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Pour over kettle L’ambre pot from Noda Horo

Pour over kettle for making delicious coffee

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[Noda Horo]L’ambre pot

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Ultimate coffee kettle for all coffee lovers

“Please make us a pot with special spout that we can pour hot water like dripping 1 drop of water.”

That was the request of Café de l’ambre (Café of amber), a famous coffee shop in Ginza.
Café de l’ambre is a mecca for coffee lovers. A long-established café has served their original coffee.
Noda Horo met the request of this famous coffee shop. Noda Horo has been famous for their high-quality enamelware. It has more than 70 years’ history.

Pour over kettle L’ambre pot from Noda Horo

Enamel kettle “L’ambre pot” has been used in Café de l’ambre. Also, “L’ambre pot” got a lot of users who love coffee. Some of them use the drip kettle for more than 40 years.
Glossy enamel pour over kettle attracts you for a long time.

“L’ambre pot” of Noda Horo is a coffee kettle for all coffee lovers who want to make a delicious coffee. Also, stylish enamel tea kettle would be good gifts.

White and red kettles of L’ambre pot on the table

Change kettle, change taste of coffee

“Since I started to use L’ambre pot of Noda Horo, I have been able to brew very delicious coffee.” A regular user of the pour over kettle said so.
Even if you use cloth filter and fresh coffee beans, how to pour hot water decides the taste of coffee. According to regular users of enamel kettle, their coffee time became much happier after stating to use L’ambre pot.

Pour coffee with L’ambre pot from Noda Horo

L’ambre pot of Noda Horo is a pour over kettle for hand drip. The coffee kettle is made for those who love coffee very much.
Delicate spout is the secret that we can pour hot water like dripping drops. The spout of L’ambre pot is a shape of sharp bill of a bird. This unique spout enables us to control the amount of water delicately.

Tip of spout of L’ambre pot

Steam coffee well with dripping water before pouring hot water. The delicious taste of coffee will be extracted.
Grind coffee beans, brew coffee slowly, and taste it. Please have a luxurious coffee time with special pour over kettle.

Everyone can pour hot water slowly! Delicate design of inside the kettle

Please look at the inside of L’ambre pot.
At the mouth of spout inside kettle, there are some holes. All hot water come out from these holes. Therefore, just boiled water does not come out suddenly. Everyone can pour hot water slowly.

Small holes at the mouth of spout inside L’ambre pot

Tips for using L’ambre pot

  • ・Lid of L’ambre pot does not have projected point to avoid falling from enamel kettle. If you tilt pour over kettle in a large way, the lid will fall. We recommend removing lid before you pour hot water. (Barista of Café de l’ambre also removes lid when he pours hot water.)
  • ・L’ambre pot becomes extremely hot by boiling water. When you have coffee kettle, please use thick dish cloth or kitchen mitts.

Mr. Sekiguchi of Café de l’ambre introduced tips for making delicious coffee

Although it is only in Japanese, the pour over kettle has detailed description paper. Enamelware beginners can use enamel kettle at ease. On the backside of description paper, Mr. Ichiro Sekiguchi who is master of Café de l’ambre introduced tips for making delicious coffee. A lot of useful information is introduced such as how-to storage cloth filter and how-to pour hot water.
Please enjoy the most delicious coffee with pour over kettle L’ambre pot.

Introduction of tips of making delicious coffee set with the pour over kettle L’ambre pot

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In addition to pour over kettle “L’ambre pot”, we offer various stylish coffee accessories. When you brew coffee with drip kettle L’ambre pot, how about using ceramic coffee pour over cone from 224porcelain? We also introduce wooden coffee grinder and cute mugs.

Pour over cone Caffe hat from 224porcelain

How to brew delicious coffee? See here

To make coffee with enamel coffee kettle L’ambre pot, please check how to brew delicious coffee. We introduce the way to make delicious pour over coffee in the page “How to brew delicious coffee at home!” If you are pour over coffee beginner, take it easy and enjoy it!

Pour hot water into coffee beans in Caffe hat

Look for kettle of Noda Horo? See here

Enamel kettles from Noda Horo has stylish design and great usability. If you like L’ambre pot, you may also like this page “Cute glossy enamel tea kettle! Stylish kettles from Noda Horo”.
We have useful retro kettle Amukettle, stylish kettle Anbi, and cute Scandinavian design kettle Pottle. Please find your favorite enamel kettle!

Send enamel coffee kettle as gift? Leave it to Japan Design Store

Pour over kettle “L’ambre pot” satisfy professionals. Also, it is a good drip kettle for coffee beginners. This enamel kettle can contain 1.7L (about 57.5 us fl oz) at the most. Noda Horo recommend 1.2L (about 40.6 us fl oz) at the most when you boil water. In addition to coffee kettle, you can use it as tea kettle.

Stylish and useful pour over kettle would be great gifts for coffee lovers. How about sending drip kettle as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts?

L’ambre pot and its exclusive box with Easy wrapping
Image of Easy wrapping

If you would like to send L’ambre pot as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer stylish Japanese gift wrapping. Popular wrappings are Elegant Noshi wrapping, simple Easy wrapping or cute Ume Mizuhiki as an option. Our gift staff carefully wrap items to tell your thought for recipients.

Examples of gift wrappings of Japan Design Store
Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

L’ambre pot of Noda Horo is handmade by craftsmen. We can see color irregularities at edge or joint place of spout where glaze is hard to be covered. Also, enamel kettle may get rust in your use. Handmade enamelware is made of iron. We appreciate your kind understanding. Iron rust is harmless to human body. You can use it at ease.

Tips of the spout of enamel tea kettles
Left: Anbi / Right: L’ambre pot

Kraft boxes for kettles or teapots are just boxes to protect products during delivery. It is rare case, but some kraft boxes already have some dents or slightly broken places on surface when they arrive in our store. Those small dents or tears do not relate to the quality of products.

Also, when we ship from our store, we will strengthen those places with cushion forms to reduce impact during delivery. Please note that damages on kraft boxes are not covered by our exchange or return policy. We do appreciate your kind understanding.

Craft box damage example

Caring tips

  • * When you boil water, the handle of the pour over kettle becomes hot. Please use kitchen mitten or thick dish cloth to hold the handle.
  • * L’ambre pot is an enamelware. The surface of enamelware is glassy. Please avoid strong impact or dropping.
  • * Boiling the kettle dry is dangerous. Please avoid it. By any chance you boil the enamel tea kettle dry, do not cool the pot rapidly. Wait for it cool down naturally.
  • * Please do not use the enamel tea kettle on the stove. It may cause the dry boiling and damage of enamelware.
  • * The indicated volume of the kettle is full volume. To avoid boiling over, we recommend boiling 70% of the indicated volume.
  • * After using enamel kettle, clean it with water and dry well.
  • * Please avoid using metal scouring brush or cleanser. They will damage the surface of the enamelware.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.