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[Set] Pair solito glass / Blue & Grey / fresco

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remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. The glassware of fresco is not heat-resistant glass. Avoid rapid change of temperature by heating in microwave oven, freezing in freezer, or pouring hot water. The breakage of the products may cause serious injury. When small children use the products, please watch them carefully.
Short Description 【[Set] Pair solito glass / Blue & Grey】This is a pair of Blue glass and Grey glass. The colored glassware solito from “fresco” is stylish but daily-use glass. “Solito” means always or usual in Italian. The glassware of fresco is all hand blown by craftsmen. The soft color is only made by fresco. Please select your favorite color from 10 colors. Pair and set of glasses would be great gifts, too.



“fresco” is a glassware brand established by a glasswork craftsman Takeshi Tsujino. All glassware is hand blown glass. Each item has each beauty and individuality. The glassware of fresco is stylish, but fit our daily life gently.