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Wooden cups of Gato Mikio store

Warm your life with wooden cup of Yamanaka lacquerware

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Beautiful lacquerware filled with craftsmanship

Smooth and light texture.
Simple and beautiful form.
Elegant gloss brings high class atmosphere on the wooden cup.

The wooden cups of Gato Mikio store fit hands of everyone.
From young to old, every generation can use simple and stylish wooden cups in their ways.
We also have some pair sets for great gifts.

WAQWA wooden cup on the dinner table

A top brand of wood turning work! Yamanaka lacquerware

Ishikawa prefecture is a prosperous producing area of lacquerware. There are 3 producing areas of lacquerware in Ishikawa. One is Wajima-nuri, the representative lacquerware of Japan. Another one is Kanazawa lacquerware. And the last one is Yamanaka lacquerware.

Lacquerware is produced by a division of work. There are a lot of specialized craftsmen such as woodturner, undercoating craftsmen, lacquerer, or makie craftsmen.

To produce a lacquerware, shave the wood first. This wooden base is finished by turning. The craftsmen who shave and turn the wood is “woodturner.”

There are many wood turners in the producing area of Yamanaka lacquerware. Ryouzo Kawakita is a woodturner of living natural treasure in Yamanaka. In addition to him, there are about 30 woodturners’ studios. A lot of wood turning work are produced in Yamanaka every day. There is no place like Yamanaka in Japan. Yamanaka is a concentrated area of skill and people of wood turning.

One of the features of Yamanaka lacquerware is the unique way of cutting lumber. The lumber is taken from the wood in accordance with the direction of the wood grow. In this way, the lumber is hard to transform and strong against impact. Therefore, craftsmen can make thin and light wooden cups.

Another feature of Yamanaka lacquerware is a skill named “Fuki-urushi.” “Fuki-urushi” is the work that the craftsmen repeat lacquer wood and wipe the lacquer off many times. This repeated work produces the beautiful gloss on the wood.

Fuki-urushi finishing makes the wood grain appear. You can see this feature in black wooden cups.
Therefore, craftsmen must make a beautiful wooden surface by Japanese-style plane. The woodturners care more about wood turning than usual lacquerware.

By the way, the Japanese-style plane is all handmade by woodturners. Therefore, all craftsmen have different planes. We can see individualities in the tools.

What is Gato Mikio store?

Simple and beautiful wooden cups are produced by Gato Mikio store. Gato Mikio Store is an atelier of lacquer ware in Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1908. So, the atelier has more than 100 years’ history. They produce modern and useful lacquerware with inherited skill of woodturners.

Their items are characterized with artistic design and high skill of wood turning. The delicate work have fascinated people for a long time. Some of the items won the Good Design Award. Now, Gato Mikio store has been got attention from the world.

3 great points of wooden yunomi cups

  1. Beautiful wood grain of Yamanaka lacquerware

    The wooden cups of Gato Mikio store are Yamanaka lacquerware made of natural wood. The yunomi cups have gentle and elegant gloss.
    We can see beautiful wood grain on the surface of the cups.

    Gato Mikio treasures the natural beautiful grain of wood and delicate work of woodturners. Therefore, they show the wood grain daringly.
    In other words, the lacquerware of Gato Mikio store does not allow any deceptions. The beauty of these wooden cups consists of beautiful natural wood and superb technique of craftsmen.

    We can see the delicate work of wood turners in the smooth surface of the wooden cups.

    Each wood has own annual ring. So, the pattern of wood grain is the only one beauty in the world. The more you use the wooden cup, the more you love the yunomi cup. please enjoy the change of gloss or colors over the years.

    Lineup of wooden cups of Gato Mikio store
  2. Elegant texture of wooden cup

    The essence of lacquerware is its texture. You will be surprised to the smooth touch of wooden cup. The unique texture will attract you every day.

    Lightness by the thin turning of Yamanaka lacquerware. Best size for our hands. Very smooth edge of the wooden cups. The surface of the cup is smooth, but not slippery.
    The yunomi cups are light, but has enough stability by the exquisite design.
    You can feel that the lightness and smooth texture makes the drink tastes better.

    A woman has SAKURA Cylinder wooden cup
  3. Simplest beauty of yunomi cup

    The warmth of wood of the yunomi cups make us relax. The wooden cups have beautiful carve and sharp line. Since wood turning is done on the wheel, the craftsmen in Gato Mikio store cannot make asymmetry design. That is exactly why they pursue the design of the products.

    Based on Japanese aesthetic sense, the craftsmen produce simplest beauty like an artwork. Simple wooden cups have great presence on the dinner table.

    SAKURA Egg wooden cup in palm

    Look here!

    It is difficult to tell from a picture, but we can see beautiful wood grain on the Black wooden cups. On the elegant gloss of lacquer, we can see the lines of annual rings.

