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Delicious white rice with Kamado-san

Too easy, too delicious! How to cook white rice with Kamado-san

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Let’s start a life with most delicious white rice!

Finally, a donabe rice cooker Kamado-san of Nagatani-en arrived!
No more troublesome cooking like “Hajime choro choro Naka papa, Akago naitemo Futa toruna.” (The meaning of this word is explained by a page of Kamado-san. Please see it.)
An earthenware Kamado-san has got popularity as it is easy to cook delicious white rice.

I cannot stop my excitement at fluffy and shiny white rice.
What is inside the box?
Let’s open!

A set of Kamado-san. From the top left to right, donabe rice cooker, inner lid, introduction. Form the bottom left to right, ceramic pot mat, outer lid, and Miyajima Shakushi.


  • ・ Introduction of kamado-san (including some rice recipes)
  • ・ Donabe rice cooker Kamado-san
  • ・ Inner lid
  • ・ Outer lid
  • ・ Miyajima Shakushi
  • ・ Ceramic pot mat

Kamado-san is a set of these contents.

The ceramic pot mat is heavy and stable. Our staff said “it’s cool!” When you do not use Kamado-san, the pot mat will work. One of the contents Miyajima Shakushi is a beautiful wooden rice scoop.

Miyajima Shakushi attached to the Kamado-san set

Detailed instruction book helps your new life with Kamado-san.

In sheet attached to the Kamado-san set

Above all, what a cute donabe the Kamado-san is!!
I even want to stroke the pot.

Kamado-san on the ceramic pot mat

But Kamado-san is not just a cute donabe rice cooker.
I, a staff of Japan Design Store tried the power of Kamado-san this time.

Since the day it arrived, Kamado-san is one of our family member.
I would like to grow this donabe carefully.
Let’s start a life with delicious white rice!

Start with happy “Medome” or seasoning of Kamado-san

When the Kamado-san arrived, let’s start with “Medome” or seasoning.

What is Medome? What do you mean by season Kamado-san?

Don’t worry!
Before you cook white rice with Kamado-san, cook rice porridge first. That’s it!

Grow your donabe! One step “Medome”

Donabe beginner can season donabe easily. Seasoning or Medome means cooking rice porridge as the first cooking for donabe.
A donabe rice cooker Kamado-san is made of pottery clay of Iga pottery. The porous pottery clay of Iga pottery is called “breathing clay.” This porous pottery clay is the secret of cooking delicious white rice with Kamado-san.
The starchiness of rice porridge fill the small vesicles of donabe. So, it can prevent leakage of water from donabe.
Since donabe of Iga pottery is made of porous clay, please season donabe with rice porridge, not rice water.

2 important points to long use

Before cooking with Kamado-san, please check 2 important points to long use.

The points are…
☆Do not put donabe over flame with wet bottom
☆Do not cool hot donabe rapidly (do not soak hot donabe into water)
Those become the cause of crack.

Also, please be careful of getting burnt. Donabe becomes very hot while and after cooking rice.
Use oven mitten or dish towel to grab lid or donabe.

First, let’s prepare to season Kamado-san

<Preparation> (For Kamado-san 2 rice-cup)
・ Kamado-san (Donabe pot and Outer lid)
・ Water (or hot water) … about 80% of the donabe
・ Leftover rice … about 80% of a rice bowl

This time, I use 2 rice cup size Kamado-san.
Detailed quantity is stated on the introduction sheet. But for your convenience, for 3 rice cup size, use a rice bowl of rice. For 5 rice cup size, use 2 rice bowls of rice.

Clean and dry Kamado-san

  1. At first, clean Kamado-san with water

    Clean the donabe pot, outer lid, and inner lid of Kamado-san. To season donabe, we do not need inner lid, though.

    Clean Kamado-san before using
  2. Dry Kamado-san well

    Putting wet Kamado-san over flame may cause crack. So, we need to dry donabe well, especially the bottom. Turn over the donabe, and let bottom up.

