Enamel tea kettle from Noda Horo

Cute enamel tea kettles from Noda Horo

Cute glossy enamel tea kettle! Stylish kettles from Noda Horo

Kettles from Noda Horo are enamel kettle.
Enamel tea kettle has both good points of glassy glaze and metals.
We introduce various colorful enamel kettles
such as pour over kettle for coffee lovers or cute pot for teatime.
Enamel tea kettle has retro and modern atmosphere.
The more you use kettles, the more you love it.

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For all enamelware lovers! Collect stylish enamel kettles

Glossy surface and cute retro atmosphere.
Do you know enamel tea kettles from Noda Horo? They are filled with cute essence.
Noda Horo is a top brand of enamelware maker for more than 80 years. Enamel kettles from Noda Horo have attracted people with their design and colors for modern lifestyle.

We can use kettles for a long time. If you would like to use a kettle everlastingly, how about cute enamel tea kettles from Noda Horo?

Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo, Anbi and L’ambre pot

Kettles from Noda Horo works for coffee time with your family, tea time with your guests, or cooking every day.
Enamel tea kettle would be great gifts for your important people as well.

What is enamelware?

Enamelware is a material that metal (iron or aluminum) is enameled with glassy glaze in high-temperature. Noda Horo chooses iron for their enamel tea kettles. Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo has both merits of iron and glass. Iron has strength and high thermal conductivity. Glass has beautiful gloss and resistance to corrosion.

Enamelware has long history. It is said that the Mask of Tutankhamun is a work of enamelware in the beginning (about B.C. 1300). In Japan, enamelware has developed as artwork (cloisonné ware.) Japanese people started to produce daily enamelware since Meiji era (about 120 years ago).

4 great points of enamel tea kettles from Noda Horo

Enamel kettles of Noda Horo are filled with attractive points that other stainless, aluminum, or electric kettles do not have. Let us introduce part of it.

  1. Boil water early and keep warmth well

    Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo are made if iron. Since iron has great thermal conductivity, enamel kettle can boil water earlier than stainless kettles. It is good when we would like to drink tea soon. In addition, enamel kettles can keep warmth well.

    Pottle from Noda Horo on the induction cooktop
  2. Strong against transferred smell or stain

    The surface of enamel teakettles is glassy. Smooth surface is strong against stain and transferred smell. If we make a good smell tea with stainless kettles, the kettles easily get transferred smell or tea staining. On the contrary, we can clean the smell or staining of enamel tea kettles clearly. It is hygienic as well. We can use enamel tea kettles for a long time.

    Red and white Amukettle from Noda Horo
  3. Strong against acid and salt

    Enamel tea kettles are strong against acid or salt. Therefore, they do not cause chemical change. Enamel kettles do not change the taste of water or release any harmful components. Enamelware is a safe material for human and environment. Moreover, enamelware has great durability.

  4. Above all, stylish!

    The best feature of enamel kettles of Noda Horo is its stylish design. Enamel tea kettles have not only great function, but also have cute design and rich variety in colors. A stylish kettle can make your life richer.

    Stylish coffee kettle Anbi

Stylish 4 series of enamel tea kettles from Noda Horo

Noda Horo offers various enamel kettles, colorful, chic, or retro one. They are different in sizes and designs. Please find your favorite enamel kettles.

  1. For stylish tea time!
    [Noda Horo] Pottle

    Yellow and orange Pottle from Noda Horo
    [Product info] 1.5L (about 50.7 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.0L (about 33.8 us fl oz)] / Open fire & Induction cooktop safe (100V / 200V)

    “Pot” + “Kettle” = “Pottle.” This is unique name enamel kettle from Noda Horo. Pottle is a cute kettle that is suitable for Scandinavian style. This enamel tea kettle is good size for tea or coffee for 2 to 3 people. Since the mouth is very big, we can easily wash the bottom of pot.
    Big handle makes us hold easily with kitchen mitts.

