Japanese lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei

Japanese gilded and lacquered glass

Beautiful and modern Japanese lacquer sake cup

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[Toba shitsugei]Lacquered glass

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Feel Japanese tradition, Japanese lacquer sake cup

Sake is more delicious with your friend or partner and good glass.
A nice glass can make sake look more delicious and gorgeous.
This Japanese lacquer sake cup color your dinner.

beautiful color of lacquer and gold leaf of Japanese sake cup

Let us introduce you a Japanese lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei.
This beautiful and gorgeous glass has lacquer work and gold leaf.
Mat texture and modern design fits various types of cuisine.
Luxury glass makes the conversation livelier.

Japanese lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei is made of three gorgeous material; lacquer, gold leaf, and glass. Beautiful contrast of mat texture of lacquer and transparent texture of glass. The glitter of gold leaf. And cute form of glasses. Three different material make their beauty stand out each other. Japanese traditional but modern design fits various styles of cuisine. This Japanese lacquer sake cups from Toba Shitsugei are especially recommended for Japanese sake lovers.

Furthermore, when you pour transparent drink, you can see the beauty of gold leaf. Feeling of Japanese, but easily fit various types of cuisine.
This Japanese lacquer sake cup is a recommended item for Japanese and sake lover.

Japanese luxurious gilded glass

Valuable materials to make your time elegant

There are a lot of traditional crafts. The special material and inherited skill of craftsmen has established the Japanese traditional crafts.
Two materials make this Japanese lacquer sake cup elegant.

  1. Lacquer

    Lacquer can be get from a lacquer tree by tapping the tree. One lacquer tree can produce only 200mg of lacquer one summer. From 200mg lacquer, Japanese craftsmen can produce 10 wooden bowls. Once the tree tapped, the tree will be dead. Therefore, cut down the tree in fall, and grow next tree.
    Now you can see that lacquer is very precious and expensive Japanese material. With this precious material, craftsmen produce each product by going through various processes.
    People worldwide calls lacquer as japan since the lacquer is original material of Japan.

    Please enjoy the good material of Japan with this gilded lacquer sake cup. When you touch the glass, you can feel the unique texture of lacquer.

  2. Gold leaf / White gold leaf

    In Japan, gold and silver has been said that they are the symbols of eternity and permanence. Many temples, shrines, or the Buddhist statue use gold leaf or silver leaf from this belief.
    The secret of elegance of Japanese lacquer sake cup is the gold leaf and silver leaf.

    The gold leaf of this Japanese lacquer sake cup is made by beating out gold with slight silver and copper. The silver leaf is actually the white gold leaf. 50% gold and 50% silver made this beautiful white gold leaf.
    The gold leaf is gilded on the surface of outside glass. The lacquer is on the gold leaf. Therefore, the gold leaf is not obtrusive, but has beautiful presence. Drinking Japanese sake with the glitter of gold or silver. What a gorgeous time! This Japanese lacquer sake cup gives you such a great sake time. Also, Lacquer, in another word japan, is on the lower part of the glass.

Modern lacquer sake cup with gold and silver leaf

Modern, gorgeous, and stylish Japanese lacquer sake cup.
The true beauty of this Japanese lacquer sake cup comes when you pour Japanese sake. If you get the Japanese lacquer sake cup, let’s pour sake! The gold leaf gilded on the bottom of the glass reflects light, and shine inside the glass. This light make the transparency of sake more beautiful. You may feel the expectancy of sake is risen in your mind. Also, the white gold leaf has elegant glitter just as the name of white gold. In addition to Japanese sake, you can enjoy the beautiful transparency of shochu.

beautiful golden light of gold leaf

On the contrary to the glitter of gold or silver leaf, lacquer has solid presence. This lacquer is lacquered by a traditional skill “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri.”

In addition, if you have a close look, you can see a thin line of gold at the border of glass and lacquer. This line is like that of “Kintsugi.” Kintsugi is one of a repair way of broken pottery. Join each part with lacquer, and draw gold line on the lacquered place. You can feel the beauty of Japan here, too.
Lacquer, glass, and gold or white gold leaf. The Japanese lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei is designed for make the most use of the beauty of each material.

have gold and white gold glass

Furthermore, this Japanese lacquer sake cup has best size and form for drinking sake. Rounded form of the glass fit to your fingers. The different texture of lacquer and glass is comfortable when you touch.

Modern design lacquer glass fit not only Japanese sake or shochu, but also brandy, whisky, white wine or dessert wine.
For your pleasant time, please enjoy dinking with this Japanese lacquer sake cup.

The toughness and unique texture of Japanese lacquer sake cup

This Japanese lacquer sake cup has toughness against heat or water. Also, this gorgeous glass has unique mat texture of lacquer.
A special manufacturing method makes these characteristics of the glass.
The method is called “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri.”

Kongou-Ishime-Nuri is a special method of lacquering. This special method itself is designated as the intangible cultural heritage of Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka prefecture has long history of lacquer work. The craftsmen of Suruga lacquer ware inherited the traditional skill, and develop new lacquer work for contemporary lifestyle. Mr. Toba Toshiyuki of Toba Shitsugei, the atelier of the lacquer sake cup inherits the Kongou-Ishime-Nuri. He keeps the special skill of Kongou-Ishime-Nuri, and produces stylish lacquer ware like this Japanese lacquer sake cup.

