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Unique whiskey glasses of Kimura glass

Luxury time with unique whiskey glasses

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[KIMURA GLASS]Designer’s Rock glass

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Rocks glasses satisfy you

The sparkling of high-quality glass.
Comfortable weight and texture to fit our fingers.
Polished presence beyond rocks glasses.

These unique whiskey glasses are “CRUMPLE OLD”, “SLANT GLASS” and “KANNA GLASS” from a collaboration of Kimura glass and designers.
Amber whiskey beautifully shines with ice.
We would like to recommend the unique whiskey glasses of Kimura glass to all whiskey lovers.

4 glasses of the rocks glasses and wooden bowl are on the table

What is Kimura glass?

Kimura glass was established in 1910 in Tokyo.
Kimura glass is good at high class glassware with “usable” and “orthodox” design.

It got high reputation as the tableware for professional cooks. Japanese, French, and Italian restaurants have used the glasses and glassware of Kimura glass for 60 years.

The glassware of Kimura glass is born in glass atelier in Tokyo by Edo Kiriko craftsmen. Their great design glassware is all handmade. We will never get tired of the beautiful glassware with detailed work.

Nowadays, select shops in Japan and the world pay attention to Kimura glass.

Like an artwork! Unique whiskey glasses

Kimura glass is a talented glass brand with its high-quality glassware. This time, the brand collaborated with influential designers in the world. That is “Kimura glass × COLLABORATION series.”

These are rocks glasses, or old fashioned glasses to drink whiskey. Polished form has the atmosphere like an art work.
High-quality glass has enough solidity. Unique whiskey glasses make you drunk comfortably.

Toast with unique whiskey glasses

3 types of unique whiskey glasses by Kimura glass

  1. Kimura glass × Makoto Komatsu “CRUMPLE OLD”

    “Is it really made of glass?”
    At first, you cannot help touching it. “CRUMPLE OLD” has such a magical fascination. In fact, this unique whiskey glass is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

    This rocks glass is like a crumpled paper. You can enjoy beautiful gloss of glass and amazing crumpled glass.

    The surface of rocks glasses is very smooth. Uneven surface of the glass is easy to grab.

    Pairs of CRUMPLE OLD rocks glasses on the table

    Designer Makoto Komatsu

    Makoto Komatsu was born in 1943 in Tokyo. He is a ceramic artist as well. His artwork is exhibited in MoMA, Musée d’ art contemporain de Montréal, or other museums in the world.

    For 3 years, he studied under Mr. Stig Lindberg at Swedish representative ceramic maker GUSTAFSBERG.

    In 2008, he held a one-man exhibition “Design + humor” at the National Museum of modern Art in Japan.

    In 1980, he won Kunii Kitaro Industrial Crafts Award. In 1986, he won Grand Prix at the 1st International Ceramic Competition Mino, in Design sector. At the same year, he won Grand prix at the 30th Ceramic Design Competition.
    In addition to numerous awards, he exhibited in many ceramics exhibition in U.S.A., Canada, Italy, and U.K.

    The most important work by Makoto Komatsu is “crinkle series.” Crinkle series is ceramics expressed the texture of paper. Crinkle series is also exhibited in MoMA. Crumpled paper-like ceramics gives unique atmosphere to our lifestyle.

    “CRUMPLE OLD” rocks glasses are made of semi crystal. Semi crystal is a kind of crystal glass. It composes of same constituent as crystal glass. Among them, the one includes about 10% lead is called semi crystal glass.

    Semi crystal glass has high transparency. It sparkles beautifully.
    Please enjoy gloss of glass like wet ice.

    Beautiful gloss of CRUMPLE OLD like a wet ice.
    * The logo mark on the glass is a seal. Please remove it before use.

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  2. Kimura glass × Teruhiro Yanagihara “SLANT GLASS”

    Teruhiro Yanagihara designed our best-selling item TY Palace Plate of 1616/arita japan. He designed these unique whiskey glasses.

    Usually, glasses stand straight. Teruhiro Yanagihara overturns this common sense. “SLANT GLASS” has, as the name explains, slanting bottom. The bottom of the rocks glasses has solidity. The unique whiskey glass becomes widen from the bottom to the rim. The inside of the rocks glasses is gently carved.

    The SLANT GLASS look simple, but has detailed design.

    A SLANT GLASS is on the table

    “SLANT GLASS” stands on the slant, but stable. Since the bottom is cut broadly, it has enough area to support the rocks glass. Of course, the cut bottom is polished beautifully.

    The unique whiskey glass “SLANT GLASS” gives surprise and pleasure of enjoying whiskey to you.

    The stable bottom of the SLANT GLASS

    Designer Teruhiro Yanagihara

    Teruhiro Yanagihara was born in 1976 in Kagawa prefecture. He established his own design studio “ISOLATION UNIT / TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA” in 2002.

    Under the concept of “Design the situation of design,” he worked numerous projects beyond genres and borders.