    Pottle on Nabeshiki house and teacups of Broom series

    Enamel teakettle “Pottle” can be used over induction cooktop (100V / 200V) in addition to gas stove fire. Cute kettle has been popular for wedding gifts.

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  2. For making a lot of hot water
    [Noda Horo] Amukettle

    White and black Amukettle from Noda Horo
    [Product info] 2.0L (about 67.6 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.4L (about 47.3 us fl oz)] / Open fire & Induction cooktop safe (100V / 200V)

    Among enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo, this is the biggest size. “Amukettle” from Noda Horo has retro design. Big lid enables us to remove tea bag and wash inside easily. If you like resin handle rather than metal handle, Amukettle would be best. Thick stable handle is easy to hold. In addition, the handle can be turned to one side.

    Amukettle with its handle turned to one side

    Amukettle can be used over induction cooktop (100V / 200V) in addition to gas stove. Retro kettle has been popular item as housewarming gifts.

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  3. For a stylish life
    [Noda Horo] Anbi

    4 kettles of Anbi from Noda Horo
    [Product info] 1.2L (about 40.6 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 0.85L (about 28.7 us fl oz)] / Open fire Safe, Not for Induction cooktop use

    We would like to recommend these enamel tea kettles especially for men. Stylish kettle “Anbi” suits well with Brooklyn style interior. Koumin Yamada who have got great reputation for his product Global Knife designed this kettle. Anbi is produced under the concept of “a beautiful kettle in every angle.” Stylish kettle makes us happy with its cool atmosphere.

    Delicate spout is good for making pour over coffee. Anbi would be great gifts for interior lovers or camping lovers.

    Pour coffee with enamel kettle Anbi

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  4. For coffee lovers
    [Noda Horo] L’ambre pot

    White and red L’ambre pot from Noda Horo
    [Product info] 1.7L (about 57.5 us fl oz) at its full [Recommended volume: 1.2L (about 40.6 us fl oz)] / Open fire Safe, Not for Induction cooktop use

    Professionals of coffee have loved this kettle among various enamel kettles of Noda Horo. This is cute retro kettle “L’ambre pot.” An old-established café “Café de l’ambre” requested this kettle for Noda Horo. The café only serves coffee.

    “Make us a pot that we can pour hot water like dripping 1 drop of water.” To meet this request, L’ambre pot has special spout. One of the fan of this kettle have used L’ambre pot for more than 40 years. Of course, L’ambre pot is used at “Café de l’ambre” now. Great gifts for coffee lovers.

    L’ambre pot from Noda Horo and mug of Broom series from Hakusan Toki

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Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo color your kitchen or dinner table. How about using different kettles for different purposes? L’ambre pot for coffee, Pottle for tea, and Amukettle for boiling water, like this.

Projected point on the backside of lid

Please look at the backside of lid of “Pottle” “Amukettle” and “Anbi.” These enamel tea kettles have projected point on the backside of lid. The point avoids dropping of lid when we pour hot water. It is safe when we pour extremely hot water.
* “L’ambre pot” does not have projected point. When you pour hot water with L’ambre pot, we recommend removing lid.

Backside of lid of Anbi
Lid of Anbi

It’s not difficult! Care of enamelware

“It seems difficult to care enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo.”
If you are beginner of using enamel kettles, you may think so. You do not have to worry so much.
The point is “drain water and dry well.”

Enamel tea kettles have some places where glassy glaze is not fully covered. Those places are spout, backside of lid or edges. Also, strong impact or dropping may cause the appearance of iron from the damage of glassy surface.
Those places may cause rusting when you remain the water, acid, or salt on that places.

When you boil water, just drain water and dry pot well. When you make tea with enamel kettles, wash with soft sponge and detergent and dry well. If water remain on the surface, the kettle is easy to get rust. If you add water to remaining water in the kettle, calcium or magnesium adhere and store up, and they cause rusting.

L’ambre pot without lid

What if enamel tea kettles get rust?

