

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  1. Enjoy Japanese sake like wine! Sake glassware like a wine glass

    Recently, many people enjoy Japanese sake or beer with stem glass. Merit of using stem glass is not conducting temperature of hand to drink. You can enjoy cold sake in best temperature. Also, the figure when we hold stem glass looks elegant. How about tasting Japanese sake like you are in a stylish sake bar?

    1. [Wired Beans] Sake glasses in Eternal Glass series

      3 types of sake glasses from Wired Beans

      If you would like to enjoy Japanese sake like drinking wine, we recommend Sake glasses from Eternal Glass series of Wired Beans. These cold sake glasses are like small wine glass or champagne glass. However, Sake glasses are just made for Japanese sake. In addition, each glass is made for different types of sake.

      “UMAKUCHI” for sake with thick mellow taste. “KAORI” for sake with rich smell and light taste. “KARAKUCHI” for sake with plenty of body and calm smell. Choose the best sake glassware for your favorite sake.

      Sake glasses from Wired Beans has stylish and beautiful form. In addition, it has lifetime compensation in Japan. If you are in Japan, the maker exchange broken glass intro new one. Wired Beans wants customers to use their glass without any worrying for break since they are proud of their glass.
      Cold sake glass set of eternal glass series have been popular wedding gifts.

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  1. Simple and beautiful Usuhari sake glass set

    “Usuhari” consists of Usu + Hari. “Usu” or “Usui” means thin. Hari means glass. So, “Usuhari” means thin glass. Craftsmen carefully made thin glass one by one. Usuhari sake glass set is cool and elegant. About 1mm-thick glass provides light feeling to our mouth so that we can taste Japanese sake comfortably.

    1. [Kimura glass] Carta

      Simple sake glass set Carta from Kimura glass

      If you like sake glass set of Usuhari glass, how about Carta from Kimura glass? This sake glass set includes a sake pitcher and 2 sake cups. Usuhari glass makes the original color of sake look more and more beautiful. When you take the glass, you would feel like you catch sake directly.

      Sake glassware Carta suits every kind of table setting gently. They are very simple, but its beautiful form was born from pursuit to the superb angle and shape. Only Kimura glass can make this simple and beautiful sake glass set.

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  1. This is the way of drink Japanese sake! Cold sake glass with Masu

    Have you ever seen this wooden sake cup? This is called Masu. Masu is a traditional tool for measuring and cup for sake. In some Japanese sake bar, sake is served in a glass and Masu. This is the unique style of drinking Japanese sake. How about enjoying Masu sake in your home?

    1. [Masuda Kiribako] Fuku Masu Masu

      Masu sake set of Fuku Masu Masu from Masuda Kiribako
      Ume and Uguisu sake glass set

      For those who would like to enjoy sake with glass and Masu, we recommend you “Fuku Masu Masu” from Masuda Kiribako. Fuku Masu Masu is wooden sake cup with cute design like birds or flowers inside. You can drink sake directly from masu to enjoy wooden flavor. Since the sake cup is finished for waterproof, you can wash the Masu sake cup.

      Japan Design Store offers our original Masu sake set with Fuku Masu Masu and glass. Fuku Masu Masu is 1 Japanese rice cup. Glass is for 120ml (about 4.05 us fl oz). This size is smaller than usual Masu sake set served in Japanese sake bar. So, you can enjoy Masu sake lightheartedly. Great gifts for sake lover.

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  1. Gentle mood of handblown sake glassware

    Handblown sake glass set has gentle mood and beauty of handmade crafts. All glasses are handblown by craftsmen. Enjoy rich individualities of sake glassware.

    1. [Sghr] Riv & Oriole Sake glass set

      Sake glass set of Riv and Oriole

      As for modern sake glass set, we recommend Riv and Oriole sake glass set. Katakuchi, or Japanese sake pitcher is “Riv” and sake cup is “Oriole”.

      Riv has gently curvy design. When you pour sake, the transparency of sake pitcher stands out. Oriole has unique diagonal shape. 2 sake glasses look 2 small birds close together.
      You can enjoy gentle atmosphere of handblown glass with this sake glass set.

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    2. [Sghr] Duo Sake glass set

      Sake glass set Duo from Sghr

      If you like sake glass set filled with playful mind, we recommend you Duo sake glass set from Sghr (Sugahara). This sake set has tokkuri (Japanese sake bottle) and 2 sake glasses.

      Duo is one of the representative products of Sghr. Since its release in 1996, Duo has got great reputation and popularities. Because of unique overlapping of glass, the sake glassware looks like it has sake already. Beautiful glass tokkuri and sake cups make Japanese sake look clearer. Please enjoy a luxury time with flickering surface.

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Which sake glassware should I choose? How to choose Japanese sake glass set

“Which sake glass should I choose?”
If you cannot decide, how about choosing one suitable for your usual sake? In fact, Japanese sake changes its taste or aroma depends on width of glass.

For Junmai-shu which has plenty of body, sake glassware with narrow rim

For example, a cold sake glass with narrower rim than its middle part, like a balloon makes solid umami of sake stand out. This type of sake glass is recommended for Junmai-shu, which has plenty of body.

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For Daiginjo which has rich smell, sake glassware with wide rim

Contrary to former glass, the glass of funnel shape makes flavor of sake spread. We can feel the freshness of sake more. This type of sake glass is recommended for cold Daiginjo or Ginjo.

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Japanese sake is very delicate. For example, cold sake changes its taste when the temperature of sake changes. If you would like to drink sake while it remains its taste, we recommend small sake glass.
But each person has each taste for Japanese sake. The best way may be drinking favorite sake within favorite sake glass set.

We have more tableware for sake in addition to sake glassware

Japan Design Store offers more tableware for Japanese sake. Our popular item is tin sake set. Tin sake set can make sake mellow. Here, let us introduce the sake set from Nousaku which is a top brand of a traditional craft Takaoka copperware in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.

Tin sake set from Nousaku
Tin sake set from Nousaku

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Sake glass set with sake catalogue for gifts

Japan Design Store also offers “Sake Catalogue Gift” which is filled with various sake. Please note that Catalogue gift service is only available in Japan.

If you would like to send cold sake glass as gifts, how about making a set with Sake Catalogue Gift? You can make your original set with your favorite sake glass set and sake catalogue.
If you have friends who like sake, he or she can get beautiful sake glass set as well as happy time to choose sake.

Shuki daruma and Sake Catalogue Gift
Set of Shuki daruma and Sake Catalogue Gift
* The gift catalog service is only available in Japan. We cannot send the catalog gift abroad.

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Gift to enjoy sake more? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send Japanese sake glass set as gifts, please leave it to us.
Japanese sake is trend in all around the world now. As you may know, Japanese sake is just known as “sake.” There are all sorts of sake now from sweet to dry or sparkling. We can see many events of sake such as sake tasting in sake cellar.

Lacquer sake cup form Toba Shitsugei and Chopsticks set from Hakuichi

Japanese sake gets more and more attention. Stylish sake glassware made with traditional skill opens or deepens sake world for you. Beautiful sake glass set would be great gifts for everyone. Cold sake glass can be wonderful wedding gifts, birthday gifts or housewarming gifts.
Japan Design Store offers stylish gift wrapping which is suitable for gifts for your dearest person.

Examples of gift wrapping in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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