It is already July. For this hot season, we miss the cool noodles.

Cool noodles are easy to cook, so we can cook and eat them when we want.

So, noodles are good for the cook, too.


Since it is easy to cook, noodles tend to become stereotyped.

Even it is delicious, always-same menu will be bored.


Then, how to change the atmosphere of noodles easily?

We recommend changing the tableware!





Now is the time for Suzugami!

Suzugami from syouryu is a tin tableware. You can bend the form into as you want.

Before serving noodles, refrigerate the Suzugami for a few minutes.

Then, you can enjoy much cooler noodles!


Usual menu looks like the dish served in a stylish restaurant.



Put sliced citrus on the noodles.

It looks more delicious and stylish!


Survive hot summer with an idea!


See more details of Suzugami from here.

Flexible tin tableware, suzugami