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Where can I find simple and modern Jubako box?

For Japanese people, Jubako box is indispensable for Osechi in New Year’s Day, lunch on picnics or hanami. However, it is difficult to find a simple and modern Jubako box in reasonable price.

Japanese authentic lacquer box is too expensive. Casual white 3 tier box has logo of a shop. A Jubako box sold in department store has dynamic traditional patterns. Every item does not have decisive point.

In fact, I (a buyer) have not found the ideal Jubako box for more than 10 years.

With good design, simple, useful, not too expensive nor too cheap, can be used for any purposes… Where can I find a good Jubako box?

Cannot find superb Jubako, then…?

After I started work as a buyer of Japan Design Store, I still looked for “Simple and modern Jubako box.” So, I used a big plate to put Osechi Ryouri.

Our buyer cannot find a simple and modern Jubako box for 3 years. Then, we decide to make our original Jubako box and introduce it.

Jubako box with Osechi

What is Japan Design Store original Jubako box?

Jubako box in Japan Design Store has simple and stylish design, usability for daily use, and elegant atmosphere for Osechi.

In pursuit of simplicity, we cut traditional patterns or colors as much as possible.

Various original Jubako boxes from Japan Design Store

Also, we prepare more than 5 patterns or colors of Jubako boxes for those who like modern but traditional atmosphere.

You can find stylish, modern and useful Jubako box only in Japan Design Store. If you cannot find a modern Jubako box, please look at our Jubako box.

A woman is putting dishes in Jubako box

2 types of Jubako boxes “Osechi” and “Picnic”

Japan Design Store prepares 2 types of modern 3 tier Jubako boxes for “Osechi” and “Picnic” by consulting with a long-established lacquerware maker.

Each Jubako box has smart square form. Corners or lids of the boxes are not rounded. Of course, you can use a Jubako box for both Osechi and Picnics. However, 2 Jubako boxes have some difference. Please choose best one for your purpose.

4 recommended points of simple Jubako box

  1. Simple design for any types of cuisine

    Isn’t it wasteful to use Jubako box for only Osechi? Originally, Jubako boxes are the boxes for meals for celebration. So, you can use it for Hanami (sakura flowers viewing party), Tsukimi (viewing moon party), birthday dinner or home parties.

    Bread, a piece of quiche, and salad in 4.5 sun Jubako box

    If a Jubako box has too gorgeous decorations or seasonal patterns, we can use the box in limited season or purposes. Therefore, Japan Design Store prepare simple Jubako box for any scenes.

    Also, our Jubako boxes are chic colors. Every meal looks great in Jubako box. For Osechi, hors d’ oeuvre in a party, or bento box, usual dishes become more stylish with the stylish Jubako.

    Osechi in 3 colors of Jubako boxes
  2. Useful cups for partition

    “How to put dishes” is important to make a gorgeous and beautiful bento box or Osechi.
    Jubako box without partition is free, but it is difficult to make a great food presentation with small amount of meal.

    In fact, one of the secrets to make beautiful Jubako boxes like department store is “using partition well.”

    Beautiful food presentation with partition cups in Jubako box

    So, we prepare 4 types of Jubako boxes with useful cups for partition.

    1. For Osechi L 6.5 sun (About 19.5cm / About 7.7 inches)

      This Jubako box has 13 black cups, 9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups.

      9 equal parts cups in 6.5 sun Jubako box
      * Jubako of Ichimatsu set has 7 black cups, 5 cups of 9 equal parts and 2 cups of 4 equal parts due to the size limitation.
    2. For Osechi S 4.5 sun (About 13.5cm / About 5.3 inches)

      This Jubako box has 8 black cups of 4 equal parts.

      4 equal parts cups in 4.5 sun Jubako box
    3. For Picnic White L 6 sun (About 18cm / About 7 inches)

      This Jubako box has 13 clear cups, 9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups.

      9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups in 6 sun Jubako box
    4. For Picnic White S 5.5 sun (About 16.5cm / About 6.5 inches)

      This Jubako box has 8 clear cups of 4 equal parts.

      4 equal cups in each box of Jubako

    All cups for Jubako can be removed. Depends on dishes or your purposes, you can make your original combination of cups.

