Lacquered chopsticks, Wajima lacquerware Wajima Kirimoto

Lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware from Wajima Kirimoto

High-quality lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware

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This is lacquered chopsticks from “Wajima Kirimoto.” Wajima Kirimoto is a brand of stylish Wajima lacquerware.

These simple chopsticks are filled with the history and wisdom of Wajima lacquerware.
The lumber of the lacquered chopsticks is hiba from Wajima city of Ishikawa prefecture. The chopsticks are finished by “natural lacquer.” In addition to the material and finishing, the oval form of chopsticks is very usable.

People have loved lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware as high-quality daily necessaries. Our buyer would like to tell you the fascination of this lacquered chopsticks.

Oval lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto on the chopstick rest of Chushin kobo

Simple and high-quality chopsticks are useful

For Asian people, people use chopsticks every day. With chopsticks, we eat “food” to make our body. Therefore, chopsticks are very important tool. In fact, people use chopsticks more frequently than clothes or shoes.
Lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware is not a cheap item. However, we can use high-quality chopsticks for 3 to 5 years. If we use chopsticks carefully, it is said that we can use a pair of chopsticks for 10 years.

With lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware, we can eat every meal more deliciously. You will be happy with just using chopsticks. What a happy time!
We believe that we can spend money to chopsticks since we use it every day.

A woman is using oval lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto

Use natural hiba gorgeously to lacquered chopsticks

Wajima Kirimoto use natural hiba of Wajima city to oval lacquered chopsticks.
Wajima Kirimoto was a woodturner. Therefore, they know the perspectives of local wood lumbers.
Hiba is very hard and solid. Wajima Kirimoto dry the lumber for 10 to 20 years after cutting. In this way, the lumber improves the quality and people can use products for a long time.

If our favorite chopsticks will be chipped, you will become very sad. Hiba is hard to be warped or chipped. That is why Wajima Kirimoto chose hiba as the material for the chopsticks. You can use lacquered chopsticks at ease.

Wajima lacquerware for simple and high quality life

Lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware is an envy product for chopsticks users. However, gorgeous lacquered chopsticks often have gold-lacquered patterns on them. It is hard to use such gorgeous chopsticks daily. In this point, the lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto is very simple and usable.
The representative of Wajima Kirimoto Mr. Kirimoto said that “I would like people to use high-quality chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware every day.” Therefore, the lacquered chopsticks have simple, but delicate design.

Chic table setting with chopstick rest, lacquered chopsticks and cast iron teapot

Mr. Kirimoto learned design at the design course of an Art university. After he graduated, he worked in a design planning department of a stationery company. Then, he succeeded the family’s business. We can see the philosophy of Mr. Kirimoto from the simple design of these lacquered chopsticks.

4 kinds of oval lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware

Wajima Kirimoto offers 2 colors ×2 types.
First, there are two kinds of finishing.
One is glossy “Uwanuri.” Uwanuri means top coated. The beautiful gloss is a great feature of lacquerware. We can feel the elegance from the smooth and glossy finishing.
Another is mat “Makiji.” Makiji is a finishing way. Putting powder (baked diatomite) on the chopsticks, and layer lacquer. Makiji is hard to be damaged.

In addition to the 2 types of finishing, we offer two colors, black and vermilion. Black is for men and vermilion is for women. So, black lacquered chopsticks are longer than vermilion one. Of course, women can use black chopsticks.

4 types of oval lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto

Recommend 3 points of lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware

  1. Oval form fits our fingers

    Do you know that oval chopsticks are very rare?
    Oval chopsticks fit our fingers. So, oval chopsticks were the main stream form in Wajima before.

    However, craftsmen shaved the oval form one by one. It requires more skill and time of craftsmen than other form chopsticks. As time passes, the number of craftsmen decreased. Oval chopsticks were out of production once.

    The oval form of lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto

    But oval lacquered chopsticks have been loved for a long time by its usability. The trial center of Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa asked Wajima Kirimoto to revive the oval chopsticks.

    Oval chopsticks fit our fingers from the view point of ergonomics. Once you use it, you can feel the stability. As I mentioned above, it takes time and skill to produce oval chopsticks. Therefore, these oval lacquered chopsticks are not so reasonable items. We have confident that you can feel the high-quality and usability of these lacquered chopsticks.

  2. Lacquer has high antibacterial effect

    Oval chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto are lacquered. Lacquer is Japanese traditional material. Do you know that lacquer has high antibacterial effect? If you hear “antibacterial effect,” you may imagine chemicals or additives. In fact, pure 100% lacquer has great antibacterial effect.
    College of Environmental Engineering and Architecture of Kanazawa Institute of Technology conducted an experiment about lacquerware. According to the experiment, colon bacilli on the lacquerware were almost extinct within 24 hours. The antibacterial effect of lacquer was proved.
    Compared to contemporary materials such as plastic, lacquer has great antibacterial effect.

    As the antibacterial effect of lacquer was proved, people in lacquer producing area try to use lacquerware more positively.
    * Tableware for children
    * Tableware for the elders
    * Tableware used in schools and hospitals

    How about using beautiful and hygienic lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware in your life?