    Dry donabe well before using

When Kamado-san is dry, let’s “Medome”!
How to cook rice porridge to season donabe

  1. Put ingredients

    Fill the donabe to about 80 % with water (or hot water) and rice. The amount of rice is more than one-fifths of water.
    This time, I use 2 rice cup size Kamado-san. Therefore, I prepare 80% of a rice bowl.
    The rice porridge to seasoning is made from cooked rice, not from rice grain.

    A woman is putting leftover rice into Kamado-san
  2. Put outer lid

    Stir rice and water (or hot water) and put outer lid.
    To season donabe, we do not need inner lid.

    A woman set outer lid on the donabe
  3. Cook on low heat

    Next, cook donabe on low heat. Please note that you cannot use IH cooking heater to Kamado-san.

    Heating Kamado-san over low heat

    When it starts boil, slide the outer lid a little to prevent boiling over. You can know the boiling by the steam from a hall of lid. If the steam comes strongly, that is the sign of boiling.

    Slid lid a little to avoid boiling over
  4. When the rice cooked, stop heating

    When the rice become porridge, stop heating and wait for more than 1 hour. After donabe cools, remove rice porridge. And clean Kamado-san with water. Of course, you can eat this rice porridge.

Now, I complete the seasoning of my Kamado-san! I can use my donabe rice cooker for a long time now.
I can’t wait to cook white rice with my Kamado-san, but wait for a whole. After cleaning, dry the bottom of donabe well.

If you have a plan to use Kamado-san, we recommend to season it beforehand.

Here comes the time! Cook white rice with Kamado-san!!

It’s time! I can cook white rice with Kamado-san.
How to cook delicious white rice with donabe rice cooker?

・ Kamado-san
・ Inner lid
・ Outer lid
・ Rice grain
・ Water … 400ml
・ Kitchen timer (←important!)
・ Kitchen cloth or oven mitten to grab hot donabe

If you do not have kitchen timer, you can use your watch or alarm clock of your smart phone or mobile phone.

How easy! Donabe rice cooking with kamado-san

How to cook delicious rice with Kamado-san of Nagatani-en

  1. Wash rice and drain it for 5 minutes

    This time, I use 2 Japanese cup of rice (1 Japanese rice cup = 3/4 cup of US cup, so about 2 and half US cup.) To measure right amount of water, drain rice for 5 minutes after washing.

    A woman washes and drains rice grain
  2. Soak rice for 20 minutes in water

    Put rice (2 Japanese rice cup) and water (400ml) into Kamado-san, and wait for 20 minutes.
    Quantities of other cases are stated in instruction book.
    * If you soak the rice in water for more than 30 minutes, please use another container, not Kamado-san. When you cook takikomi rice, put seasoning or other ingredients before cooking over flame.

    Soaking rice in water
  3. Set Inner and outer lids

    Set the inner lid and outer lid. There is one tip of setting lids. Please set the lids in a position that the halls of inner lid and that of outer lid form a right angle. With this setting, appropriate pressure will be set on rice.

    Setting inner and outer lids in a position of right angles
  4. Heating (about 12 minutes)

    Heat the donabe over medium high heat flame. The estimate of medium high heat flame is the half height of white part of the bottom of Kamado-san.
    * You do not have to care about heat control. Remain heating, and wait for a while.

    Heating Kamado-san over medium high heat
  5. Stop heating 1-2 minutes after boiling

    About 10 minutes after heating, steam comes from the hall of lid. When the steam rises in a continuous stream, it is the sign of boiling.

    Steam comes from a hall of outer lid

    Wait for 1-2 minutes after boiling, and stop heating. If you would like to make Okoge (scorched rice,) wait for 3 minutes.

  6. Let rice sit

    After stop heating, just wait for 20 minutes.
    Great smell of rice stimulates our appetite…!
    The steam continues to come from the hall after stop heating. Thick donabe keeps the heat, and let the rice sit.

    Can’t wait for the ring of kitchen timer.
    In the kitchen of our store, all staff were looking and waiting for the Kamado-san.

