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Elegant gold leaf glasses of Kanazawa-haku

Elegant sparkling! Gold leaf glasses with Kanazawa-haku

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[Hakuichi]Kannyu Glass

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Gold leaf is elegant! Long-seller from Hakuichi of Kanazawa

The sparkling gold leaf on the glasses is a traditional craft of Kanazawa.
Wavy form of glass gives special atmosphere to the gold leaf glasses.

“Hakuichi” is a top brand of Kanazawa-haku (Kanazawa gold leaf). The top brand produces these gold leaf glasses and sake sets.
When you pour drink into the gold leaf glass, the kinpaku (gold leaf) reflects shine beautifully. It is a luxury time.

A table setting with gold leaf glasses of Hakuichi and crinkle plate of ceramic japan

“Kannyu series” of Hakuichi has pair glasses and sake sets. Form daily use to a special party, the gold leaf glasses color your dinner time. Kannyu series has been popular for their luxurious gold leaf and unique patterns of crazing. This crazing or Kannyu is the special taste of the gold leaf glasses of Hakuichi.

3 types of gold leaf glasses on the table

The sense of high quality of kannyu

Kannyu series of Hakuichi is simple design, but has elegant atmosphere.
The sense of elegance comes from delicate cracks of gold leaf.

2 gold leaf glasses of Hakuichi and a crinkle plate

This crazing, or Kannyu is done by a special skill. Craftsmen crack the gold foil, and stain it to the glass. Light comes through the crack of crazing.

Luxury time with sake set of Hakuichi

Kannyu originally means the small cracks on glazed ceramics. The cracks are naturally caused by baking. Therefore, each ceramic has different pattern.

As same as the ceramics, each gold leaf glass of Hakuichi has different crazing pattern. The contrast of glass and the gold leaf is modern and stylish.
This beautiful gold leaf glass is suitable for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

Gold leaf glass and sake cup of Hakuichi

Smooth texture! The glass of Kannyu series

The great point of the glittering glass is not only the gold leaf. The form of glass is unique and stylish.

The glass of Kannyu series has wavy form just like a hand-twisted glass. Thick glasses look like wet.

From the left, Gold leaf glass, tea glass, sake cup, and sake bottle

The gold leaf is more beautiful when you see it from inside of the glass. The gold leaf glass looks like shining from inside.

Beautiful shine of the gold leaf of Kannyu series

Also, the wavy surface of the gold leaf glasses fit our fingers gently. The glasses and sake sets of Kannyu series have both sense of elegance and usability. Simple form fits various drink or foods.

Tea glass of Kannyu series with tea

98% share of Japanese market! What is Kanazawa-haku?

Kanazawa city is in Ishikawa prefecture. It is one of the popular sightseeing places in Japan.

Kinpaku, or gold leaf has been inherited in the city of Kanazawa. The kinpaku in Kanazawa has more than 400 years’ history. Kanazawa has more than 98% market share in the Japanese gold leaf production. In addition to the suitable climate for gold leaf, craftsmen have inherited the traditional skill for generations.

The gold leaf of the Kannyu series is the Kanazawa-haku. Please enjoy the brilliance of historical gold leaf with your hand.

Katakuchi and guinomi (sake cup) of Hakuichi

3 types of the gold leaf glasses of Kannyu series

Kannyu series of Hakuichi has 3 types. All the gold leaf glasses are recommended for gifts as well.

  1. Gold leaf sake set

    The gold leaf sake set of Kannyu series makes sake look more delicious and beautiful. A luxury and stylish sake set.

    Gold leaf sake set of Hakuichi with its exclusive box

    This set includes 1 katakuchi (sake bottle) and 2 guinomi (sake cups.) You can enjoy Japanese sake, shochu, wine, whiskey, or any other alcohol with this gold leaf sake set. The glitter of gold leaf and transparent color of sake gives elegant and luxury atmosphere.

    A woman is pouring sake with the gold leaf sake set of Hakuichi

    Katakuchi, or sake bottle of the gold leaf sake set works not only as sake bottle, but also as a sauce cruet. In addition, you can use the gold leaf sake bottle as bottle for tea. Moreover, the katakuchi can be a vase for some flowers.

    Furthermore, you can use the gold leaf sake set as the tableware. With the gold leaf glasses, the food looks the one served in Japanese high-class restaurant.

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  2. Pair set of gold leaf tea glasses and coasters

    Beautiful gold leaf and glossy glass make your time more elegant. Pair set is a set of 2 gold leaf tea glasses and wooden coasters.

