Bird plates, TORIZARA, Mino yaki, Floyd

Bird plates TORIZARA and KOTORIZARA of Mino yaki

Cute bird plates of Mino yaki for cute adults

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Bird plates “TORIZARA” deliver smiles to people

At first sight, you may become smile at the cute bird plates TORIZARA of Floyd.
In fact, this TORIZARA has two meanings in Japanese.

First, “torizara” means individual plate for which a person take food from a big serving dish.
Second, TORIZARA is a combination word of “Tori” + “Zara.” In Japanese, “Tori” means bard and “Zara” or “Sara” means plate. In Japanese, some words put a voicing mark when they are combined with certain words. “Sara” becomes “Zara” with “Tori.”

So, the bird plates TORIZARA were born from a word game. When you know this secret, TORIZARA look cuter! These bird plates TORIZARA arouse the heart of adults.

TORIZARA was born from a collaboration of Floyd and SAKUZAN. SAKUZAN is a pottery of Mino yaki in Toki city of Gifu prefecture. Floyd produces unique items.
Gentle colors and usability make you addicted to collect these bird plates.

A woman has a bird plate TORIZARA with her hands

New! KOTORIZARA joins to bird plates TORIZARA

Cute small bird plates KOTORIZARA join to TORIZARA series.

5 colors of KOTORIZARA from Floyd

KOTORIZARA is palm size plate like a chick.
The size of TORIZARA is W210 x D112 x H22 mm. Whereas, the size of KOTORIZARA is W118 × D78 × H17 mm. KOTORIZARA is about the half size of TORIZARA.

If we put TORIZARA and KOTORIZARA side by side, it looks like a bird family.
A bird plate TORIZARA is the size of torizara, or individual plate.
KOTORIZARA is a size of mamezara, a tiny plate. You can use KOTORIZARA for soy sauce, sauce, olive oil or nuts.

White TORIZARA and KOTIRIZARA of Mino yaki

Sets of TORIZARA and KOTORIZARA remind us peaceful families.
The bird plates sets would be great wedding gifts or baby gifts.

Cute families of bird plates TORIZARA and KOTORIZARA

Color dinner table! Japan Design Store original TORIZARA sets

Simple and cute bird-shaped plates.
One bird plate TORIZARA has great presence on the dinner table.

2 pieces of cheese cake on 2 bird plates TORIZARA

But with many TORIZARA or KOTORIZARA, you can enjoy various combinations of colors.
What color combinations do you like?
These are our recommendations!

  1. For cute tableware lovers
    [Set of 3] [Exclusive box] TORIZARA & KOTORIZARA / Red & White parents with a chick

    3 bird plates of White and Pink parents with Yellow chick

    The color combination of White × Pink reminds us strawberry milk. Red and white combination of the bird plates has auspicious meanings.
    Yellow KOTORIZARA gives an accent. This combination has been most popular set. If you cannot decide the one, we recommend this.
    We have set of 4 or 5, too. Please select the best set for your family members.

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  2. For chic and stylish tableware lovers
    [Set of 3] [Exclusive box] TORIZARA & KOTORIZARA / For Monotone lovers set

    A bird-plates set for Monotone lovers

    The combination of Gray × Navy is cute but chic combination of bird plates. White KOTORIZARA adds fresh atmosphere.
    If you would like to make a chic table setting, we recommend this set. Monotone tableware makes dishes stand out! We also offer set of 5 birds.

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  3. For gorgeous and colorful tableware lovers
    [Set of 4] [Exclusive box] TORIZARA & KOTORIZARA / Adorable set

    A set of 4 bird plates Adorable set

    With Yellow × Pink bird plates, you can enjoy cheerful table setting anytime. This set includes Gray and White KOTORIZARA. It is an adorable set.
    If you would like to add gorgeous atmosphere, we recommend this.

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    If you like the combination of Yellow × Pink, we also recommend [Set of 5] Gorgeous celebrating set.

    A set of 5 bird plates Gorgeous celebrating set

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  4. Only big bird plates? Here!
    [Set of 4] TORIZARA / Pale colors set

    Set of 4 bird plates Pale colors set

    We also have only TORIZARA sets. A set of 4 bird plates is useful for home parties with your family or friends.
    Put birds in a line, or make a flower with birds?
    You can enjoy various table settings by combinations of colors or arranging plates.
    The pale colors of Pink, White, Yellow and Gray have fresh atmosphere.

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Bird plates TORIZARA can be used in various scenes. Not only in daily dinner, but also at home party. Happy home party cannot be started without happy preparing time.

Home party with bird plates TORIZARA

“What color of bird plates are suitable for today’s dinner?”
“What color combination do I make today?”
“How do I make the table setting with these bird plates?”

From daily dinner to special party, your food presentation will be broadened. Please enjoy your original table setting with bird plates TORIZARA and KOTORIZARA.

TORIZARA and petite donabe on the table

Bird plates TORIZARA color your snack time

You can use bird plates TORIZARA as dessert plates. Home café time starts with cakes on cute bird plates. These bird plates fit Japanese confectionery, too. How about putting rice cakes on these bird plates? Stylish tea time begins.