    The color name of the yunomi cup is Black, but it is sooty black. We can even see some green or brown color in some places. The black color of Fuki-urushi lacquerware has unique fascination.

    Also, the logo of “Shosen” is on the bottom of each wooden cup. Shosen is the brand name of Gato Mikio store. You can feel the high-class atmosphere from this small point.

    Logo of Shosen at the bottom of wooden cup

3 types of wooden yunomi cups

Wooden cups of Gato Mikio have 3 types. Each type is produced by different wood turning. Therefore, you can see different wood grain.
Each 3 type has 2 colors, Black and Palin.

We also have pair sets of 2 colors. Pair yunomi cups sets would be great gifts.

  1. Cute rounded form “SAKURA Egg”

    Wooden cup “SAKURA Egg” has cute rounded form. These cute yunomi cups are made of natural cherry wood. Gently carved line reminds us eggs.

    In one cup, we can see thin places and thick places. SAKURA Egg type has circular wood grain like an egg.

    Yamanaka lacquerware is characterized by thin lacquerware. However, this wooden cup is thicker than other lacquerwares. Therefore, rounded cup has enough stability.

    Once you touch the surface, you cannot stop stroking the yunomi cup.
    A life style shop “Maison de Reefur” directed by Japanese model Rinka introduced this wooden cup.

    Pair of SAKURA Egg wooden cups of Gato Mikio

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  2. Stylish form “SAKURA Cylinder”

    Wooden cup “SAKURA Cylinder” have stylish cylindrical form. This yunomi cup is also made of natural cherry wood.

    Compared to SAKURA Egg, it looks angular. However, there is no too angular place. Inside, the corners of the wooden cups are scooped gently. Side is thin, and the bottom is thick.

    This wooden cup has both straight line and gently carved line. As same as the form, SAKURA Cylinder has straight and carved wood grain.
    You can enjoy its stylish and elegant atmosphere.

    The cylinder becomes narrower from the bottom to the edge of the wooden cup. When you use the wooden cup, the yunomi cup makes you look more elegant and stylish.

    Pair of SAKURA Cylinder wooden cups of Gato Mikio

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  3. Universal design “WAQWA CUP L”

    Among 3 types, WAQWA cup is lightest and thinnest.

    WAQWA series is designed by Kazuhiko Tomita. “WAQWA” consists of 2 different kanjis of WA (輪 and 和). “輪” means ring or circle and “和” means peace or relax. So, WAQWA means ring (輪) brings peace (和).

    Under this concept, Mr. Tomita designed this wooden cup. Japanese people hold tableware when they eat dishes. Therefore, the relationship between tableware and people is very close.

    WAQWA cup have carved design so that people can hold the yunomi cup easily.
    Dents on the surface fit our fingers. The WAQWA wooden cups are gentle for those who have weak grip or small hand.

    WAQWA is designed for everyone. So, it is a universal design wooden cup.

    These wooden cups are made of natural keyaki (Japanese zelkova.) Keyaki wood is light and strong against heat. When you drink hot drink with the wooden cup, keyaki cup will save you from the heat.

    We can see unique wood grain of keyaki on the surface. From young to the old, everyone can enjoy the beauty and usability of lacquerware by WAQWA cup.

    Pair of WAQWA CUP L wooden cups of Gato Mikio

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    Brief history of Kazuhiko Tomita

    • 1989: Graduated from Chiba university Faculty of Engineering, Department of Design science
    • 1992: Finished Royal College of Art in London
    • 1993: Established an atelier “2.5-dimensional design” in Milano (Now, Tomita Design)
      After this, he had been extremely active in design.
      Part-time instructor at Rome University of Fine Arts
      Art director of COVO (a company in Italy) and NUSSHA (a company in Japan)
    • 2011: Moved his base to Japan. Live in Fukuoka since 2013.
    • 2015: Exhibition “TOMITALIA” in Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Beautiful wooden cups for various drink

Wooden cups of Gato Mikio are not only for tea. In addition, you can use the yunomi cup for coffee or tea. Natural wood makes more relaxing teatime.
Also, you can drink alcohol such as Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey or beer.

In addition to the use of teacup, you can use the wooden cup as tableware. Yoghurt, mousse, or Bavarian cream looks more delicious within wooden cup. Moreover, wooden cup can keep vegetable sticks for dinner.

Wooden cups of Gato Mikio on the place mat on the table

Gentle and natural wooden cups for gifts

Japan Design Store offers 3 types of pair sets of wooden cups. They are 2 different colors of same series, “SAKURA Egg” or “SAKURA Cylinder” or “WAQWA CUP L.”

Pair sets would be great gifts as wedding gifts or housewarming gifts. Also, for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, high-class wooden cups are suitable presents.

Since the wooden cups are simple and modern, they are great gifts for every generation.
How about sending wooden cups with a wish of everlasting happiness?

Pair of SAKURA egg wooden cups and their exclusive boxes and description

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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