    4 equal parts cups in 4.5 sun Jubako box

    Also, for those who kindly purchase Jubako boxes, he or she can order more cups and celebration chopsticks. (Please note that you cannot purchase only cups or only celebration chopsticks.)

    Celebration chopsticks and sake cups on a tray
    Celebration chopsticks(Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki)

    After use, the cups for partition can be used repeatedly with washing. So, you can use cups for another bento box.
    With well use of partition, please try to make a beautiful Jubako box like a Japanese restaurant or hotel.

  3. Easy to use! Jubako made of resin

    Our Jubako boxes are finished by craftsmen. However, they are not lacquer Jubako box made of wood.
    Our modern Jubako boxes are made of resin and coated with urethane.

    Gray + Black + Silver 6.5 sun Jubako box

    Recently, some department stores or select shops sell plastic Jubako as “lacquerware.” But “lacquer Jubako box” and “Plastic Jubako box” are different in use.

    In our store, we would like to explain all the necessary information if a product may be misunderstood in manufacturing method or materials even if the explanation is a little complicated. We wish customers choose products at ease and with understanding.
    So, please give us a little time to explain it.

    Lightheartedly useful Jubako box before the authentic Jubako

    Our Jubako box are not authentic lacquer Jubako that can be handed over from generation to generation. We prepare lightheartedly useful Jubako boxes for 10 ~ 20 years.

    Osechi in 3 colors Jubako box

    As for me, I cannot get the authentic lacquer Jubako box of Wajima lacquerware still. A “reasonable” lacquer Jubako box of Wajima lacquerware is more than 100 thousand yen (approximately, 1 USD = 100 JPY). If the box has gorgeous decorations or thick lacquer, the Jubako is a million yen! It is difficult to get the authentic lacquer Jubako box soon.

    Addition: Start to introduce the authentic lacquer Jubako box in October 2017

    • If you look for authentic Japanese lacquer Jubako boxes, please look here.
    Authentic Japanese lacquer box from Wajima Kirimoto

    Lighthearted, but have elegant atmosphere

    Our Jubako boxes can be used lightheartedly. However, I want “stylish and formal Jubako.” So, this Jubako box has both casual and elegant atmosphere.

    Our Jubako boxes are coated with urethane. But each box is coated in thick so that the box has deep gloss like lacquer.

    Spring dishes in white Jubako boxes

    I produce our Jubako box to make a simple design, useful, and reasonable price Jubako.
    Resin has some good points that authentic lacquer does not have. Let me introduce those later.

  4. With “Red and White Ume Mizuhiki” elastic band

    All Jubako boxes are tied with gorgeous “Red and White Ume Mizuhiki”! (Usually, it is sold ¥1,080)
    This “Red and White Ume Mizuhiki” is specially ordered for an atelier of Mizuhiki in Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture. Mizuhiki is Japanese traditional paper ribbon. Craftsmen of Mizuhiki handmade each Ume Mizuhiki and sewed it on elastic band.

    Jubako tied with Ume Mizuhiki elastic band
    * “White Japanese paper” in the picture above is not included in a set

    For the white Mizuhiki, I choose one with silver thread so that it adds gorgeous atmosphere. Shining Ume Mizuhiki provides auspicious and elegant atmosphere to modern Jubako box.

    Red and White Ume Mizuhiki band for Jubako box

Greater points of resin than lacquerware

As we introduced before, our Jubako box is made of resin and coated with urethane. Here, let us introduce great points of plastic Jubako box that authentic lacquer box does not have.

  1. Overwhelming cost performance

    Natural lacquer is very rare and make a lacquerware takes a lot of time and work. So naturally, authentic lacquerware is very expensive.
    We introduce some of Wajima lacquerware. For example, a pair of chopsticks is 10 thousand yen, and a bowl is 20 thousand yen.

    Going rate for Wajima lacquer Jubako box is 100 thousand yen at least. Of course, the authentic lacquer box is very beautiful. But for who have small children or do not like troublesome care, it is difficult to get one.

  2. Easy to care

    Authentic Jubako box is weak against oily food or strong acid food like marinade. Also, you cannot soak the lacquer box into water for a long time. In addition, lacquer box easily gets damaged. So, we do not recommend using partition cups or small bowls with lacquer box.
    Compare to this, you do not have to care about food or using partition cups for our Jubako box.

