Japanese Lacquerware Bowls WAN from amabro

Authentic Japanese lacquerware bowls WAN from amabro

Authentic Beauty on Your Hand Japanese Lacquerware Bowls WAN

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To make a Japanese lacquerware bowl “WAN” from “amabro” is very complex. Method of lacquer is different for inside bowl and outside bowl. It takes much time to produce a lacquer bowl.
“It may be only now when we can offer this lacquer bowl filled with Japanese lacquer skill at this price…” This is honest voice of amabro. You are lucky if you find the stocks since it takes too much time to make one.
If you would like to get authentic lacquer bowl someday, please get the bowl as soon as possible.

Japanese lacquerware bowls tell beauty and skill

“WAN” from amabro is Japanese lacquerware bowl.
It has calm and smooth texture as well as glossy and warm atmosphere.
We can see profound skill of Japanese lacquerware craftsmen.

Once upon a time, European people called Japan as “the Golden Country” saw buildings and furniture decorated with lacquer skill. Japanese people have handed over skill of lacquer and polish it from generations to generations.

WAN from amabro is an Echizen lacquerware. It is produced by repeating careful handwork of lacquer craftsmen. Japanese lacquerware bowls provide us more comfortable time to our daily life or special dinner.
You can feel unique comfort of authentic lacquerware with your hand.

2 colors of WAN from amabro

WAN from amabro have attracted us with its classic but modern design. Amabro pursues in detail. In fact, each design is made with different methods. Let us introduce 2 different kinds of Japanese lacquerware bowls WAN.

  1. amabro WAN Tai

    Tai means sea bream. “Tai” bowl of WAN is glossy Japanese lacquer bowl with jet black color and gold painting. We can see cute sea bream at the inside bottom of the lacquerware bowl. Gold pattern provides very elegant atmosphere.

    Japanese lacquerware bowl “Tai” is finished with a special skill “Shin-Nuri”. In Shin-Nuri, craftsmen repeat lacquering black lacquer many times. Repeatedly lacquered black color emits superb shine. Inside the bowl and the bottom are finished with “Kuro-Me-Hajiki” method. In this method, we can see beautiful wood grain of keyaki wood.

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  2. amabro WAN Ebi

    Ebi means shrimp. We can see auspicious shrimp motif at the inside bottom of Japanese lacquer bowl. Gold painting is called “Wa-Tsunagi” which means connected rings. On the red bowl, gold painting shines gorgeously.

    Outside the bowl has gradation from black to red. This is traditional lacquer method “Bokashi-Nuri.” With black and red lacquer, craftsmen make superb color. Inside the bowl is bright red. It is finished with “Aka-Me-Hajiki”. In this way, we can see beautiful wood grain of keyaki. At the bottom is finished with “Kuro-Me-Hajiki”.

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What is “Me-Hajiki”?

  • “Me-Hajiki” is one of methods of lacquering. Craftsmen put persimmon tannin directly on the undercoat, color there with color lacquer such as black or red, and overcoat with translucent or clear black lacquer. Lacquer is repelled on vessels, and small dots appears along with the vessels. In “Me-Hajiki” method, craftsmen make unevenness by using this phenomenon.

“A” of amabro at the bottom of lacquerware bowls

At the bottom of Japanese lacquerware bowls WAN, we can see capital “A”. dynamic alphabet provides modern atmosphere to the classic Japanese lacquer bowls. Gold color gives cool accent.

How to care authentic lacquer bowls?

WAN from amabro is an authentic lacquer bowl.
“I wonder how I should care lacquer bowls.”
Some may think so. However, do not worry. In fact, care of lacquerware bowls is easy.

Basically, you can clean and wash Japanese lacquer bowls as same way as usual tableware.
Please note that you cannot use dishwasher or dish dryer. Also, do not soak lacquerware bowls into water for a long time.

Wash the bowls with lukewarm water (if possible) and wipe them with soft cloth. Please wipe lacquer bowls gently. If the bowl gets oily stain, you can wash bowls with neutral detergent dissolved in lukewarm water.
When finger prints are remarkable, breathe on the surface and wipe there with soft cloth.

But there is one thing we would like to care most. Please do not leave Japanese lacquerware bowls under direct sunlight or extremely dry condition. Lacquer bowls are weak against ultraviolet rays or dry.
Use, wash, wipe gently, and store in cupboard every day. The best care for Japanese lacquerware bowls is using them every day.

WAN from amabro gets calm taste as you use more. Please use this Japanese lacquer bowl for a long time just like you grow it.

Send WAN as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

WAN from amabro is a masterpiece that you can feel authentic beauty and texture produced with superb traditional skill. In addition to rewards for yourself, beautiful Japanese lacquerware bowls are recommended as gifts for your important people.

In Japan, both Tai and Ebi are auspicious motif. How about sending pair bowls as wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts? Lacquer bowls gain more unique taste the longer you use. Long usable bowls would be great gifts for the Mother’s Day, the Father’s Day, or birthday.

Japan Design Store offers various stylish gift wrapping. You can choose traditional Noshi wrapping, too. Popular gift wrapping is Easy wrapping with cute Ume Mizuhiki option.

Examples of gift wrappings in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differs from item to item

Caring tips

  • * Lacquer is weak against ultraviolet rays and dry. Please do not leave lacquerware bowls under direct sunlight or extremely dry place. It may cause transform or lose colors of bowls.
  • * Please do not use dishwasher or dish dryer.
  • * Please do not put lacquer bowls in refrigerator.
  • * You cannot use WAN over open flame, microwave or oven. Paint may be removed, or bowl may transform or ignite.
  • * Unique smell of new lacquerware will dissipate if you store lacquer bowls in rice stocker for a few days.
  • * Lacquer may cause rash depends on your physical condition. If you feel itchy or anything unusual, please stop using lacquer bowl immediately and see a doctor.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.