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TYPalace Plate

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[1616/arita japan]TY Palace plate

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Handmade products by skilled craftsmen in the production area of Arita porcelain

Arita porcelain is a generic name for the porcelains produced in specified area in Japan. It has long history as 400 years. Arita town in Saga prefecture is its central town. Arita porcelain characterized itself as its beautiful white porcelain and delicate as gorgeous painting.

TY palace plate was produced by a fusion of the unique technology of Arita porcelain and the design by a Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara. Now you can see that TY means the initial of this designer.

TY palace plate of 1616/arita japan is all handmade by skilled craftsmen in Arita, the central town of Arita porcelain. The skill of Arita craftsmen enables this thin and delicate form with strong and high density potter’s clay.
This plate enriches your life by its multiple use form with traditional technology of Arita in Saga.

TYPalace Plate

Made of strong and high density clay

As you can see in the picture below, TY palace plate is very thin. Strong and high density clay enables this thinness and multiple use. Actually, this plate uses 1.8 times higher density clay than usual porcelains. You can use it in business oven, microwave, and dryer.
TY plate has beauty and convenience at the same time.

TYPalace Plate

Modern design by Teruhiro Yanagihara

1616/arita japan is a porcelain series by Momota Touen, one of the general trading companies of Arita porcelain. This series tries different design approach from traditional Arita porcelain with the deep respect to the tradition.
A designer Teruhiro Yanagihara produced universal design for dishes to fit various eating habits.
At the Milano salone in 2012, 1616/arita japan gained high evaluation from the people around the world. Now 1616/arita japan has its branches in 11 countries.

Teruhiro Yanagihara

Palace Hotel uses TY palace plate

TY palace plate of 1616/arita japan is elegant and noble as a big bloom. In fact, this plate was specially made for traditional prestigious hotel, “Palace Hotel Tokyo”.
“Palace Hotel Tokyo” was established in 1961. The hotel represents one of the Japanese prestigious hotels. Many VIPs from all over the world love the hotel. 1616/arita japan is officially recognized as an appropriate brand for the luxury hotel. And TY palace plate was designed when 1616/arita opened its shop in “Palace Hotel Tokyo.” The design was inspired by the big bloom of chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum is a family crest of Japanese Imperial Household.

TYPalace Plate

Palace plate as a name of palace

As we mentioned, the name of TY palace plate comes from “Palace Hotel Tokyo.” Even so, this name, TY palace plate is suitable for expressing the elegance of this plate.
As the name suggests, TY palace plate reminds us of a palace with its polished form. Also, the unique texture of porcelain express Japanese simple beauty.

TYPalace Plate

No graze

TY palace plate does not use a glaze. Therefore, rough and mat texture is great feature of TY palace plate. In tradition, Arita porcelain is famous for its smooth and white crafts with glaze. However, 1616/arita japan discovered the beauty of the basis of Arita porcelain. So, TY place plate does not use any glaze.
You might worry that unglazed pottery can absorb liquid. Never mind! Since the plate is made of high density clay, you do not have to worry about permeating oil or soy source. (However, we recommend you to wash plates as soon as possible when you finished using. You may use bleach when the color of food permeates into plate by any chance.)

not permeated by soy sauce
Not permeated by the soy sauce
not permeated by olive oil
Not permeated by the olive oil

The color of TY palace plate

The series of TY palace plate of 1616/arita japan offers only one color, "grayish white". Since TY palace plate does not use glaze, the series does not have any other color.
We express this specific color as "grayish white". You may see its color as off-white or grayish white depends on light or angle of pictures.
TY palace plate changes its feature from gorgeous to stylish depends on the scene you use the plate.

TYPalace Plate
wagashi and TYPalace Plate
Look like a wild chrysanthemum with a wagashi (Japanese-style confectionery) on the center of TY Palace plate
Simple modern of TYPalace Plate
1616/arita series. Simple modern beauty
TYPalace Plate
Look from above. The mat texture of porcelain cray makes this elegant nuance
TYPalace Plate
Also good for fruits! TY palace plate is good for both treats and fruits. Isn't it rare?

Popular item for presents! Elegant TY Palace Plate

Since its release, Palace Plate has got overwhelming popularity among all items in Japan Design Store. Most orders have been for gifts such as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or wedding favor.

TY Palace Plate is a simple, beautiful, and elegant plate. Sophisticated as well as cute Arita porcelain would be great gift for your wife.

Breakfast with Palace Plates

Since the Arita ware plate is simple, Palace Plate would be great gifts for every purpose. How about sending a flower plate as presents?

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Gift item and household use item

We offer two types of the palace plate; set item for gift, and single item for household use.
Set items arrive at our store within a purple exclusive box (the picture below). On the other hand, single item arrives with brown kraft paper box.
Due to the stock situation, the single item may be out of stock. In this case, we sell the set item only.
Please note that we cannot take the set item apart into the single item.
If you need the palace plate immediately, please purchase the gift set items. We appreciate your understanding.

Box for TYPalace Plate

Japan Design Store original gift set

In Japan Design Store, our buyer and staff make original gift sets with elegant Palace Plate and stylish sake items.
Original gift sets are within our original gift boxes. Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

Image of Japan Design store original gift box

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We offer you an English description for overseas customers.

Caring tips

  • * Wash with soft sponge with ph-balanced detergent.
  • * You can use these products in microwave oven and dishwasher.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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