Japanese traditional chopstick made of lacquer

Rin Japanese lacquer chopsticks from Gato Mikio Store

Simple is cool! Japanese lacquer chopsticks

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This is a Japanese lacquer chopsticks “Rin” from Gato Mikio Store. These Japanese chopsticks are very stylish with sharp form and glossy lacquer work.
All chopsticks are handmade by the craftsmen of Yamanaka lacquerware.

Yamanaka lacquerware, the birth of Japanese lacquer chopsticks Rin

Yamanaka lacquerware is a Japanese traditional craft in Ishikawa prefecture.
In Ishikawa prefecture, there are three traditional producing areas. The three-producing areas are called wood turner Yamanaka, lacquering Wajima, and lacquer work Kanazawa.
Speaking of wood turning, people remember Yamanaka.

Yamanaka lacquerware was started during 1570 to 1592 by a group of wood turners. Since then, the craftsmen have developed the skill and design to establish Yamanaka lacquerware.

These Japanese lacquer chopsticks are produced by the “Rokuro-hiki”, a special traditional skill of Yamanaka lacquerware. Rokuro means a potter wheel in Japanese. The traditional craftsmen put cutting utensils to the rolling wood. They delicately adjust their power, and produce beautiful form of products.

Also, the craftsmen of Gato Mikio Store finish these Japanese lacquer chopsticks by special method “Fuki-urushi.”
“Fuki-urushi” is the work that the craftsmen repeat lacquer wood and wipe the lacquer off many times. This repeated work produces the beautiful gloss on the wood.

Gato Mikio Store, the producer of Japanese chopsticks Rin

Gato Mikio Store produces these beautiful Japanese chopsticks. Gato Mikio Store was established in 1908 in Yamanaka. It has inherited the skills and spirit of wood turners. Therefore, the products of Gato Mikio Store have beautiful grain. The accuracy of wood turning, transparent Fuki-urushi, and all other skills combine to produce one product.
The products, including these Japanese lacquer chopstick, have both usefulness and artistic design.

Japanese chopsticks Rin, dignified presence on the table

Stylish and modern form. beautiful gloss produced by traditional skill.
These Japanese chopsticks are filled with the history of Gato Mikio Store.

The half of these chopsticks are lacquered with tin. Carefully lacquered work give off the beautiful silver gloss. The lacquered work has also reinforcing function.

If you coordinate your table with other products of Gato Mikio Store you can easily make a Japanese dinner. In addition, Japanese chopsticks more look good with chopstick rest. We offer various types of chopstick rest. Please find your favorite chopstick rest.

Of course, these beautiful lacquer chopsticks are suitable gift for Japan lovers. Select nice rice bowl or chopstick with these lacquer chopsticks. Everyone can start a Japanese dinner with the set.

Modern and stylish Japanese lacquer chopsticks Rin.
Feel the Japanese skill of traditional craftsmen through these beautiful lacquer chopsticks.

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