Bourbon glasses, Gift ideas for men & women

Recommended shot glasses MITATE

Staff recommends! Gift ideas of bourbon glasses for men & women

What are the bourbon glasses that make life richer?
Our staff who see modern traditional crafts every day tell their recommended bourbon glasses.
If you look for stylish bourbon glasses, please leave it to gift concierge of Japan Design Store!

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Recommendation from Japan Design Store staff!
Want this & want to send that bourbon glass to someone special

Are you looking for stylish bourbon glasses?
As presents for your dearest person? Or as a reward for yourself?
A wonderful whiskey glass makes your time richer.

There are 4 shot glasses MITATE on the table

“I would be happy if I can get this!”
“I choose this as the gift for him!”

In Japan Design Store, staff talk about own products every day.
We would like to introduce our recommended bourbon glasses from staff’s talk.
If you would like to send a special gift, that certainly makes a person happy, please check this page!

CRUMPLE OLD and SLANT GLASS from Kimura Glass

These are recommended bourbon glasses from Japan Design Store staff!

Japan Design Store introduces and delivers “Japanese masterpieces” to make your life richer. Our staff have their own pursuit to their lifestyle.
In this page, 3 staff select their recommended bourbon glasses from the following 3 points.

1. Want this bourbon glass for me
2. Gift for men
3. Gift for women

My gift ideas!

Illustration of Staff I

Staff I (Late 20s, Woman)

Love live concerts, drink, and retro cute items!

She is our web designer. After she was engaged in Web design at product companies in Nagoya or Tokyo, she oversees whole Web site of Japan Design Store now. She likes red wine, and sometimes, whiskey. Her happy holiday is going to live concerts of rock bands. Recently, she is hooked on watercolor painting.

  1. Want this bourbon glass for me

    1. Cute combinations of red & gold, and palm size!
      Lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei

      Red & Gold of Lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei

      Staff I:
      “My favorite point of Lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei is the color combination of Red & Gold. I like whiskey, but it is high-proof alcohol. So, small bourbon glass is good for me. Put an ice in rounded form glass, and enjoy rocks whiskey… what a happy time! I want a palm size bourbon glass. Lacquer sake cup is also good when you drink whiskey without ice.”

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  2. Want to send this bourbon glass for a man

    1. Want a man to use this stylish glass!
      KANNA GLASS from Kimura Glass

      KANNA GLASS from Kimura Glass

      Staff I:
      “Most men have big hands. For that big hands, I believe that large-mouthed bourbon glasses fit. KANNA GLASS from Kimura Glass is a simple large-mouthed glass. Good with rocks whiskey or beer. Simple but unique glass suits any kind of alcohol. Casually stylish design of Designers’ Glass series would be great for presents.”

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  3. Want to send this bourbon glass for a woman

    1. Cute and useful bourbon glass!
      Eternal Glass Old fashioned glass Frosted from Wired Beans

      Frosted old fashioned glass of Eternal Glass series from Wired Beans

      Staff I:
      “I would like to send “Frosted Old fashioned glass” of Eternal Glass series from Wired Beans for a woman. Actually, I want this glass, too. Many old fashioned glass are large-mouthed glass. However, this bourbon glass has narrow part. So, even slender fingers of women easily hold the glass. Above all, I fell in love with the superb translucent color.”

      Enjoy various drink with frosted old fashioned glass

      Staff I:
      “I want to roll big ice in this bourbon glass. In addition, we can put ice cream, yoghurt, or fruits in the glass. The frosted glass is a useful glass! As a gift for women, wide-use bourbon glasses would be better.”

      Ice cream in the Frosted old fashioned glass of Wired Beans

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My gift ideas!

Illustration of Staff A

Staff A (Early 40s, Woman)

Love ceramics, sake, and snacks

She is our writer. After her experience of teacher of fine arts, painter of pottery, and staff of an art museum, she joined Japan Design Store. She loves beautiful Japanese handicrafts. So, she often goes to pottery festivals or crafts markets. She also likes to see local specialties at Michi-no-Eki (Roadside stations.) Now, she is interested in Awamori.

  1. Want this bourbon glass for me

    1. Want to get drunk with the solid beauty of crystal glass
      MITATE N 2oz Shot glass D from Kimura Glass

      Shot glass MITATE from Kimura Glass

      Staff A:
      “I like to drink whiskey in straight or with ice. Shot glass MITATE from Kimura Glass is one of my longing glasses. We can enjoy the taste, smell, and shiny amber color with this shot glass. The solid weight of crystal glass provides luxurious atmosphere.”

      A woman has Shot glass MITATE from Kimura Glass

      Staff A:
      ’It is a little expensive to purchase, but I want it!’ If we get such an item as present, it is very happy! Among 5 designs, I prefer Shot glass D of MITATE. The beautiful cutting by Edo Kiriko attracts me.”