    Pair set of gold leaf tea glasses and coasters with its exclusive box

    These gold leaf tea glasses fit various Japanese tea. When you have a guest, the gold leaf tea glasses will make the guest happy.

    Pairs of the gold leaf tea glasses on the wooden coasters

    Wooden coasters have natural and simple taste. Please enjoy the beautiful contrast of gold leaf glasses and wooden coasters.

    A woman has the wooden coaster of the pair set of gold leaf tea glasses

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  3. Pair of gold leaf glasses

    This is a pair of gold leaf glasses. From daily drink such as tea to alcohol, various drink can be gorgeous with these gold leaf glasses.

    Gold leaf glasses set and its exclusive box

    Wavy glass fits your fingers. The gold leaf at the bottom of the glasses reflects light. When you have a guest, or calm sake time, the gold leaf glasses enliven the atmosphere.

    Elegant table setting with the gold leaf glass

    A gold leaf glass has great presence on the table. How about making a luxury Japanese table setting?

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What is Hakuichi, the top brand of Kanazawa-haku?

Hakuichi was established in 1975. In Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture, they started to produce daily items with kinpaku. Before, kinpaku or gold foil is just a material for traditional crafts. Hakuichi would like to make people enjoy kinpaku in their daily life.

In this way, “Kanazawa-haku crafts” was born. Now, Kanazawa-haku becomes a representative traditional craft in Kanazawa.
The products of Hakuichi broadens to food, decoration of architecture, or cosmetics.

Hakuichi paid attention to “Hakuuchi-gami.” Hakuuchi-gami is a kind of Japanese papers that is used to produce kinpaku. Hakuichi knew that Hakuuchi-gami is a great facial oil-blotting paper. They won the patent for facial oil-blotting paper produced by a method of Hakuuchi-gami.

In 2017, two of their products were selected as souvenir for the President of the United States. The items are “Makie ballpoint pen Senbaduru (Ballpoint pen with gold-lacquered thousand cranes)” and “Hanami-dori Temotobako (Stationery box with a bird watching flower)”.

Hakuichi continues to develop new categories. They propose a life with Kanazawa-haku crafts from their spirit of manufacturing.

Luxury table setting with the gold leaf glasses and a plate

Make a stylish table setting with other Kanazawa-haku crafts

Kannyu series of Hakuichi has beautiful gloss of the gold leaf. The gold leaf glasses fit “High-class chopsticks set” or “Oborozuki” bowl. These items are also the products of Hakuichi.

Shizuku chopsticks set and Oborozuki bowl

A table setting with kinpaku is gorgeous and elegant. For home party, or celebration dinner, the gold leaf glasses and other Kanazawa-haku crafts are suitable.

Kannyu series fit Japanese or Western style cuisine. Enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere of the gold leaf.

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The gold leaf glasses are recommended for gifts!

In Japan, gold has been believed to be the symbol of eternity and permanence. Japanese people have loved the gold leaf. Therefore, the gold leaf glasses of Kannyu series can be great gifts for your dearest people!

Gold leaf sake glasses of Kannyu series on the table

The auspicious sake set, tea glasses set, and pair glasses are suitable item for wedding gift or housewarming gift.
Also, gold leaf glasses are recommended for the celebration of long life. Gold has the meaning of eternity.

Regardless of ages, everyone will be happy to get the modern glasses.

Pair set of gold leaf tea glasses and coasters in the exclusive box

About wooden coasters of the pair set of tea glasses

  • The wooden coasters of pair set of tea glasses have different individualities in their colors or patterns of color or wood grain. Some small scratches may be seen on the surface. Those scratches are naturally produced. It is not an inferior goods. We appreciate your understanding.
    The wooden coasters of pair set of tea glasses

Caring tips of gold leaf glasses

  • * These gold leaf glasses are not heat-resistant. Please avoid pouring hot drink.
  • * Wash with soft sponge or cloth.
  • * Please avoid soaking into water for a long time.
  • * Not dishwasher or dish dryer safe.
  • * Please do not bleaching.
  • * Use the gold leaf glasses on the stable place.
  • * Glasses may be broken by strong impact. Please be careful when you use it.
  • * If the glasses get broken, crack, or chipped, stop using the glasses. By any chance the glasses are broken, treat them with gloved hand.
  • * Please avoid using the other use than their original use.
  • * To avoid unexpected accidents, keep the glasses at safe place where little children cannot reach them.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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