  3. Simple design chopsticks fascinate people for a long time

    Oval chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto are very simple. We cannot see gorgeous design on the chopsticks.
    The design of oval lacquered chopsticks is characterized by “simple beauty.” The confident of material and lacquer makes it possible to produce simple beauty.

    Lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware have both strength and usability for long-time use. so, Wajima Kirimoto reached to this simple design.
    We wish you the patronage to the high-quality lacquered chopsticks.

High-quality lacquered chopsticks for gifts

These oval chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware have been popular gifts as wedding celebration in Japan.
Simple and high-quality pair of chopsticks are suitable gifts for couples. For just marriage couples or wedding anniversary celebrations, pair of chopsticks would be best one.

Also, we get many orders as souvenirs to overseas people.
When you visit or want to visit Japan, please choose high-quality lacquered chopsticks as “omiyage.” Omiyage means souvenirs.
Lacquer is also called for “Japan.” Lacquerware represents Japanese culture and traditional crafts.

You do not have to visit various places in Japan. Instead, you can get great Japanese souvenirs online!

Chopsticks are daily necessities for Asian people. However, we seldom purchase high-quality chopsticks such as Wajima lacquerware for us. Therefore, the recipients will be very happy to receive lacquered chopsticks as presents.

A pair of lacquered chopsticks with exclusive paulownia box

The challenge of Wajima Kirimoto a long-established store of Wajima lacquerware

Wajima Kirimoto is a brand established by Kirimoto family in 2004. Kirimoto family has been engaged in wooden work or lacquer ware for more than 200 years.
Since 150 years ago, Kirimoto family operated manufacturing and sales of Wajima lacquerware. In 1930s, Kirimoto family established “Ho wood turner.”

The Second, Toshihei started to produce unique lacquer ware and furniture for Japanese or Western-style rooms. In the procedure, he established the stable maintenance of wooden lumber. Also, he realized the collaboration with creative craftsmen.

The Third, Taiichi Kirimoto learned product design, and involved in office planning at a company. After he learned, he returned to Wajima city. Mr. Taiichi Kirimoto trained as a woodturner for 4 and half years. After the training, he assisted the management for the Second, and suggested products, design, and supervised the lacquerware.
In 2004, the Third Taiichi Kirimoto established an integral creative atelier with a brand “Wajima Kirimoto” and an atelier “Kirimoto carpentry shop.”

Recently, Wajima Kirimoto opened shops in Mitsukoshi, a Japanese depart in Tokyo, or living design center OZONE in Shinjuku.
The skill and design of Wajima Kirimoto got high reputation. Their products “lacquer card case,” “Kofukuzara series,” and “Gallery Waichi” won Good Design Award.

Not only domestic, but also overseas brand collaborated with Wajima Kirimoto. The famous French brand “Louis Vuitton”

Wajima Kirimoto does not stop their challenge to the possibilities of lacquer ware in contemporary life.

The Second Toshihei Kirimoto and the Third Taiichi Kirimoto

Superb technique of Wajima Kirimoto

Lacquer is one of the representative Japanese traditional crafts. In fact, lacquer is often called “JAPAN.” Among many lacquerware, Wajima lacquerware has been famous for the highest-quality lacquerware.

The superb technique of lacquering is the fascination of lacquerware of Wajima Kirimoto. Traditional craftsmen repeatedly lacquer the wood, and produce beautiful gloss and shine. You can feel the great skill from these lacquered chopsticks. The excellent skill of Wajima Kirimoto is used for not only tableware or small stuff, but also the interior finishing materials and orders of furniture.

Craftsmen handmade each product

You can feel the smoothness and gloss of the layered lacquer cups or cutleries. Wajima Kirimoto makes it comes true that the masterpiece close to daily life.
Carefully lacquered chopsticks are smooth in touch. We can feel the unique texture of handmade crafts. We cannot feel that texture from machine-made or plastic products.

Craftsmen are working at the atelier of Wajima Kirimoto

History of Awards

  • 2007 Good Design Award, Product Design category “lacquer card case”
  • 2006 Good Design Award, Product Design category “Kofukuzara series”
  • 2003 Ishikawa TOYP Award
  • 2001 Ishikawa Design Award
  • 2000 Good Design Award New Category Design category “Gallery Waichi”

Comment from buyer

When I was looking for high-quality lacquered chopsticks for my friend’s wedding gift, these three were conditions.
1. Simple design
2. Strength and usability for long use
3. High-quality lacquered finishing

The oval lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto were the perfect items! The lacquered chopsticks all cleared three conditions.
I bought it for my friend, and began to introduce it in our store.

At first sight, you may wonder what is the special point of these lacquered chopsticks. The great point is oval form and elegant finishing.
Oval form is easy to use. The oval form fit our fingers. The lacquer finishing has two types; glossy Uwanuri and mat Makiji.

I bought Uwanuri for my friends. If you or your gift recipients like natural taste, Makiji lacquered chopsticks are better.
Simple and high-quality items for your better life. Of course, the lacquered chopsticks are recommended items as gifts.

A pair of lacquered chopsticks in a paulownia box

Caring tips

  • * Wash with soft sponge with ph.-balanced detergent.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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