    Since 2011, he has worked in Kyoto as a “new creative place.”
    In 2015, a gallery “vitrine kyoto” was open.

    In addition to Japan, he had projects at PALLICCO (Italy), OFFECCT (Sweden), and SERGIO ROSSI (Italy).

    Recently, he got attention as a designer of KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD and 1616/ arita japan.

    “SLANT GLASS” whiskey glasses are made of barium crystal. Barium crystal is a kind of crystal glass. It does not include oxidized lead. Please enjoy the beauty of luxurious glass with the amber whiskey with ice.

    A woman has SLANT GLASS of Kimura glass

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  3. Kimura glass × Hiroshi Yamasaki “KANNA GLASS”

    “Irregular” and “at random.” If we explain the “KANNA GLASS” of Kimura glass, these words are appropriate.

    This unique whiskey glass is designed by a product designer Hiroshi Yamasaki.
    This peculiar design came from a request of the head of Kimura glass. The head asked Mr. Yamasaki to produce “a glass like a small stone.”

    KANNA GLASS has light, elegant, and cute atmosphere. Please enjoy rolling ice in the rocks glass.

    2 KANNA GLASS from Kimura glass

    KANNA GLASS is named from a tool’s name “Kanna.” Kanna is Japanese-style plane. When the craftsmen created the mold, they shaved the circular cone with Kanna.

    Multifaceted, but gently rounded bottom of the rocks glass reflects light. When you put the unique glass on the table, please enjoy finding your best angle.

    Multifaceted bottom of KANNA GLASS reflects the light

    Designer Hiroshi Yamasaki

    Hiroshi Yamasaki was born in Kobe in 1970. He graduated from the Art course of Hyogo Prefectural Akashi High School. After he graduated from the High School, he entered in Osaka Municipal College of Design. He studied product design there.

    Experienced working in KOKUYO, and he established YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS in 2005.
    YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS propose “slightly new daily necessities.”

    “This is this sort of thing.”
    Like this, I believe that there are a lot of things we give up unconsciously.
    How would it be if we did not give up?
    I would like to do that sort of a job.


    YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS designs stationeries, tableware, or interior goods. In fact, the Coffee mill from MokuNeji is also designed by Mr. Yamasaki.
    The items are functional, and gentle somehow. Smart form fits the daily life. So, both men and women like the design of Mr. Yamasaki.

    The unique whiskey glass “KANNA GLASS” is made of soda-lime glass. The rock glass is very thin and light. However, the glass fits our fingers well.
    Please feel the comfortable use of the whiskey glass when you drink alcohol with KANNA GLASS.

    KANNA GLASS of Kimura glass with whiskey

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Change the angle, unique whiskey glasses show different expression

The unique whiskey glasses “CRUMPLE OLD”, “SLANT GLASS” and “KANNA GLASS” of Kimura glass have asymmetric design. Therefore, if you change the angles, the rocks glasses show different expression. Beautiful old fashioned glasses entertain you every time.

“CRUMPLE OLD” rocks glasses do not have same face. A small change of the angle makes big difference. Moreover, unique shape of the glass fit your fingers wherever you have.

Pair of CRUMPLE OLD on the table

When you put a pair of “SLANT GLASS” towards each other, it looks like the unique whiskey glasses close together. Your time with your wife / husband would be more special one.

Pair of SLANT GLASS is close together

“KANNA GLASS” has also slant design. On the contrary to “SLANT GLASS”, this rocks glass has more stylish atmosphere. The irregular multifaced design of the bottom makes this unique mood. You can enjoy different scenery of each angle every time.

Also, please have a look at the shadow of the unique whiskey glasses. The whiskey reflects the light beautifully in the shadow.
Simple but unique whiskey glasses will be never bored. On the contrary, the more you use the rocks glasses, the more you love them.

Beautiful reflect of the light in shadow
* The logo mark on the glass is a seal. Please remove it before use.

Have a slow evening drink with unique whiskey glasses

The rocks glasses of “CRUMPLE OLD”, “SLANT GLASS” and “KANNA GLASS” are the best whiskey glasses. Please have a slow evening drink time.

Also, the unique glasses of Kimura glass are best glasses for shochu, Japanese sake, beer or wine. You can enjoy the taste and flavor of alcohol luxuriously with the unique whiskey glasses. We recommend these rock glasses for all alcohol lovers.

3 unique whisky glasses and wooden bowl are on the table

For whiskey lovers, unique whiskey glasses as gifts

For unique design lovers, the unique whiskey glasses of Kimura glass are suitable present. As a high-class glassware, baccarat is famous. However, you seldom find such a unique whiskey glass.

Polished design rocks glasses will satisfy design lovers and whiskey lovers.
Pair sets are great item for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

Pair set of CRUMPLE OLD of Kimura glass
* The logo mark on the glass is a seal. Please remove it before use.

Caring tips

  • * Micro bubbles may be included in the glasses. It is a natural feature of handmade products.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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