The great feature of Kongou-Ishime-Nuri is its solid foundation. The solid foundation makes the lacquer ware tough and durable. Abekawa river in Shizuoka prefecture produces good sand. Using this sand and lacquer, traditional craftsmen produce solid foundation. This method is an original method of Kongou-Ishime-Nuri. By lacquering layers of lacquer, the products get beautiful gloss and color.

mat texture of lacquer of Japanese glass

You may wonder that this Japanese lacquer sake cup does not have gloss as usual lacquer ware. However, the original texture is the great feature of this Japanese lacquer sake cup.

This Japanese modern glass is a suitable gift as one of the representative of Japanese traditional material and skill.
Also, when you visit or want to visit Japan, please choose this lacquer sake cup as “omiyage.” Omiyage means souvenirs.
In fact, the lacquer sake cup set has been popular gift from Japanese people to overseas friends. It means that Japanese people would like to recommend this item to the world.

We prepare our original English description for this product. Please do not worry about care or use.

You do not have to visit various places in Japan. Instead, you can get great Japanese souvenirs online!

Secret of beauty, 8 layers’ processes

“How many layers the lacquer work have?”
You may have that question. What do you think of this Japanese lacquer sake cup?
It is difficult to guess since the lacquer work has smart beauty.
In fact, this Japanese lacquer sake cup has 8 layers’ processes!
First, gold or white gold leaf has two layers for its glitter. Then, the foundation of Kongou-Ishime-Nuri, the sand layer is put. Over the sand foundation, lacquer is layered three times. In addition, the lacquer is put to harmonize the gold on the border of glass and lacquer. At last, the powdered gold is put. This is the 8 layers’ processes.

gilded glass use precious material lacquer

Now, we can see why this Japanese lacquer sake cup is so beautiful. The traditional skill of craftsmen and processes with a lot of time and effort produce the Japanese lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei.
Please feel detailed work of Japanese traditional craftsmen when you enjoy drinking.

Japanese dinner with lacquered glass

Easy to care! Kongou-Ishime-Nuri lacquer sake cup

You may worry about how to care lacquer ware with gold or silver leaf. You do not have to worry about that!
Since Kongou-Ishime-Nuri has solid sand foundation, the Japanese lacquer sake cup has toughness against heat or water. Therefore, you can use the Japanese lacquer sake cup daily.
After using the sake cup, please wash with ph.-balanced detergent, and wipe the water with soft cloth. Please note that lacquer is weak against ultraviolet rays. But with care against direct sunlight, you can care this Japanese lacquer sake cup easily. If the lacquer loses its color, you can get after-sales service by atelier.

Calm presence of lacquer sake cup in twilight

In the dark light of twilight, this Japanese lacquer sake cup stands calmly.
It is the start of luxury time.
When you drink sake alone, this Japanese lacquer sake cup makes your time more luxury. When you drink sake with your friends or family, the gilded glass makes your party happier.

calm presence of lacquered glass in twilight

When you touch the mat texture of lacquer and beautiful gold leaf, you are fascinated with its special charm. Traditional Japanese craftsmen of Toba Shitsugei produce the glass with inherited skill.

pleasant dinner time with Japanese glass

Enjoy sake at night with Japanese lacquer sake cup

When the dark comes, this gilded glass welcome you and your guest with its golden light.
We offer two colors of lacquer × two colors of gold leaf. In total, we have four types of glasses.
As lacquer, we offer red lacquer and black lacquer. Both colors have unique texture of lacquer.
As gold leaf, we have gold leaf and white gold leaf. White gold is an alloy of gold and silver.
Please find your favorite combination of Japanese color. We also offer pair sets for gifts. Gorgeous gold and silver leaf, and beautiful lacquer work. Japanese lacquer sake cups are suitable for presents. Since gold and silver are the symbol of eternity or permanence, especially suitable for wedding celebrations or birth celebrations.

pouring sake into gilded and lacquered glass

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Of course, you can enjoy the Japanese lacquer sake cup for your dinner time.
The pleasant time lasts after finish drinking sake, too.
Beautiful gold leaf appears at the bottom of Japanese lacquer sake cup. Gorgeous glass gives you satisfaction more than just drink sake.
“Would you like some more?” or “Would you like to try another sake?”
Your dinner time will be more pleasant and gorgeous with this Japanese lacquer sake cup.

luxury time with gilded and lacquered glass

“Luxury sake set” to enjoy sake time more!

In Japan Design Store, we make our original set for more luxury sake time. We make a set with Japanese lacquer sake glass and elegant Arita porcelain plate Palace Plate.

Original gift sets are within our original gift boxes. Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

Image of Japan Design store original gift box

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Caring tips

  • * All the glasses are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each glass.
  • * Please avoid using the glass in microwave oven, dish washer, or cleanser.
  • * Please do not soak the glass in the water. Wash with water and ph.-balanced detergent.
  • * After washing the glass, please wipe the water off with soft cloth.
  • * Please avoid direct sunshine. Lacquer may lose or change its color by the ultraviolet rays.
  • * Please do not pile any tableware on the lacquer ware. It may case the change of color.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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