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Stylish Japanese lacquerware

Lacquer is also called “japan”. As this fact explains, Urushi lacquerware is a representative traditional craft in Japan. In this page, we collect Japanese lacquer chopsticks, sake sets, bowls, and lacquer boxes. Please feel the beauty of Japanese lacquerware and great usability.

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Dinner table with Japanese lacquer ware

Urushi lacquer ware.
With them, dinner table has taste.
Gentle outline shaved from natural wood.
Elegant gloss of Japanese lacquer.
Smooth texture and beautiful atmosphere.
Japanese lacquer has been handed down from generation to generation in all around Japan. And now, urushi lacquer lives in our life with modern design.

Oborozuki bowl and wooden cup from Gato Mikio

Bowl:Oborozuki 8 sun / Cup:Wooden cup from Gato Mikio Store
* Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production.

How about using Japanese beautiful lacquerware on your dinner table?
Japanese lacquer is characterized by great presence as high-class tableware, as well as usability for our daily life.
Stylish lacquerware works for daily dinner and a special table setting, too. Also, Japanese lacquer would be great gifts for your dearest people.

A woman has Wajima lacquer chopsticks from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten

Chopsticks:Wajima lacquer chopsticks / Plates:TY Square plate and TY Round bowl

Tough and useful! What is “Japanese lacquer ware”?

Lacquerware is a tableware lacquered with Urushi. Urushi or lacquer is processed sap of “Urushi” tree, a tree of Urushi family.
Its beauty and durability have attracted people for a long time.

A woman has Oborozuki bowl from Hakuichi

Oborozuki 6 sun

Some may think “it seems difficult to care lacquerware.”
In fact, urushi lacquer is a stronger material than usual chemical paint. Japanese lacquer is characterized by its toughness and flexibility.
In addition, urushi has high antibacterial effect. So, lacquerware is safe for small child, too.

You can use lacquer chopsticks, bowls, cups or plates in as same way as other usual tableware. After use, you can wash lacquerware with soft sponge and thinned neutral detergent.
Urushi lacquerware with natural lacquer gains gloss as you use them. You will become fond of Japanese lacquer ware more and more.

A woman has wooden cup from Gato Mikio Store

Wooden cup from Gato Mikio Store

However, natural lacquer ware is weak against ultra violet rays and dry. Please do not store urushi lacquerware in place where have direct sunshine or extremely dry.
With these two cautions, you can use Japanese lacquer ware for a long time.

Now, we have various lacquerware such as coated with urethane or any other resin coating, and plastic tableware.
Synthetic lacquerware or the lacquerware coated with synthetic paint are easy to care. They have some taste of urushi lacquer, and easy to use in daily life.

Sandwiches in Japan Design Store original jubako box

Original jubako box for Osechi

Here, let us introduce various Japanese lacquerware from traditional urushi lacquer to crafts made with skill of lacquerware.

Chopsticks, lacquer box, and more! Japanese lacquer ware

  1. Japanese lacquer chopsticks

    Among various Japanese lacquer ware, lacquer chopsticks are most popular for house use and gifts as well. Stylish 2 pairs of chopsticks have been especially popular for wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts.
    Carefully produced chopsticks make you happy every day. What is your favorite lacquer chopsticks?

    1. Gloss of urushi lacquer and glitter of gold
      [Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten] Wajima Urushi chopsticks

      A woman has Wajima lacquer chopsticks from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten

      If you look for Japanese lacquer tableware, we recommend Wajima lacquer chopsticks first. Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten in Wajima city of Ishikawa prefecture was established in 1949. Wajima lacquer chopsticks are made of natural Noto hiba wood and lacquered with natural Urushi. With the Wajima lacquer skill of the First Kousaku, craftsmen produce high-quality tableware.

      Stylish 2 pairs of chopsticks have elegant lineup, Hand-painted Makie chopsticks “Ume Matsuba”, Hand-carved Chinkin chopsticks “Seigaiha”, Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks “Kirara” and Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks “Sakura fubuki”.
      “Kirara” has been especially popular as gifts for its mat gloss and simple design.

      4 types of Wajima Urushi chopsticks within paulownia boxes

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    2. Sharp form and cool accent
      [Gato Mikio Store] RIN

      Chopsticks RIN and wooden bowl AEKA from Gato Mikio Store

      Chopsticks: RIN

      Japanese lacquer × tin! These lacquer chopsticks are the masterpiece of contrast of material. RIN from Gato Mikio Store is a traditional craft of Ishikawa prefecture, Yamanaka lacquerware.
      We can see expert skill of craftsman from carefully polished chopsticks.
      Also, please look at the calm gloss of tin Makie. Tin Makie has reinforcing function as well.

