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Tumblers’ selection as gift recommendation

Gift recommendation! These are tumblers our staff really want

What are the tumblers the staff of Japan Design Store really want?
Our staff who see modern traditional crafts every day tell their recommended tumblers.
If you look for stylish tumblers, please leave it to gift concierge of Japan Design Store!

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Recommendation from Japan Design Store staff!
Want this & want to send that tumbler to a man

Japan Design Store offers various stylish tumblers.
“What should I choose from many tumblers for gifts?”
If you think so, just listen to voice of our staff.

A woman has Black mat glass tumbler from Wired Beans

When we go to interior shops or general shops, we can see many recommendations from staff.
Japan Design Store is a select shop of handicrafts. Our staff have various individualities and pursue their lifestyle.

“Want to drink cold beer with stylish tumbler!”
“Want to send great-taste tumbler to a man!”
Then, you should see this page!

This is a gift recommendation page by staff of Japan Design Store.

These are recommended tumblers from Japan Design Store staff!

For our staff, “recommended tumblers” means “tumblers that I want” at the same time.
So, each staff select tumblers from these 2 perspectives.
1. “Want this tumbler for me”
2. “Want to send this tumbler for a man”

Various tumblers of Japan Design Store

My gift recommendation!

Illustration of Staff F

Staff F (Late 20s, Woman)

Love cute goods and clothes♪

She is our translator. Also, she writes blogs and posts pictures on our Facebook or Instagram. From her experience of study abroad in the U.S., she became interested in Japanese culture more. After she came back to Japan, she studied Japanese patterns. She can wear kimono by herself. She is also very familiar with plants, so has a passion for natural-motif goods. She likes outdoor life and activities such as BBQ.

  1. Want this tumbler for me

    1. Cute pink gold color♪Also recommended for light drinker
      Pure copper cup Mat from WDH

      A woman has Pure copper tumbler Mat from WDH

      Staff F:
      “My favorite tumbler is Pure copper cup Mat from WDH. In Japan Design Store, tin tumblers from Nousaku are the most popular items in the category of tumbler. However, it is a little bit heavy for my small hand. On the contrary, the Pure copper cup of WDH is thin and light. Above all, the pink gold color is cute! For light drinker like me, we can enjoy barley tea or iced tea.”

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  2. Want to send this tumbler for a man

    1. Want to send this tumbler as wedding gift for my male friend
      Beer cup White birch pattern Black from Nousaku

      Beer cup White birch pattern Black from Nousaku

      Staff F:
      “If I give gift recommendation, I choose Beer cup White birch pattern Black from Nousaku. This tumbler is set with leather coaster and sleeve. If we use the coaster and tumbler separately, the atmosphere changes. Actually, I have a male friend who will get married next month. I am planning to send this tumbler to him.

      A woman has tin beer cup of Birch pattern while studying

      Staff F:
      “He and I studied at same graduate school. He loves beer and reading books. So, I think White birch set would be better for him. He can use the tumbler when he drinks beer, or drinks coffee while reading a book. Since White Birch set has leather sleeve, it is good with iced coffee as well.”

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My gift recommendation!

Illustration of Staff K

Staff K (Early 30s, Man)

A stoic minimalist

He is our Systems Engineer. He loves drink, so he likes bar-hopping (only stylish bars) with his friends. He is a minimalist that he does not want to bring any extra stuff into his life. However, he has great interest in the crafts of Japan Design Store. One of his happiest time is a little luxurious drinking time with delicious craft beer.

  1. Want this tumbler for me

    1. Make ice-cold beer at home! Want to drink beer in its best taste
      Tin beer cup L from Nousaku

      Tin beer cup L from Nousaku and a bin of craft beer

      Staff K:
      “If I can get a tumbler from someone, I would be happy with Beer cup L from Nousaku. Japanese beer is better in cold. So, I want a tumbler that I can drink cold beer deliciously. Sometimes, I refrigerate my glass and drink cold beer with the glass. That is delicious! I drink beer whole a year. If I get the tin beer cup, I can use it frequently and for a long time.”

      Tin beer cup L, 2 cans of beer, and some nuts on a mamezara

      Staff K:
      “Beer cup L from Nousaku can contain a whole cup of 350ml beer. Tin beer cup keeps the cold of beer. At Friday night, I would like to have a slow time with refrigerated beer cup and a little expensive beer. Drink “The Premium Malts”, eat some snack, and watch TV. My drink time at home becomes happier with the tumbler!”