    Beautiful Osechi in Jubako box and a woman opens its lid

    If you prefer delicate care for tableware, we do recommend authentic lacquer Jubako. But those who would like to use tableware at ease, we recommend Jubako box made of resin.

  3. Can be washed with neural detergent

    Originally, authentic lacquer box should be washed with lukewarm water and soft cloth, does not like neutral detergent. However, urethane coated Jubako box can be washed with neutral detergent and soft sponge just like other tableware. It can be dried naturally after washing. You do not have to do special care against oily stain. You can enjoy Jubako box at ease.

Jubako box for a special dinner

You can use simple Jubako box through the year, Osechi in the New Year’s Day, birthday parties, home parties, or for a picnic.
Also, we recommend Jubako box for special dinner such as celebration of entering school, graduation from school, or starting new job.

Hanami dumpling, Inari sushi and strawberries in Jubako boxes

You can use 3 tier Jubako box freely. When you have guests, you can make an afternoon tea set with 3 tier boxes. When you have a party, you can put different dishes for each 3 boxes. 1 box can be a big bento box as well.

A Jubako box with a piece of quiche

“For a special dinner, mom always use Jubako box.” That scenery become a wonderful memory of a family.

For your long use at ease

Jubako boxes of Japan Design Store are handmade by craftsmen one by one. Therefore, they may have small scratches, small air bubbles, small extraneous materials (chip of wood, etc.), color irregularities, or places where paint is coming off.

Each box is inspected in the atelier and our store, but it is hard to prepare the prefect box in terms of reasonable Jubako box.

Black undercoating has strong color that can be seen through white color. In our Jubako, we can see some places that black undercoating can be seen from white coating.

Also, there is a mark of spray coating at the border of Jubako or backside of lid. This is unavoidable since all the boxes are hand painted by craftsmen.

An example of color irregularities of Jubako box

We introduce this Jubako box as a casual-use Jubako. Please choose our Jubako boxes with understanding of these features. We appreciate your kind understanding.

What are the sizes of Jubako boxes?

We prepare 4 sizes of Jubako box, 2 sizes for Osechi and 2 sizes for Picnic.

  1. For Osechi L 6.5 sun (About 19.5cm) / S 4.5 sun (About 13.5cm)

    Jubako box for Osechi L is 6.5 sun (about 19.5cm). Generally, it is said this size is good for Osechi or bento box for 3~4 people.
    Without any dishes, it seems big. But with partition cups and putting dishes, it is perfect.

    Jubako box for Osechi S is 4.5 sun (about 13.5cm). It is good size for Osechi and bento for 2~3 people.

    Comparison of 6.5 sun and 4.5 sun Jubako boxes for Osechi
    Left: L 6.5 sun (About 19.5cm) / S 4.5 sun (About 13.5cm)

  2. For Picnic White L 6 sun (About 18cm) / S 5.5 sun (About 16.5cm)

    Jubako box for Picnic White L is 6 sun (about 18cm). It is good size for a bento box for 3~4 people.
    Jubako box for Picnic White S is 5.5 sun (about 16.5cm). It is good size for bento box for 2~3 people.

    Comparison of 6 sun and 5.5 sun Jubako box
    Left: L 6 sun (About 18cm) / S 5.5 sun (About 16.5cm)

As many as you use Jubako box, the Jubako will become best size for you. Please enjoy a life with stylish Jubako box.

Photogenic! Cute wooden Jubako box

If you look for wooden Jubako boxes, we recommend Jubako box from Matsuya Shikkiten. This is a kind of Echizen lacquerware. Wooden Jubako boxes are coated with urethane. So, you can put juicy dishes within the box.

In fact, the Jubako box from Matsuya Shikkiten is used in a movie “Megane (Glasses)” directed by Naoko Ogigami.
In addition to use as bento box or Osechi, please use it for home parties.
We have a set with partition, too.

[About gift wrapping]
* This Jubako box does not have exclusive box. Therefore, we will wrap the Jubako with plastic bag (White or Brown).
If you choose gift wrapping for this product, please choose “Easy wrapping.” Please leave the select of colors to us.
Please note that we cannot offer USD$3 wrapping (wrapping paper / Noshi) for Jubako box.

Image of gift wrapping with plastic bag
Image of Plastic bags of Easy wrapping

Lineups of our Jubako box

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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