      Combinations of Silver×Black or Silver×Red make elegant table setting. 2 pairs of Black and Red lacquer chopsticks would be great wedding gifts.

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    3. Oval form fits our hands! Simple Wajima lacquer chopsticks
      [Wajima Kirimoto] Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks

      4 types of Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks

      Among various Japanese lacquer ware, chopsticks touch our mouth every day. If you like beautiful but simple design, we recommend Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto. We can feel Japanese craftsmanship from smart and stylish tableware design.

      These Japanese lacquer chopsticks are made of natural hiba wood. Oval chopsticks lacquered with natural urushi fit our fingers gently.
      Please feel high-class texture of lacquer tableware produced by superb skill.

      A woman has Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto

      Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto have 4 types, Red or Black, and Uwanuri (glossy) or Makiji (mat).
      2 pairs of Wajima lacquer chopsticks have been popular as wedding gifts, too.

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  2. Japanese lacquer sake sets

    Sake time with Japanese lacquer ware is a special time. Deep color and unique texture of Urushi changes usual sake into more luxurious one. Stylish lacquer sake sets have been also selected as anniversary gifts.

    1. Collaboration of glass, gold or silver leaf, and “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri”
      [Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer sake cup

      Lacquer sake cups form Toba Shitsugei

      If you like Japanese sake, we would like you to recommend lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei. This glass is lacquered with intangible cultural heritage of Shizuoka prefecture “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri”. With the special skill, lacquered place has mat and rough texture with deep color.
      Japanese lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei has superb combination of gloss of glass, glitter of gold or white gold leaf, and mat texture of urushi.

      When you pour sake, gold leaf reflects light. Glass looks clearer. Lacquer sake cup is luxurious high-class tableware.
      Auspicious pair glasses of gold and silver would be great memento for a special day.

      A woman pours sake into lacquer sake cups from Toba Shitsugei

      Sake cups: Lacquer sake cups / Sake bottle: Tin Katakuchi

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    2. [Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer wine glass

      A woman has Oborozuki bowl and chopsticks from Hakuichi, and lacquer wine glass on the table

      Left: Lacquer wine glass / Center: Oborozuki 6 sun / Right: Chopsticks from Hakuichi

      Toba Shitsugei also offers beautiful lacquer wine glasses. In the lacquered stem, we can see colored lacquer or gold or silver leaf.
      Chic and beautiful lacquer wine glasses are suitable item for a stylish home party.

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  3. Japanese lacquer bowls

    Many people remind lacquer bowls first when you imagine “lacquerware.” Japanese people eat miso soup or soup directly from soup bowl. Since it touches our hands and lips every day, we recommend lacquerware that has smooth texture. Please look at the beautiful form shaved from natural wood by skilled craftsmen.

    1. Eat a lot! Smooth large lacquer bowl
      [WDH] Gudakusan Shiru Wan

      If you would like to enjoy unique texture of lacquerware, how about this gently warped bowl? This is “Gudakusan Shiru Wan” from WDH. To make it easier to drink soup, the rim of lacquer bowl is a little bit warped from inside to outside. Craftsmen in Kaga city of Ishikawa prefecture turn wood with lathe one by one. This lacquer bowl is made of natural keyaki wood.

      Large lacquer bowl can contain 500ml. “Gudakusan Shiru Wan” is a lacquer bowl for soup with a lot of ingredients. It is good for fish soup, ozoni, or buckwheat noodles. Large lacquer bowl can be small donburi bowl for katsu don as well.

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    2. Classic but modern! Lacquer bowl filled with lacquering technique
      [amabro] WAN

      If you look for Japanese modern lacquerware, we recommend “WAN” from amabro. These bowls have modern gold paintings. We can see wood grain slightly at inside of the lacquer bowls. This is expressed with a special skill “Me-Hajiki.” Modern lacquerware suits well for various types of table setting.

      We can see deep skill of lacquer that craftsmen handed over from generation to generation. Shin-Nuri, Kuro-Me-Hajiki, Aka-Me-Hajiki, and Bokashi-Nuri. Craftsmen change the method of lacquer for inside and outside the bowl. It takes much time and work to make a WAN. Inside the bowl, we can see cute Tai (sea bream) and Ebi (shrimp).

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    More stylish lacquer bowls

    Japan Design Store offer more stylish lacquer bowls. We pursue the material for the bowl. Our shop introduces Japanese lacquer bowl shaved from natural wood. Pair lacquer bowls would be great wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. Please see this page, too.

  4. Japanese lacquer cups & bowls

    When you look for Japanese lacquer tableware, lacquer bowls may come upon in your mind first. Our hands and mouths touch lacquer cups or bowls. You can feel smooth texture of lacquerware and warmth of natural wood.