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    Staff K talks! “The point of present drinking items for men”

    When a man drinks, he would like to get drunk with the atmosphere rather than alcohol

    • Staff K:
      “How ‘stylish’ is an important point for presents to men.
      Honestly, I believe that a man gets drunk with the atmosphere. The drink in bar is more delicious than the drink at home. The stylish atmosphere determines the taste. The level of tension is important, like ‘Drink cool alcohol with a stylish glass… how cool I am!’ Therefore, if people send tumblers to men, stylish items that can be drunk with themselves are recommended. With a stylish tumbler, drink at home would be 3 times happier than usual drink.”
      (* This is just a view of Staff K)
  2. Want to send this tumbler for a man

    1. Everyone is impressed with luxury high-class tumblers
      Pair of Gold leaf glasses Kannyu from Hakuichi

      A Pair of glasses from Kannyu series of Hakuichi

      Staff K:
      “I would like to send the tumblers of Kannyu series from Hakuichi for my male friend who loves sake. Sake lovers, especially men have strong pursuit on sake sets or glasses. However, the tumblers of Hakuichi can make everyone surprise. Sake sets with gold leaf has chic atmosphere that can suit any kind of alcohol. Alcohol tends to change taste by the mood in a day, atmosphere, or one’s physical condition. I want my friend to drink sake deliciously with stylish high-class tumblers.”

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    2. Stylish and very versatile glasses are good for wedding gifts
      Pair Eternal Glasses Tumbler Frosted & Black mat from Wired Beans

      A pair of Frosted and Black mat tumblers from Eternal Glass series of Wired Beans

      Staff K:
      “For light drinkers, or a friend who likes shochu, I would like to select a pair of Eternal Glasses tumblers from Wired Beans. Stylish tumbler is good for beer. In addition, we can drink ginger ale or coke more stylishly. I hear good news recently that some of my friends will get married. So, I would like them to use tumblers with their wives.”

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My gift recommendation!

Illustration of Staff A

Staff A (Early 40s, Woman)

Loves art and handicrafts♪

She is our writer. With her experience of teacher of fine arts, painter of pottery, and staff of an art museum, she would like to tell our customers the beauty of Japanese crafts. She often drinks Japanese sake, but likes wine and beer as well. Her small goal is to use a beret she purchased efficiently.

  1. Want this tumbler for me

    1. Various use & good for serving to guests♪
      Set of 5 HONOKA from Oda Toki

      5 different cups of HONOKA series from Oda Toki

      Staff A:
      “I like all tumblers of Japan Design Store. But if I can get one, I select white and cute HONOKA from Oda Toki. HONOKA is a tumbler with large mouth. So, we can use it as sake cups or dessert cups. Simple form suits well with other tableware in my cupboard. I would like to use the tumblers on my dinner table every day. Also, we can enjoy the color of drink by translucent design.”

      A woman has a cup of HONOKA by the window

      Staff A:
      “If I drink alcohol with HONOKA cup, I would like to drink whiskey with ice. The relief makes the cup easier to be held. Moreover, I believe that HONOKA tumblers work when I have a home party.”

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  2. Want to send this tumbler for a man

    1. Elegant atmosphere of tin and usability
      Tin beer tumbler from Nousaku

      A woman has tin tumbler from Nousaku

      Staff A:
      “I would love to give the tumbler of Nousaku for a man. The tumbler is a good size to enjoy high-proof alcohol such as Japanese sake, whiskey, shochu, or wine slowly. I would like to send this to my ex-boss as his retirement gift. If a man is a drinker, I recommend tin tumblers that has effect to make sake delicious. I expect that he likes the elegant atmosphere of tin.”

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    2. Unique design makes drinking time special
      Pair SLANT GLASS from Kimura glass

      A pair of SLANT GLASS from Kimura Glass

      Staff A:
      “I have another gift recommendation. That is designer’s glass from Kimura Glass. I would like to send these tumblers as the Father’s Day gift or birthday gift for my husband. Barium crystal glass has beautiful thickness and fine solidity. The slanting bottom is very unique and stylish. If we roll a big ice in the glass, it becomes a luxurious time.”

      Whiskey in SLANT GLASS with a big ice

      Staff A:
      “CRUMPLE OLD, SLANT GLASS, and KANNA GLASS have been very popular items. Actually, when I wanted to purchase the glass as a gift, it was out of stock. Even we get new stocks, the glasses become sold out soon. So, if you plan to send these tumblers as presents, I strongly recommend getting the glasses earlier.”

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There are more tumblers Japan Design Store recommends!

In this page, we introduce stylish tumblers for adults who pursue their lifestyle. Metal tumblers, glass tumblers, ceramic tumblers, and wooden tumblers. From the views of texture of materials, our writer picks out popular items from all tumblers. All items are masterpiece that Japanese craftsmen produced. If you need some gift recommendations, please see this page, too.

Crafts of Japan Design Store for your important gift

Japan Design Store introduces and delivers “Japanese masterpieces” to make your life richer. All the tumblers are masterpiece that our staff recommend with confidence.

Tumblers handmade by Japanese craftsmen would be great reward for you, and presents for your dearest people.
How about sending Japanese tumblers as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or housewarming gifts? Also, tumblers would be suitable for the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day gifts.

Various tumblers of Japan Design Store

We offer various gift wrappings. Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping has been popular. Elegant Japanese paper with cute Ume-Mizuhiki has very “Japanese” atmosphere.

Image of easy wrapping with Ume-Mizuhiki
Boxes differ item to item

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