Colorful cake time with Palace plate and bird plates TORIZARA

When you have sudden guests, bird plates work! The conversation will be livelier with cute bird plates.

A woman is about to take Japanese confectionery on bird plates

More than dinnerware! Bird plates can be accessory trays or cutlery rests

Cute bird plates TORIZARA work more than dinnerware! Cute Mino yaki plates can be accessory trays or key trays. At the entrance of your house or your desk, bird plates keep your accessories or keys.
Also, when you have guests, the Mino yaki bird plates work as cutlery rests for spoons or forks.

Use bird plates TORIZARA as cutlery rests

In your office, beautiful Mino yaki plate works with you as the tray for stationery. Cute bird plates may smooth the communication with your co-workers.

The secret cute point of bird plates

You can see the uniqueness of TORIZARA bird plates at the backside of the plates. The high stand of the bird plates is white. The shape of the high stand is birds’ wings! We can see the delicate care of design. The more we know about them, the more we love these bird plates.

The backside of navy bird plate

Not just a cute plate, but bird plate is usable!

Simple and stylish tableware TORIZARA bird plates. It is like Northern European tableware. Torizara of Floyd has cute bird-shaped, gentle colors, and mat texture.

Mat texture of a Mino yaki bird plate

However, these Mino ware plates are more than just cute plates.
The tail of TORIZARA is best size for having the plate. This bird plate is easy to hold, so you can easily put the plates on the table.

Mat texture makes the plate not slippery. Mat glaze gives gentle gloss to the bird plates.

Moreover, these bird plates can be piled neatly. Not much room is needed for the bird plates. When you pile some TORIZARA up, the layer of colors is very beautiful.

Furthermore, these Mino yaki plates can be used in microwave oven and dishwasher or dish dryer. You can use the bird plates every day at ease.

Piled 5-color bird plates

Collaboration of SAKUZAN × Floyd

These bird plates TORIZARA was born with a collaboration of SAKUZAN and Floyd.

What is SAKUZAN?

SAKUZAN is a pottery of Mino yaki in Toki city of Gifu prefecture. It was established in 1987. SAKUZAN is famous for its contemporary design and modern beauty. They continue to produce the Mino ware with care of colors, forms, and usability.

Kneading raw materials, forming, drying, firing unglazed pottery, glazing, and firing glazed pottery.
Craftsmen of SAKUZAN carefully confront with all procedures of pottery. You can feel the beauty of handwork by the Mino ware of SAKUZAN.

“Beautiful work makes beautiful tableware. And beautiful tableware makes healthy smile.”
SAKUZAN pursues the beauty.

Usable and beautiful Mino yaki makes your daily dinner time more comfortable.

What is Mino yaki (Mino ware)?

Mino yaki or Mino ware is a pottery produced in Kani city, Tajimi city, Toki city and Mizunami city of Gifu prefecture. Mino yaki is characterized by its variety.

There are all sorts of “Mino yaki”: from daily-use tableware to high quality Japanese tableware, or tea ceremony set. The area of Mino ware has many lively working potters in art object, crafts, or traditional crafts. Mino yaki has about 1300 years’ history. In fact, Mino yaki accounts for the 60% of tableware in Japan. It is said that mino yaki is the representative daily tableware.

About 430 years ago, tea ceremony came into the fashion, as it became popular, SEN no Rikyu and Oribe Furuta guided the new tea ceremony set, like “Shino” “Oribe” or “Setoguro.”

Now, the spirit of Mino yaki is inherited. With traditional skill and new skill, new tableware is produced in the area of Mino yaki.

What is Floyd?

“To deliver emotion, surprise, and smile to people.” Under this statement, Floyd produces unique products. They suggest tableware, ceramic accessory, or miscellaneous goods. Their cute products have been popular for wedding gifts or birthday gifts.

Bird plates TORIZARA for presents

Cute Mino ware bird plates TORIZARA have 5 colors; pink, white, yellow, gray and navy. Cute design and playful mind is the attractive point of this bird plate.

We offer cute sets. Bird plates TORIZARA have exclusive box. The excusive box has small bird-shaped window at the front. We can see the color of inside from here.

2 TORIZARA and 3 KOTORIZARA from Floyd

We recommend the bird plates as gifts. In the natural world, many birds are always with their partners. Therefore, set of 2 or 4 bird plates are suitable item for wedding gifts.

A bird plate in the exclusive box

In addition, cute design plates fascinate young to old. As daily individual plates, or special dinnerware for parties, these bird plates TORIZARA color your table.

Café at home! Heat-resistant glass & bird plate

We make Japan Design Store original set. The set is suitable for gifts.
For cute bird plate TORIZARA, cute heat-resistant tea glass “Tea Mate” suits well. We will wrap this set with Dish cloth from WDH. Colorful dish cloth can be used as place mat or dish cloth. Eco-friendly and useful gift wrapping!

With this set, you can have a relaxing tea time with cake!

Cool café set with dish cloth

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