    1. Beautiful teacup like an artwork
      [Gato Mikio Store] Wooden cup

      A woman wraps a wooden cup from Gato Mikio Store with her both hands

      Among Japanese lacquer tableware, Yamanaka lacquerware is a top brand of woodturning. Yamanaka lacquerware is characterized by its beautiful wood grain shaved by skillful craftsmen.
      Wooden cup of Gato Mikio store are filled with skill of woodturners. Since they are simple, we can feel beautiful wood grain, elegant gloss and gentle texture.

      Gato Mikio store offer 3 designs; SAKURA Egg, SAKURA Cylinder, and WAQWA. Each design has 2 colors Plain or Black. Black cups are lacquered by unique skill “Fuki-urushi”.
      Natural tableware would be cute gifts of pair cups.

      6 wooden cups from Gato Mikio Store on the table

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    2. Tableware filled with Japanese atmosphere
      [Hakuichi] Oborozuki

      Oborozuki bowl from Hakuichi and lacquer wine glass from Toba Shitsugei on the table

      Left: Oborozuki 6 sun / Right: Lacquer wine glass
      * Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production.

      Gold leaf stands out in Japanese lacquer ware. Oborozuki bowl from Hakuichi has beautiful gold leaf work. Gold leaf is a traditional craft in Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture. Lacquer bowl has solid atmosphere, but it is very light.

      Japanese lacquer bowl Oborozuki can work as a bowl of snacks when you have guests. Or, it is beautiful home decor. Oborozuki has 2 types “Black / Night moon” and “Natural / Day moon”. For both types, we offer 2 sizes 6 sun (18cm) and 8 sun (24cm). Elegant lacquer bowl is useful for dinner as well.

      Natural wood × Gold leaf tableware has excellent Japanese atmosphere. Therefore, this Japanese lacquer bowls have been popular in the world.
      * Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.

      Snacks in Oborozuki bowl and shot glasses from Kimura Glass on the table

      Left: Oborozuki 6 sun / Right: MITATE (shot glass)

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  5. Japanese lacquer box

    Japanese lacquer box reminds us special dinner like Osechi for the New Year’s Day. Useful lacquerware can be used every day. However, Japanese lacquer box should have some special atmosphere.
    For celebrating meal, entertaining guests, or as box for presents, Japanese lacquer box works well.

    1. Authentic Wajima lacquer box
      [Wajima Kirimoto] Lacquer box

      Lacquer box from Wajima Kirimoto

      If one likes lacquer ware, he or she wants to get Wajima lacquer box someday. Wajima lacquer box from Wajima Kirimoto has the highest-quality and beauty. Elegant gloss of natural urushi provides gorgeous atmosphere for a special day. It is the authentic Wajima lacquer box. Only Japan Design Store sells this lacquer ware as an online shop.

      Wajima lacquer box has 3 sizes, 6.5 sun (19.7cm), 5.5 sun (16.7cm) and 4.5 sun (13.5cm). 6.5 sun size box is Tame iro. Only authentic lacquer ware can express this transparent gloss.

      Beautiful gloss of natural lacquer of lacquer box from Wajima Kirimoto

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    2. Stylish table setting easily!
      [Japan Design Store] Jubako

      Osechi and rice in Japan Design Store original jubako boxes

      Original jubako for Osechi

      We also offer stylish and modern jubako box with atmosphere of lacquerware. Japan Design Store original jubako box is made of resin lacquerware. If you want an authentic lacquer box someday but just need reasonable one now, we recommend these jubako boxes.

      Simple jubako suits Japanese meal as well as any other meals. You can use it easily. Our original jubako box is not lacquered with natural urushi. However, they have some high-class atmosphere. If you have small child, you can use our jubako box at ease.

      We offer 2 types of jubako box, for Osechi and for outing. Both types have 2 sizes. Please use useful jubako for celebrating dinner or outing in addition to the New Year’s Day.

      Salad, Inarizushi, and Hanami dumpling in Japan Design Store original jubako boxes for outing

      Original jubako boxes for outing

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Stylish Japanese lacquer ware for your dearest person

Japanese lacquer ware seems to be too luxury or too “Japanese.” However, urushi lacquerware is very useful and suits dinner table well. Lacquerware works for daily dinner or entertaining guests. Your life becomes richer with Japanese lacquer.

Oborozuki bowl and lacquer sake cup on the table

How about sending stylish lacquer ware for your dearest people? Lacquer ware tells your feeling of appreciation or cerebration. One of the representative Japanese traditional crafts Lacquer has been popular in the world. Japanese lacquer ware got great popularity as souvenirs from japan.

Wajima lacquer oval chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto in its exclusive paulownia box

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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