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  2. Want to send this bourbon glass for a man

    1. Delicate beauty of pure gold & high-class atmosphere
      Pair pure copper cup Mat & Brown from WDH

      A pair of Pure copper cups from WDH

      Staff A:
      “If I celebrate my husband’s promotion, I select Pure copper cup from WDH as bourbon glass. When he wants to drink a little amount of whiskey, or drink a lot, a tumbler of this size is good. The copper cup is also good for iced coffee or shochu. Pure copper changes its color over the years. I would like to use these pair cups with my husband for a long time. Many men like metallic items such as machines or metals. So, polished metal cup by craftsmen is recommended for men’s gifts.”

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  3. Want to send this bourbon glass for a woman

    1. Filled with auspicious atmosphere! Elegant glasses to entertain guests
      Pair of Gold leaf tea glasses and Coasters Kannyu series from Hakuichi

      Iced tea in gold leaf tea glasses from Hakuichi

      Staff A:
      “Items with gold leaf is a little bit hard to try by myself. ‘Isn’t gilded item too gorgeous?’ Many people may think so. In fact, the elegant and gentle shine suits dinner table well. Tea glasses of Kannyu series can be bourbon glass or tea glass.”

      A woman has a tea glass of Kannyu series from Hakuichi

      Staff A:
      “Elegant and auspicious glass would be suitable for celebration of long-life, or retirement gift for female workers. Gloss of gold leaf expresses our celebration.”

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My gift ideas!

Illustration of Staff H

Staff H (Early 30s, Woman)

Loves the time choosing gifts for someone♪

She is our buyer and owner. She studied architecture for 6 years, design for 4 years, and engaged in job of design for 8 years.
Her hobby is visiting interior shops or art museums. As for architecture, she likes Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.
“When I send a gift, I aim at great choice from careful watching of the recipient. I would like him / her to say ‘I have wanted this! Why do you know it?’ The time of choosing gift is troubling, but fun.”

  1. Want this bourbon glass for me

    1. Balanced in usability & stylish design
      Pair CRUMPLE OLD from Kimura glass

      A pair of CRUMPLE OLD glass from Kimura Glass

      Staff H:
      “A Bourbon glass that makes everything shiny enlivens our mood. CRUMPLE OLD is designed by Makoto Komatsu. Whatever you pour into the glass, it looks very stylish! It has unique design and elegance that I can serve it to my guest. That is one of my favorite points of this glass.”

      CRUMPLE OLD glass reflects light beautifully

      Staff H:
      “This bourbon glass is light and easy to care. So, I would like to use it every day! I do not drink whiskey a lot, but it’s great if I can drink it slowly with such a stylish bourbon glass.”

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  2. Want to send this bourbon glass for a man

    1. Send high-class atmosphere and sense of rare to a superior man
      NAJIMI tumbler from Nousaku

      NAJIMI tumbler from Nousaku and bins of craft beer

      Staff H:
      “If I send bourbon glasses to a man, I choose tin tumblers form Nousaku. I would like to send it to my father or superior men. The point is rarity of tin tumbler. Few drinkers have tin tumblers even they have tumblers. Also, tin tumblers have high-class atmosphere. I recommend NAJIMI tumbler as bourbon glass. It makes the recipient happy with its cool design and usability. If a man loves shochu, I recommend this glass as gift, too.”

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  3. Want to send this bourbon glass for a woman

    1. Gentle colors for women♪
      Pair solito glass White & New pigeon grey from fresco

      White solito glass from fresco

      Staff H:
      “If I give bourbon glasses to women, important point is cute design! I would like to mention solito glass from fresco as cute glassware. It is cute as a bourbon glass, and a wide-use glass. Since solito glass has fine thickness, the recipient can use the glass at ease.”

      10 colors of solito glasses from fresco

      Staff H:
      “Among 10 colors, I choose light colors so that the amber color of whiskey looks beautiful. The bourbon glass would be great gifts for my friend.”

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Comment from the experience of our staff

Crafts × food for presents!

Staff I:
“If you send bourbon glasses to men, I recommend adding a small gift depends on the recipients’ taste. I sent a bourbon glass with mini bottle of whiskey and canned snacks to whiskey lover man. He looked so happy with my gift.”

“If I give a bourbon glass to women, I would like to send a glass with dessert or cute muddler.”

Crafts of Japan Design Store for your important gift

Bourbon glasses handmade by Japanese craftsmen would be great reward for you, and presents for your dearest people.
How about sending Japanese bourbon glasses as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or housewarming gifts? Also, whiskey glasses would be suitable for the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day gifts.

A woman opens lid of the box for Pair pure copper cups set

We offer various gift wrappings. Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping has been popular. Elegant Japanese paper with cute Ume-Mizuhiki has very “Japanese” atmosphere.

Various gift wrappings of Japan Design Store
Boxes differ item to item

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