  • By any chance enamel tea kettles get rust, you can continue to use it at ease. Iron rust is harmless to human body.
    If you would like to remove rust, please use rubber rust eraser. Please note that the rubber rust remover is effective to the iron place such as the edge of the enamelware. However, avoid using the rubber rust eraser to the glassy glazed enamelware. It may damage the glassy surface.

What is Noda Horo?

Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo are produced by skilled craftsmen.
Noda Horo has head office in Koto ward in Tokyo and studio in Tochigi prefecture. It is a representative enamelware brand in Japan.

Tools should help and relax people, and we can use them at ease.

From Noda Horo

Since 1934, Noda Horo pursuits enamelware manufacturing. They support people’s life with their high quality and stylish enamelware for modern lifestyle.
Now, Noda Horo is famous for its kitchenware. However, they also produce physical and chemical acid-resistant enamel. The surface of the enamelware is glassy. Therefore, enamelware avoids the growth of various gems or chemical change. Enamelware is used in hospitals or laboratories, too.

Like products of Noda Horo? White series are also recommended

In addition to enamel tea kettles, enamel baking dishes and containers have been popular items of Noda Horo.
Enamelware does not change taste of food. Also, it is hygienic. In addition, enamelware is hard to get transferred smell from smelly food like curry. Also, enamelware is hard to get colors from food like tomato sauce.
Furthermore, enamelware is strong against acid or salt. It is good for preserving pickles and jams.

Seal lid of enamel container of White series

Enamel baking dishes can be used over open flame. Also, enamelware can be used in oven or freezer. We can cook and serve dishes directly to the dinner table.
Please enjoy comfortable kitchen life with enamelware of Noda Horo.

Dishes on White series of Noda Horo

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Enamel tea kettles would be great gifts for new life

Enamel kettles are recommended for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts. In Japanese, kettle is “Yakan.” Yakan reminds us “Yakan” which means do not fire. So, kettles are popular housewarming gifts in Japan.
Kettles and pots are daily use item. That’s the very reason why we would like to send high-quality kettles.

Electric kettles are popular, but enamel kettles will get used to our life gradually.
Stylish enamel tea kettles work when we have guests. So, enamel kettles of Noda Horo would be great gifts for just married couples or home party lovers.

Anbi and its exclusive box with Easy wrapping
Anbi: Image of Easy wrapping

Recommended set for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts

How about wooden kitchen hot pad with stylish enamel kettles? Japan Design Store prepares our original set of kettles with stylish kitchen trivet. “Nabeshiki house” from Sunao Lab is a cute kitchen hot pad. Great item for daily use.

4 types of Nabeshiki house from Sunao Lab

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Send enamel tea kettles as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you plan to send enamel tea kettles as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various stylish gift wrapping for your important gift. We also have traditional Japanese wrapping Noshi. Cute Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki are popular option. Our gift staff carefully wrap your item to tell your thought of “Thank you” or “Congratulations.”

Images of Japanese modern gift wrappings of Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

Enamel tea kettles of Noda Horo are handmade by craftsmen. We can see color irregularities at edge or joint place of spout where glaze is hard to be covered. Also, enamel kettle may get rust in your use. Handmade enamelware is made of iron. We appreciate your kind understanding. Iron rust is harmless to human body. You can use it at ease.

Caring tips

  • * When you boil water, metal handle of the enamel kettle becomes hot. Please use kitchen mitten or thick dish cloth to hold the handle.
  • * Enamel tea kettles are enamelware. The surface of enamelware is glassy. Please avoid strong impact or dropping.
  • * Boiling the kettle dry is dangerous. Please avoid it. By any chance you boil the enamel tea kettle dry, do not cool the pot rapidly. Wait for it cool down naturally.
  • * Please do not use enamel kettle on the stove. It may cause the dry boiling and damage of enamelware.
  • * After using enamel kettle, clean it with water and dry well.
  • * Please avoid using metal scouring brush or cleanser. They will damage the surface of the enamelware.
  • * The volume of the teapot is full volume. To avoid boiling over, we recommend boiling 70% of the indicated volume.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.