    See more details about donabe rice cooker Kamado-san from here.“{{dcolumn key='title' slug='japanese-clay-pot-nagatanien']

The long-awaited moment! White shiny rice is complete

The kitchen timer rang.
Yes, now is the time. Finally, I can open the lid of Kamado-san…!!
Let’s open the lid!

A woman opens outer lid of Kamado-san

Be careful of get burnt, please grab the inner and outer lids with kitchen cloth or oven mitten.

A woman opens inner lid of Kamado-san

White rice is ready!

Look at this!
Every rice grain shines.
The only thing in my heart is expectation.

Cooked white rice by Kamado-san

Happy scorched rice

Stir well with Miyajima Shakushi, a wooden rice scoop.

A woman is stirring cooked white rice

From the bottom, I found the Okoge, or scorched rice. This time, we stop heating 2 minutes after boiling. If we heated one minutes longer, there would be more Okoge. For rice lovers, Okoge is a longing part of rice. With this donabe rice cooker, you can make Okoge freely. Especially for takikomi rice, Kamado-san work well and cook delicious Okoge!

Scorched rice comes from the bottom of donabe

You can arrange your favorite taste white rice by cooking time or amount of water and rice.
Then, how is the taste…?

A woman is serving cooked white rice into a rice bowl

Sweet white rice that will be never realized by electric rice cooker

All staff praised the cooked white rice in union.
Every rice grain is fluffy.
Good humidity and very sweet.
We are moved by the cooked white rice by Kamado-san.
“Rice can be such a tasty food!”

White rice cooked by donabe rice cooker and miso soup

It took about 35 minutes to cook white rice. Within that time, heating over flame takes 12 minutes. The way to cook is very simple.
Soak the rice in water when you have time. Then, you can cook white rice much faster and more delicious than electric rice cooker.

White rice cooked by Kamado-san on the dinner table

Some points to cook delicious rice with kamado-san of Nagatani-en

Before cooking

〇Before your first use, season donabe rice cooker
〇Check whether the bottom of donabe pot is dry

While cooking rice

〇Soak the rice in water for 20 minutes after washing rice
〇Make sure that the halls of inner lid and outer lid are in the position of right angles
〇Heat over medium high heat for 12 minutes
〇Stop heating 1-2 minutes after boiling
〇Wait for 20 minutes after stop heating

To eat delicious rice more deliciously

Kamado-san is a magical donabe rice cooker that everyone can cook delicious rice easily.
To eat delicious rice more deliciously, how about these 2 items?

  1. Move cooked rice into wooden rice bucket

    Azmaya offers wooden rice bucket, in Japanese Ohitsu. This Ohitsu is made of Japanese Kiso sawara cypress. The wooden rice bucket absorbs the moisture of inside. So, this Ohitsu can keep best moisture of cooked rice.
    If you would like to enjoy dinner time more, or you have no time, this wooden rice bucket works well!

    3 sizes of wooden rice buckets of Azmaya

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  2. Pursue favorite tableware and rice bowls

    To eat delicious rice, beautiful rice bowls are necessary. Flat rice bowls from Hakusan Toki are all painted by craftsmen. A rice bowl gives stylish presence on the table. Recommended item for daily dinner.

    Colorful rice bowls from Hakusan Toki

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Donabe rice cooker Kamado-san has a function like a pressure cooker. In addition to cook delicious rice, Kamado-san can work as usual donabe, or cook delicious stew. What an omnipotent pot!

Please enjoy delicious rice and happy dinner table with Kamado-san!

Caring tips

  • * You cannot use IH cooking heater and dishwasher to Kamado-san. Please use Kamado-san with gas flame.
  • * You cannot make deep-fried food with Kamado-san.
  • * Microwave oven, oven, and open flame safe.
  • * When you put donabe over open fire, make sure the bottom of donabe is not wet.
  • * Please do not cool hot donabe rapidly or soak it into water.
  • * If you soak donabe in water for a long time, it easily become clogged.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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